Best Ptc Sites That actually Pays in 2019 {Paid To Click Jobs}


Are you looking for some trusted PTC sites or Paid to click jobs? Then you have come to the right place.

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Everyone Likes to Make some Extra Money.

Yes, there is no one is this world who don’t want to earn extra income.

You may be working 9-10 hour in your office to earn money.

However, there are lots of people who just spend their 5-10 minutes and try out the latest techniques and methods to make money online.

One such technique is PTC sites (Paid To click sites)

There are millions of people from all over the world, who are dependent on PTC sites to fulfill their extra earning requirements.

ptc site, Best ptc sites india
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But unfortunately, there are only few who are actually making money from those PTC sites.

The main reason behind it is that they have joined some kind of Scam PTC sites which do not pay at all.

But now you don’t need to worry about it, Because we have tested almost 100 plus website and selected the top 6 highest paying PTC sites available for worldwide users.

So, Just Stick To this article, Here we have shared some personally tested legit PTC sites that actually pays.

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What are PTC sites?

Best Ptc Sites That actually Pays in 2019 {Paid To Click Jobs}
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“PTC” Means Paid To click

PTC Websites are advertisement company which pay their users for viewing their online advertisement.

It is definately one of the best and easiest method to make money online from your Home without any investment.

That’s the reason why it became a very successful business model across all over the globe.

Their concept is very simple, That’s why any newbie do not need any kind of Guidance or requirements to make money from genuine PTC sites.

You just have to sign-up on their website, Click on Ads and get paid.

What are the benefits of joining PTC sites?

Here we have mentioned some of the benefits or you can say advantage of Joining PTC sites

  • User-friendly : PTC sites are user-friendly, You do not need any kind of special knowledge to earn from ptc websites.
  • Free registration : They do not any kind of charges for registration. That’s why a single person can join various Ptc websites.
  • Home based job : PTC websites gives users a chance to work from the comfort of their own homes as well as you can work on your own choice of Time.
  • No technical skills needed : As i said earlier You do not need any kind of special technical knowledge in Paid To Click Jobs.
  • No investment required : You can start earning with zero investment.
  • Multiple income opportunities : You can join as many as PTC website and maximize your online income. But make sure to join genuine ptc sites.
  • Always pay on time : All the legit PTC sites pay on time. You can withdraw your earning through Paypal or direct transfer.

How do PTC sites work?

PTC sites actually act as a middleman between Advertisers and members of Paid to click websites.

Online web marketers need the traffic to their website for promoting their products or service. So they contact Paid to click websites who already have lots of registered users across all over the globe.

Online web marketers or advertisers need the traffic to their blogs or websites for promoting their products or services. So they need traffic from these paid to click sites that already have lots of registered users from around the world who are ready to view advertisements for cash.

These sites refers to unique and potential traffic to all those online advertisers in return of cash. And PTC sites split the money for paying members for viewing those advertisers’ ads every day.

Best PTC sites that pay 10$ per click

PTC sites are only for fulfilling your extra earning requirements. There are lot’s people who searched on Google about “PTC sites that pay 10$ per click

If you are among them, you need to understand it that Ptc sites that pay 10$ per click do not exist on the Internet. If a PTC website is promising to give you 10$ per click then It is a big sign of Scam.

Never Join those PTC sites, because at the end you are going to just lose Your Precious Time and internet Data.

If you are serious about making money online then I will recommend you to check out these two articles on our blog:

How to register and earn money From PTC sites?

To start earning from PTC website, You need to fill the sign-up form and confirm your email address.

Once you successfully registered your account, you will be able to access your account dashboard where you can view all available ads.

Just go to ad section and view those advertisements.

Once you successfully view those advertisements, Your earnings will be credited to your account instantly.

There is no limit on how many ads you can click in a day. You can click on all the advertisements which are available on those particular sites.

Note:– Do not use any Adblocker in your Google Chrome Browser, Otherwise you won’t be able to see any ads.

I think now you have got enough information about PTC sites, Now it’s time to check some of the best PTC sites which we recommend everyone to use. I have also mentioned some of the best PTC sites in India, especially for our Indian readers.

Best PTC Sites 2019

S.NoBest PTC sites NamePayoutLink
1.ClixSense$10Visit site
2.Neobux$2Visit site
3.Prizerebel$1Visit site
4.Familyclix$1Visit site
5.Paidverts$3Visit site

1.  ClixSense

ptc site, Best ptc sites india
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Clixsense is one of the oldest and most popular PTC websites. Clixsense was publicly announced on Feb 2007 under the ownership of Jim Grago.

Earlier it was a PTC site. But now they have totally changed their strategies.

You can now make money with Clixsense with other methods like paid surveys, Clixgrid, micro tasks and by referring others.

Benefit Of Joining Clixsense :

  • Earn by viewing completing surveys daily.
  • Earn more through various tasks and offers.
  • Multiply your earnings through the affiliate program.
  • Win Daily Prizes Up To $10.00
  • Fast Payment through Payoneer or Skrill.

If you are facing any problem in Joining Clixsense, then you can watch this tutorial on How to register your account on Clixsense.

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2. NeoBux

Neobux is another best PTC sites with high pay, from a long period of time. This site was founded by Fernando on Mar 2008 and till 2019, this is paying regularly to their members.

Some marketers have also called Neobux is the king of PTC business.

Neobux gives you a very high chance to earn a good amount of money every day. If you are a member of this website and actively using all the earning ways it offers, then you can earn RS.10,000. -1,00,000 easily from Neobux.

They also have set a restriction of only one account from a household. They keep track the IP address of users, and whenever they find two accounts with the similar IP address, they simply ban the user.

But if you are someone who wants to use Multiple accounts, Then you can manipulate them by using VPN (However it is not recommended) but in case you want to increase your earning, then you can use VPN to hide your IP address.

Click here to Join Neobux

Benefits Of Joining Neobux:

  • Instant payments
  • A lot of advertisements available daily.
  • Multiple upgrades offering a higher earning potential
  • Earn more money with their other offers like CrowdFlower Tasks, Coin offers and Pollfish surveys. It pays more for the same effort.
  • The only PTC giving you a chance to pay nothing for an upgrade.
  • Win daily prizes up to $90.00
  • You can earn from your rented and direct referrals.
  • Get paid immediately through NETELLER or Skrill.

3. PrizeRebel

If you are looking for a genuine & trusted paid to click sites.

Then PrizeRebel can be another good site for you.

I personally prefer to earn from this site..

Because there are multiple ways to earn from prizerebel.

Like – You can earn money by clicking on Ads, taking surveys, completing offers from different companies & even by playing online games.

You have to just create your account and once you are logged in you can go to dashboard.

From the Dashboard you can find the task and offers, you have to just complete them to get points.

Later on, you can convert your point into PayPal cash, Gift and rewards.

If you want to generate more income – Then you can increase your earning by winning Raffles, Contests & Lucky Numbers

Ptc site in India
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Another thing you can do is refer your link to others and if somebody joins from your link you will get extra money.

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4. Familyclix

Familyclix is one of the best PTC site in india which is paying regularly to their users.

Familyclix is mainly known for its transparency.

They are open about how much users are paid and through which payment processors.

I think this one of the good sign of building trust among users.

They post payment proof on their website, you can check payment proofs here.

PTc sites, ptc websites
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This will give you an idea about how familyclix is helping millions of people in generating extra income.

Familyclix do not allow one user to create two account, they always check Ip address of New account

Best Ptc Sites That actually Pays in 2019 {Paid To Click Jobs}
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Familyclix has a family theme. They have their memberships named as :

  • Baby
  • Baby+
  • Sister
  • Brother
  • Mummy
  • Daddy
  • Grandmother
  • Grandfather

You can earn More Money from Family Clix Referral. But to make money from Referral, you need to keep your account active.

To keep your account active you have to click more than 4 advertisements everyday.

Same as Neobux, Familyclix also offers Rented referrals.

I don’t think i need to explain Rented referrals again.

PTc sites, ptc websites
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5. Paidverts

Paidverts is a very new site compared to Neobux and Clixsense.

But in Last 2-year paidverts has become very popular in all over the world.

The concept of money-making from Paidverts is little bit different from other PTC site.

Here is the process How you can earn money from Paidverts :

  • First of all, you need to Join Paidverts.
  • Once you join paidvert, you need to view BAP ads and accumulate BAP points.
  • BAP is the currency or point system in Paidverts.
  • Next-Day your BAP points will be converted into ADS and from viewing those ads, you will make money.

From the given below stat, you can imagine how many people are making money from this Site.

PTc sites, ptc websites
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Follow This strategy to make money from Paidverts

♦ First of all, you should view all 16 BAP or activation ads daily.

♦ Once you view all BAP ads return to Paidverts after 8-9 Hour and check for paid ads, If paid ads are available then view all those ads.

♦ Another thing you can do is Pay Just pay 0.05$ and get recycled ads worth $1 which are not seen by other members.

PTc sites, ptc websites
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♦ Once you earned 1$, You have to purchase an ad pack, which is going to be very beneficial for you.

Because that ad pack not only consist $1.5 worth ads but you can also advertise your affiliate links or your website or YouTube channel.

♦ Another thing you can do is Refer your Paidvert referral link to others and convert your income 2x.

Frequently Asked Question :

What are PTC sites?

PTC Websites are advertisement company which pays their users for viewing their online advertisement.

Do PTC sites really pay?

Yes, absolutely. Paid to click site always pays their users for their efforts But there are many fake PTC site who just waste your time and don’t pay you a single penny.

How PTC site Pay their users?

Most of the PTC sites are Europe and North America based and they pay through reliable e-commerce payment system PayPal and Payza.

How much does Neobux pay per click?

It totally depends upon which advertisement you are viewing, because all the adse have different cost. For an estimate, you can earn $0.01 – 0.50 for a single ad.

How do PTC sites make money?

PTC business model is very simple. They get paid by the advertisers fro displaying their ads on PTC site and a part of this payment goes to the viewer when he views the advertisement.

Is ClixSense legitimate?

In my personal experience, clixsense is a legit site who is paying their members from the past 9-10 years. But you have to remember that you can’t earn 500-1000$ in a day from clixsense.

How can I earn money from ClixSense?

What’s the min payout from PTC websites?

The minimum payout from PTC websites differs from site to site. But most of the site’s payout when you reached $2.00 to $10.00. Once you reach out minimum threshold, you can request them to transfer your money into Paypal account.

What are the requirements for joining PTC site?

You don’t need any advance requirements to join a PTC site. However, I have mentioned some basic requirements below.

  • A personal computer or laptop with an internet connection
  • A Gmail account (recommended)
  • A bank account
  • An online payment processor account (PayPal and Payza)
  • A Pan card (for Indians only)

How to increase your income from PTC sites?

Conclusion: Best PTC websites

Friends, This was the list of Best PTC Sites That actually pay you. I hope these websites will help you in generating some extra income.

I personally recommend you to join Clixsense and NeoBux, because they both are very trusted and legit PTC sites with unlimited ads. I have personally made good income from both the site.

I will recommend you to never join too many sites, because most of the PTC sites are fake, in the end, you will get nothing other than failure.

Join 2-4 trusted sites and try to spend 1-2 hour on this work, you will definitely earn money.

Over To You :

Now it’s your time to share your experience with PTC sites with us in the comment box. Which PTC site you find genuine and legit? How much money you have made from these PTC sites?

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