13+ Best Free WordPress Hosting To Start Your New Blog (2019)

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When it comes to creating a WordPress website, First thing you’ll need is a Hosting.

But it’s not easy for everyone to spend $100-$200 for purchasing a premium hosting on Day 1.

But what if I tell you that you can start up your very own site on zero cost.

Yes, All thanks to free WordPress hosting which has made possible to start your own WordPress site without paying a single rupee.

There are various WordPress free hosting available in the market that is pretty decent and today in this article I will tell you about 8 most reliable free host for WordPress.

Why Use Free WordPress Hosting?

You recently came to know about that Blogging is the best source to express your thought and generate passive income.

Now as you have planned to start a Blog..

The first challenge you will face is to pay a large amount of money (approx 100-$150) for a full year of WordPress hosting.

60 out of 100 people drop their idea of starting a blog just for this one challenge.

But with free hosting, you can get started instantly without spending a single dime.

Once your blog is stabilized and start making some profit, then you can consider investing that profit into a better premium hosting like Siteground.

Moreover, free WordPress hosting is also great for those people who want to learn how to use a self-hosted website (WordPress) without pouring investment.

Always remember that all the Free WordPress host would have a specific limitation on your traffic.

Not started your blog yet? Check out our step by step guide to start a WordPress Blog.

Advantages of Using Free WordPress Hosting 

There are various advantage of using Free WordPress Hosting.

  • For a beginner, it doesn’t cost you a single rupee to start your site.
  • All the free host for WordPress have very easy signup process. You just need to create your account on their website and you are ready to start your blog.
  • Free WordPress hosting is always recommended to newbies as it would be a great way to learn and understand all the basics about blogging.
  • I have seen many bloggers who gave up in the first month of blogging. In these cases, It would lead to the big loss which they invest in Premium Hosting. So it’s better to start with a word press free hosting and if you plan to continue your blogging journey then you can consider investing in premium hosting.

Disadvantages of Free WordPress Hosting

As you may know, everything comes with some merit as well as Demerit.

Same applies for Free word press hosting too.

  • Free WordPress hosting sites are less secured as compared to the premium one. This means the website hosted on a free hosting server may easily get affected by hackers.
  • As you all know that In 2019 website loading speed is part of Google algorithm. The websites which are hosted on free WordPress hosting servers is typically loaded very slow.
  • Most of the free WordPress web hosting does not give you proper support. Most of them have their forum where you can post your problem. However few do have proper support which we will discuss below.
  • Many free web hosting may lock you out or delete your website if you are constantly experiencing huge traffic spikes

List of Free WordPress Hosting Providers


000webhosting, free hosting
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000webhost does exactly what its name sound like – It gives you zero cost Free WordPress hosting with Cpanel, PHP, MySQL and website builder.

With more than 14 million active users worldwide, It has constantly providing advertisement free WordPress web hosting since 2007.

000webhost promise to give 995 websites uptime guarantee and a one-click website installer which is designed to install your WordPress website as quickly as possible.

They are also offering FAQ & support section for their users in case if you need any type of support to create your website.

It is one of the best free hosting for WordPress for starters or medium level of projects.

000webhost is also the first company to provide Free WordPress hosting with SSSL certificate to secure your site.



free wordpress hosting
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x10 hosting is one of the oldest free cloud hosting service provider for wordpress since 2004 and offer some cool features at zero cost.

It is a fully featured web hosting that can setup your site in just few minutes.

It comes with 100% pure cloud SSD servers which is powered by top-of-the-line enterprise hardware.

The major advantage with x10 hosting is they give unmetered bandwidth and disk space which allows your website to grow as big as possible.

Moreover, they have created an amazing support community of 750,000+ members for any type of supports related to their hosting.



freehostia, free web host
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Freehostia.com is another great option when it comes to free WordPress hosting in 2019.

It was launched in the year 2005 and continuously providing amazing service from almost 13 years.

They offer a free basic plan to their users for installing WordPress Blog which includes 250 MB space, 5 Hosted domain, 5 GB bandwidth, 3 email accounts and also supports MySQL database.

You should also keep in mind that they offer only one database which can’t exceed a size of 10 MB.

Freehostia is providing one of the fastest free WordPress web hostings, the reason behind this is they have one of the fastest servers.

According to some of their happy customers, their cloud hosting performs 15 times better as compared to traditional shared web hosting services.


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With More than 15 years of experience in the web hosting business, this award worthy free web hosting is a great option to begin your blogging journey.

Awardspace is completely Ad-free and user friendly platform to get some experience of self-hosted sites.

You can easily create your site with hosting 1 domain and 3 different sub-domains.

They are offering 1 GB of Disk space and 5 GB of traffic, which is maximum you can expect from a free hosting company.

They do have 1 click installer which makes very easy to install your brand new WordPress site in just 5 minutes.

They also promise to give 99.9% guarantee for network uptime which makes them most reliable and optimized free WordPress host.


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AccuWebhosting (Free Hosting for students)

13+ Best Free WordPress Hosting To Start Your New Blog (2019)
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Another popular name when it comes to the free WordPress hosting provider is “AccuWebhosting.”

I can say this is one of the best free wordpress hosting for students because if you are a student in good college then you can take advantage of their free hosting plan for students.

They are offering 2 GB SSD storage space and 30 GB monthly bandwidth.

With their one-click installer, you can easily set up your WordPress blog.

You get easy access to your database and you can create up to 35 free email address.

While most of the free hosting comes with very crappy advertisements and promotional banners, but you do not get to face those hassles with Accuwebhosting.

Their pure SSSD hosting loads your site very quickly and make sure that your web visitor get good experience on your site.

They also offer multi-layer DDos protection which adds extra security to your WordPress website.

Note: If you have .edu email address then it increases your chances of taking advantage of free wordpress hosting for students.



free web host
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With a high range of speed and reliability, Byethost is another free host for WordPress which we do not hesitate to recommend.

It offers you ad-free hosting without spending a single rupee, Their plan includes 200 GB monthly transfer, 5500 MB disk space, 50 MySQL databases as well as you can have 50 addon domains, 50 parked domains & 50 subdomains.

You can get an awesome experience and better web hosting right after creating your account absolutely for free of cost.



free website hposting
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One of the highest-ranked free WordPress hosting service, Biz.nf seemingly the choice of thousands of active users.

They are providing an amazing totally free web hosting since last 9 year.

They are offering all the necessary features which are required to make a well-branded WordPress site.

Their free web hosting service also includes 1 click WordPress installation and automatic configuration features, which makes the installation process very easy.

They also promise to give you @24/7 customer support in case if you face any problem while using their service.



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free host
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100webspace offers you lifetime hassle and risk-free hosting service. If you are looking to get started online, this is a nice hosting option for you to get started for free.

It offers wide list of features like Web Apps Installer (Helps in launching your WordPress blog, Joomla, Mambo and much more PHP scripts )

One best thing I like about them is they give you a multilingual control panel to make sure you understand every aspect.

In customer support this is one of the best free WordPress hostings, Not only they offer 24/7 live support, but they also offer a 1-hour ticket or email response.

Note: One downside of their hosting is they will show a small banner ad over your website each page to let people know that you are using their hosting service.


Why We Recommend Avoiding Free Hosting Services

Although all the free web hosting company I have mentioned above are the most popular and trusted in the industry of Hosting providers.

But It’s true that you can’t get premium quality of experience on free Hosting.

First of all those sites which are hosted on Free hosting are very slow as well as get down lots of time.

And another major problem with free website hosting is Most of the time I have seen that whenever you start getting traffic on your site, Hosting Company will delete your site automatically from their server.

As well as free hosted sites are very less secure and they can be hacked any time.

So, does this mean that hope is lost for the low-budget webmaster-to-be?

Not quite…

Best Alternatives for Free Web Hosting

I know everyone is always attracted towards the FREE word.

But free WordPress hosting may be a good way to test or learn WordPress blogging.

Otherwise, if you are serious about starting a blog or online business then you should consider spending at least $50 for a Year in premium Hosting.

I don’t think $50 is a big amount and always remember that it is not your expenses, it is an investment which you will get back in the coming days.

If you are investing in a premium hosting then you will be always tension free from website speed, security, and performances.

Now you must be thinking about which hosting should I purchase?

As there are lots of WordPress hosting provider in the market, but most of them will fail to give you 100% satisfaction.

I have personally tried almost 6 different WordPress hosting.

And among all of them, I found Siteground is no#1 WordPress hosting provider.

I know siteground will cost you $5-$10 more than another hosting. But believe me, you will get 15x better performance on siteground as compared to others. Just check out their user’s review on the internet and you’ll be surprised to know that almost all of their customers are happy with their hosting performances.

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wordpress hosting, free wordpress hosting, free web host, hosting
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