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Meet the Man Who Started It All

Hey everyone, I am Shivam Choudhary, an aspiring CA student, graduating from Delhi University and a passionate blogger.

I wasn’t really the brightest chuck during school but I was always interested in surfing insightful internet stuffs.

When i was in Class 6th, I had very keen interest in Graphic designing cum photo editing. I used to edit Facebook DP of peoples for 15 rupees.

Blogger shivam choudhary

I still laugh remembering the time when I used to take 15 rupees of editing from peoples through mobile recharge.

At one point of time, I had more than 2700 rupees (recharge) on my phone and i had no idea of what i will do with that recharge amount. (somehow i used that money in self recharging data balance😃)

(I know you are also laughing at me, but at that point of time Paytm was not that popular and it is obvious that nobody will send Rs 15 in Bank account.

I started my Very First Blog:

Moving Forward, In 2013 one of my very close Facebook friend Adil introduced me with Blogspot (Actually just like me, he was also passionate about photo editing at that point of time).

Being a 7th class School kid, i found this internet thing (Blogspot) very interesting where i can share anything and anyone from the world can access it.

So, without wasting any time, I created my first blog on Blogspot (Shivamzcreation.blogspot.com) with the help of my friend. (A big thanks to him, now we don’t have any contact with each other from past few years)

I was fully enjoying this new blogging thing where I used to share graphic designing related stuff like normal Images, profile picture, png, Editing software and other similar stuff.

(Again it’s time for you to witness my dumbness😄)

You can’t believe this – I never thought that someone can directly visit my blog from Google search, I always used to thought that people can visit my blog only if i give them my blog link.

So I used to publish posts and then share the post link with my Facebook friends and they used to visit my blog post.

Within a year my blog got very popular and more than 5,000 people were visiting the blog every single day..


But the sad part was even after getting so much traffic on my blog, I didn’t made a single rupee form my blog. 

Do you know why?

Because I was never serious about blogging and i had no idea of how blogging, SEO or monetization works.

I started my YouTube Channel:

Fast Forward To 2015…

I came to know about YouTube (Reliance Jio Came) and I started a YouTube channel named “Technical star Shivam.”

As the name itself suggest, I used to create tech related videos and surprisingly i uploaded more than 450 videos in 2 year and more than 100k people subscribed to my channel. (That’s was really a big thing for me.

technical star shivam

Blogging Fever kicked me again:

While I was creating content for my YouTube channel, I realized the power of Blogging and social media.

After reading few articles on how to create a self hosted blog, I finally created a tech blog (Technicalstarshivam.com), Where I used to publish articles related to apps and technology in the Hindi language.

After posting few articles on this new tech blog, I thought it’ll be pretty easy for me to bring traffic to this blog just like my first blogspot blog.

But I was wrong..

The time was changed and i Failed miserably to bring any traffic to my site even after publishing more than 150 articles.

Luckily again I met a friend Via Social media (Ya, I know i had met some amazing people on social media), he was already into the blogging field from few years.

He told me about the importance of SEO and how it can help me bring traffic to my blog.

As far as i remember, I paid him 2500-3500 rupees to learn whatever he knows about SEO at that point of time.

This was the first time I came to know about what is SEOWhat is keyword research, SEO plugin, Meta tag, meta title, etc.

I started a new blog again and after more than 6 months of hard work, hardly 100-200 people visited my blog.

I was very disappointed 😒…and I thought Blogging is not my cup of Tea…


I tried one more time:

As the great Thomas Edison has said:

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

So, I tried one more time..

Till this time, I was knowing some great blogging experts who had already done what i wanted to do. So, I started reading their blogs and learned many things.

This time I chose a very specific niche and I started implementing everything I learned from my past mistakes and errors.

And guess what…

I made my First $1000 from Blogging:

In just first 6 months of that blog I made my first $1000 from blogging (Adsense)

I can’t explain how big that moment was for me because in past few years I had wasted so much money in blogging (Domains, hosting, plugin, tools) and of course uncounted hours of hard work.

I guess it took me more than 3 and half years to build my first profitable blog.

After my first successful blog, I created few more successful blog in APK niche (Sold in 2019), phone update niche, Events niche (Penalized) and Wiki niche.

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A Small story about Big Dreams:

After building my first profitable blog, I shared my Journey on my Facebook profile.

After that post, as far as i remember within few days i got more than 25 messages from peoples who either wanted to start a blog or already had blog but not getting traffic.

bloggingnova blog

They all had common questions like how I did it, how they can start a blog, what they should do to get traffic and so on…

I replied few of them with whatever information and experience I had in the past 5 years.

But after talking with so many peoples, One day I realized that there are many people just like me who are passionate about blogging but they don’t have real idea of how to build and scale a blog.

So in 2018, I registered a new domain named “bemakemoney.com” now know as “bloggingnova.com” to help those bloggers…

I thought even i will help at least hundred people in building successful blog and making a full-time income from blogging, that will be a great achievement for me in my life..

And as people says time flies, In 2020 – thousands of aspiring bloggers and marketers visit bloggingnova every month to learn something new about blogging and marketing.

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I am Not an ideal Blogging Expert or all-knowing guru..

As most of the successful bloggers say, Blogging has enabled them to live the laptop lifestyle, go on vacations, travel around the world and so on…

But I will not lie to you my life is not at all similar to their life.

Being a Chartered accountant student, I wake up in morning 5 AM then study, Classes, College, self-study, again classes and finally few hours for my blogs…

Nonetheless still, I am very happy and not complaining…

I have to make one more confession…

I am not at all a Blogging expert or all-knowing guru, I am not the person who knows everything about Blogging or Online marketing.

I am just learning things from others, implementing on my blogs, making mistakes, learning from my mistakes and then sharing it with you…

Bloggingnova work desk
Place where i spend my most of the time.

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I have been in this blogging field from a couple of years now and within this period I have learned a lot about blogging – Particularly what does and doesn’t work.

This blog Bloggingnova has given me the opportunity to share my blogging knowledge with the right people who actually need my advice.

Even though my goal with this blog is to create practical and insightful content for bloggers, but that doesn’t mean i am a robotic blogger.

From robotic – I mean to say person who is just publishing content one after another.

No, I actually want to help you and I mean it..

Whenever you stuck somewhere just contact me on my mail or in my private Facebook group (Most recommended), If I would be able to help you in any way, I’ll be more than happy…

I hope, I have not bored you with my story and you enjoyed the story of my life. 😄

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this. I look forward to connecting with you.