35+ Best Fonts For Blogs To Level Up Your WordPress Blog (2019)

• September 12, 2019 •
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Do you know fonts you are using on your blog matters a lot!

May not to you, but as a reader it matters a lot to me & others.

I visit almost 100s of websites every day. But sometimes when I am on a web page which is using very fancy fonts which are hard to read. Can you guess what I do with those pages?

Exactly you guessed it right, I simply close that web page and visit to the next result in Google search results.

This is not just in my case, It happens same with every internet users.

So you have to always keep in mind that a Good font enables your readers to consume your full content. And if you are using a bad font on your blog then you are definitely going to lose your lots of visitors, conversion, and sales.

Now you must be thinking which is the best fonts for my blogs?

Don’t worry my dear friend, we have researched the best WordPress fonts and found 35 best fonts for blogs which suite every website.

But before we do that, lets understand the psychology behind fonts which makes a font good or bad.

The Psychology of Simple Fonts

Two researchers, Hyunjin Song and Norbet Schwartz did an experiment about the fonts.

Their experiment involved two groups of people. One group received directions in a simple font (like Arial), and the other group received directions in a fancy font (like brush)

What happened?

The result were surprising.

The first group of People who received the simple font estimated that the task would take 8.2 minutes to complete. Whereas the second group of people who received the complex font estimated that the task would take15.1 minutes to complete.

Insane, right?

A simple font change and people estimated that directions would take around 86% longer.

What does that mean to you?

Above experiment means that when you are giving people direction, a simple font can make them assumes that the task is easier than it really may be.

However, it doesn’t mean that all the fancy fonts are useless. They are equally useful as simple fonts. It totally depends on where they are used. And to prove this point here is another experiment conducted by the same researchers.

35+ Best Fonts For Blogs To Level Up Your Wordpress Blog (2019)

The Psychology of Fancy Fonts

Again in this experiment involved two groups of people.

The first group of people was given a menu printed in simple fonts and other groups of people were given a menu printed in Fancy Fonts.

And do you know what happened?

The group of people who received a fancy font menu card assumed that the chef of the restaurant has more skills and experience. Whereas the group of people who received simple font menu cards assumed that chef has very less skill and experience.

So, what made them believe that?

Above experiment shows that a Fancy fonts font can help you to convey to your readers that more work has gone into creating the product.

From this experiment, It can be understood that different types of fonts appeal to different types of people based on the situation.

So, You must be wondering where you can use a fancy font on the web.

Answer is very simple You can use them on your sidebar heading, Tagline of your blog, Or some headings.

Below is the example of how twinsmommy is using the fancy font on the heading of their homepage.


So now the question is what’s the best blog fonts ?

It’s not that simple to answer this question.

So, below we have explained the differents aspects of choosing a best font for your blog.

How To Choose the Best Font For Your Website Or Blog?

You might think that a good font your website is those fonts which look simple as well as easy to read.

But actually it’s beyond that.

Here’s I have explained 7 different aspect that helps you in choosing the best fonts for the blog which catches the attention of your readers.

Understand The Different Typeface Styles

I have personally seen many people get confused between Fonts and Typeface.

Actually fonts and Typefaces are completely different from each other.

A font is a weight or style of a particular typeface whereas a Typeface is basically categories of fonts .

For example: Arial is a font and sans serif is it typeface.

Below we have explained 4 different typefaces of Fonts.

Serif fonts for Blogs:


A ‘serif’ font is a small line at the top and bottom of the letter or symbol. These categories of fonts are largely used in Books & newspapers.

Serif fonts gives the readers a very classical, elegant and traditional feeling.

These types of fonts are very simple as well as easy to read. But if you are using this typeface of the font on the web page then make sure to use it for just heading.

Because in Body, a small serif font can be very hard to read.

Example of Serif Fonts:

Times New Roman, Georgia, Bodoni, Baskerville, and Garamond.

Sans Serif Font for Blog


Fonts without a small line at the top and bottom of the letter or symbol is known as Sans serif font.

sans serif fonts gives the readers a very clean, stable, modern, universal & simple feeling.

These typeface of fonts are better suited for computer screens and smartphones.

That’s why you will mostly find the use of sans serif fonts on most of the websites or blogs.

You can use sans serif font anywhere on your website including headings & body copy.

Example of Sans Serif Fonts:

Arial, Verdana, Helvetica, Futura, Calibri, and Century Gothic.

Script Fonts for blog


script fonts commonly known as Hand written fonts are molded after 17th century.

These typeface of fonts have lowest readbility which means they are not made for use in the body of your blog or website.

It’ll be better to use these typeface of fonts in Heading or logo of your Blog.

Script typeface fonts usually gives the readers feminine, expensive, beautiful, delicate, fancy, and warm feeling.

Example of Script fonts:

Lobster, Lucida, Pacifico, Brush Script, and Comic Sans

Modern Fonts


Modern fonts are thin, long horizontal serifs, and clear-cut thick/thin transitions in the strokes.

These typeface of fonts are perfect for used in heading of your blog.

Modern fonts gives the readers a very smart, trendy, intelligence, style, and sharp felling.

Example of Modern Fonts:

Impact, Infinity, Majoram, Rockwell, and Agency

Pick A Bigger Font Size for your Blog

Are you using font size of 10-12pt on your blog?

Change it right away.

It is always recommended to use bigger font size on your blog because anyone do not want their readers to squint while reading.

According to many case studies 16pt of font size is ideal for any blog.

But i believe that 16pt of font size is not good for all the fonts. So in case if your font is looking too small then try to make it 16pt to 18pt.

Do you want to know which size of font your favourite website is using?

Backlinko- 18pt

Just Mind – 17pt

Moz – 18pt

Search engine journal – 24pt

Medium – 22pt

Neil Patel – 18pt

Keep Proper Font Spacing And Height

This is again an important aspect which effects the overall readability of your blog..

Lets understand with an Example:

Below is the example of two website..


Now tell me according to you which website content seemed easier to read.

Most of you’ll answer the website 2.

Which is absolutely right. Why?

Its because of proper spacing between the fonts which makes the content very easier to read.

Similarly height of paragraph is also important . Make sure that your paragraph lines are not too close to each others.

Make sure your fonts match your brand’s tone

This is something which most of the webmasters ignore.

Font you are using on your website should matches your brand’s identity.

Example: If you are using a fancy font on your health blog, then it may hard to keep your visitor engaged with your content.

So, its always recommended to choose the font which matches your brand tone.

Moreover, you should make sure to use the same or similar font for all your brand message.

Like for your website, for infographics, For social media images, for email marketing etc.

Your Font should compatible with all browsers.

Not all fonts are compatible with all the browsers.

So no matter how good font you use on your website but if they do not support a browser then it’lll be a disaster.

So, to make sure that your selected font are compatible or not , check the format of font you are using.

Some popular format of fonts :

  • EOT (Embedded OpenType)
  • OTF (OpenType)
  • TTF (TrueType Font)
  • WOFF (Web Open Font Format) and WOFF2
  • SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)

Below given chart shows that which font type are compatible with which browsers.


As seen from the above image, the TTF and WOFF format are compatible with almost all browsers.

So make sure to use only TTF and WOFF format of Font on your website.

How to check font name of any of your favorite Blog?

First of all you need to download a Chrome extension named as WhatFont.

Basically this amazing extension lets you find any font being used on a website or blog.

Once you downloaded the extension just go to any of your favourite websites, then just click on the extension icon (showing in the top right corner) and click on the text.

neil patel font

This extension will tell you all the details of that font like name, size, color, font family, style and weight.

List of Best Fonts For Blogs & Websites in 2019:


lato font

Lato is an open-source font family which pairs well with almost all of the fonts for blogs which is mentioned here.

This font was created by Warsaw-based designer Łukasz Dziedzic in 2010.

This one is perfect font for blog body due to its professional look and ease of reading.

This font is available in ten different styles which pairs very well with some popular blog fonts like Open sans and Raleway.

A very popular technology website Toms Guide use Lato on their blog.

toms guide

Note : I also Use Lato fontt on my own blog.



Roboto is one of the most popular google fonts Used by over 21,000,000 websites.

Roboto is meant to be a marriage between geometric shapes and friendly curves.

It gives a natural reading rhythm and works well for everywhere like title, headline, or body type because of its 12 different weights and styles.

Some of the popular websites like AliBaba, YouTube, Vice, NDTV, Asus, TMZ, Start Sports are using Robot fonts on Their website.



I think everyone of you must be famliar with Arial, because it is one of the most used font on internet.

Arial font was created by Robin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders in 1983.

Arial font can be used on any place of your website like Heading, Body, sidebar, title or anywhere and gives you better readability.

This font is used on some of the most popular sites on internet like Facebook, Amazon,
Google, Reddit, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, and many other websites.


monterstant font for blogging

After getting inspired by Old posters and Signage, Julieta Ulanovsky created one of the best Google fonts named as Montserrat.

This bold and modern looking google font has excellent readability and best used for heading and titles of page.

Some of the popular website like Movie Pilot, TomsGuide, NBC & Leadpages use Montserrat on their website.



Vernon Adams from Google designed this amazing font for bloggers and initially launched it in 2011 .

This font looks wonderful on the web because it was formed to fit the pixel grid of digital screens.

Available in 6 different styles, Oswald looks stunning in headlines of your blog.

This font is used by some popular websites like search engine land, WWE, PhoneArena, TomsGuide, ClickBank, and CreativeBloq.

Open Sans


One of the most popular google font till date, Open Sans is an open free sans-serif font designed by Steve Matteson.

Thanks to it simple and friendly design which makes it possible to combines well as a text font with pretty much all the other fonts in this listing.

Open sans is available in ten different styles which suit best for heading as well as body content.



Raleway, one of the best fonts for blog text & Heading.

It is an elegant and thin sans serif font which looks easy on the eyes and professional at the same time.

This fonts for blogs is available in eighteen different styles and suits for almost everywhere on a blog.

Nunito Sans


Nunito was created by Vernon Adams. It is a sans-serif font designed as a display font.

It is a versatile and attractive font which looks good on both the article body and page headings.

However it is recommended to use in heading of the sidebar.



Verdana one of the easiest fonts to read was created by Matthew Carter.

This font got very popular in last 4-5 year because the quality of font do not decrease on small resolution.

More than 2 lakhs websites are using Verdana till date and it fits perfects for any kind of website.

Popular websites like Quora, Ebay, Pinterest, Apple & Flipkart are using Verdana.



According to me one of the best font for blog body and heading.

This font was again designed by the Matthew Carter and widely used on all over the internet.

Probably you all know the Famous Backlinko blog.

backlinko blog

Brian Dean use this same Georgia google font on his blog.

This font has excellent readibilty which makes it one of the best font for blog content.

You can also use it as heading of your blog but it is always recommended to use different combination of fonts on your blog.

This font is used by some popular websites like Forbes, BBC, Business Insider and many more.

PT Sans

pt sans font for blogs

PT sans was developed for a project called “Public Types of Russian Federation.”

This is one of the best google fonts for blogs and widely used for headings and Title of the page.

PT sans is available in eight different styles and perfectly paired with PT serif and Roboto.

Website using this font include Ahrefs blog, Hollywood life, ClickFunnels, Story Pick, Social Media Examiner,etc.


gotham font

Gotham, One of the best fonts for blog titles.

Backlinko use this font for their blog title and headline.

This font is not only for headline, you can use this font in body text also. But i always recommend everyone to use the combination of fonts like Gotham with any other sans serif font.

Some popular website using this font are Upwork, Hostgaror, Dropbox, The Verge, Rolling stone, Vox and many more.


merriweather font for websites

One of my favorite font for blog, Eben Sorkin designed this serif font for optimal readability on screens.

Merriweather is a very simple and elegant serif font best used for headings and titles

Merriweather is available in eight different style which includes Light, Regular, Bold, Black, Light Italic, Italic, Bold Italic, Black Italic.

Some of the popular website using this font are GoodReads, Bored Panda, Harvard, Daily Dot, and Encyclopedia.

Helvetica Neue


Helvetica Neue is probably the most famous sans-serif fonts.

It is widely popular font in all over the world because of its more than 100 different styles.

As it is a multipurpose font which can be used anywhere. You can use the bold variant of font for heading of your blog post and Regular variant of the font for body text.

Do you know which font apple use on their website?

Ya, you guessed it right.

apple font

Helvetica Neue.

Some other popular website using this font are Vimeo, Pandora, GitHub, Stackoverflow, Slideshare, Whatsapp, Yelp and many more.

Source Sans Pro


Source Sans Pro is Adobe’s first open source typeface family designed by Paul D.Hunt.

All thanks to its width, which is higher than normal which makes it one of the best google font for blog content.

Source sans pro is available in ten different styles which can be used anywhere on the website and give pleasant readability.

This font has been featured on more than 4,200,000 websites.



As you may have guesses this font is used by one of the popular operating system named Ubuntu.

This font has thick edge which look cool on technology oriented websites.

It is a sans-serif font most-suitable for content body and graphic designing.

It pairs very well with Oswald and Open sans and gives elegant appearance.

Josefin Sans


Josefin Sans is a sister of Josefin Slab (also an amazing font) which is widely used for graphics related works.

However due to its elegance look can be also used on any type of website.

This font comes in ten different styles and looks good for heading and sidebar titles.

However, it is always recommended to use a large font size since it can be harder to read in smaller variants.


muli font

Muli a versatile sans-serif font, designed by the late Vernon Adams.

Muli look great for website that have a minimalist look and design.

As i already said it is very versatile font which can be used anywhere on website. It looks very classy for Body text as well as Headings.

Muli is used by many popular websites, one of them is Master Blogging.

35+ Best Fonts For Blogs To Level Up Your Wordpress Blog (2019)

Ankit Singla from master blogging uses the same Muli Font on his blog for body text as well as Headings.

How to Add Google Fonts to WordPress?

Now you must be wondering How to use any Google fonts in your WordPress blog.

Thanks to many available WordPress plugins which gives you easy functionality to change the font on your WordPress Blog.

Below i am going to tell you about some of the best font plugin to change font on your blog.

Here are the top 5 Font plugins.

1. Easy Google Fonts

Image result for Easy Google Fonts

The very popular easy Google font is used by more than 800,000 websites to change font of their blog.

Easy Google font gives you full control for typography on your WordPress site. You can choose your favourite font from more than 600+ google fonts.

2. WP-Typography

Image result for WP-Typography

“wp-Typography” is open source software supports more than 70 languages which gives the functionality to change font in every languages.

3. Google Fonts for WordPress

35+ Best Fonts For Blogs To Level Up Your Wordpress Blog (2019)

Again one of the most popular wordpress font plugin comes with live Google fonts customizer which currently contains 877 unique fonts.

It gives you full control for typography on your website. Which means now you don’t have to choose one single font for your entire website. Now you can choose a different font for heading, subheading or body.

This plugin is compatible with almost all the free and premimum themes.

4. Font Awesome

Related image

This is an official plugin created by font awesome team, which makes your website font font awesome compatible.

5. Custom Fonts

35+ Best Fonts For Blogs To Level Up Your Wordpress Blog (2019)

This is a popular typography WordPress plugin which can be used for embedding different font format like woff2, woff, ttf, svg, eot on any wordpress site.

6. Better Font Awesome

35+ Best Fonts For Blogs To Level Up Your Wordpress Blog (2019)

Better Font Awesome gives you the functionality to automatically integrate the latest available version of Font Awesome into your blog or websites.

You can also enhance font awesome feature by adding CSS, shortcodes, and TinyMCE icon shortcode generator.

WordPress Themes with in-built Fonts

You must be thinking that is it necessary to download different plugins and then install google font on my website?

Is there any theme which have all the fonts pre-installed?

Because having the font pre-installed not only gives you the flexibility to customize your website, but it also saves your server space which a plugin occupy.

So here is the theme which i personally use on my all website and they have all the in built functionality to change and customize fonts.


35+ Best Fonts For Blogs To Level Up Your Wordpress Blog (2019)

Generate press one of the most popular theme for WordPress, I personally use this theme on my all website.

They do have a free version which gives you basic functionality to customize whereas their premium version (which I use) gives you a hell lot of customization option to customize your blog

This theme gives you the freedom to access all the Google fonts as well as any third party font.

Their premium version will cost you just $49.

  • All premium modules
  • Full access to the Site Library
  • Unlimited websites
  • 1 year of updates & support
  • 40% renewal discount
  • 30-day money back guarantee


Not Having good content readability can affect your user experience which results in losing lots of visitors, conversion, and sales.

So, you should always choose a right font for your website which gives good readability to your blog readers.

My top three picks for Best Fonts for Blogs and website are:

  • Open Sans
  • Georgia
  • Lato

What is your favorite font for blog? Let me know in the comment section and share this article with your friends.

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    I am familiar with concept of color and font psychology and it really works when it comes to withdraw attention of website visitors. Every font comes with a unique personality and purpose.

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    If they want to take their blog to a higher level, then they have to abandon this thinking, they have to try to keep everything in their blog as simple as possible with the font.

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