Bloggingnova v2.0 – New Site Design and What’s Next

• January 27, 2020 •

So as most of you can already see, I have unveiled the new design of Bloggingnova earlier this morning.

After tweeting and posting about it in our Facebook group, I thought it will be much better if I write a short post regarding the new design.

So that all the Bloggingnova readers can easily know about what’s new in the new design and what’s coming next on the Bloggingnova.

Why I redesigned Bloggingnova?

The old design of Bloggignova was quite good and there was no such big problem in the old design.

But after using the old design for more than a year, I realized the conversion with the old design was very poor.

Another big complaint I got from a few readers was that the site was not properly optimized to navigate through the whole site and readers were having problem in finding all the content of Bloggingnova

So after analyzing all these things, I finally created a to-do list for my next redesign in October last year (2019.)

I started working on the new design in October and planned to complete and launch the new design in probably January first week.

But because of my CA exam, I stopped working on this for more than a month and once my exam was completely over I started working on it again.

Finally, the new design was completed this week, so I launched it today morning. (There are couple of things which I am still working on and you will probably see it in the next few weeks.)

bloggingnova v2.0

What’s new in Bloggingnova’s new design?

There were a lot of changes (some major ones too). I will do my best to explain each change one by one to you:

#1. New color on Bloggignova:

If you are an old Bloggingnova reader then you might have not recognized the blog today in the first view. Because previously I was using “Orange” color on all over the blog and now the new shade of blue more precisely “Cerulean” color has completely changed the look of the site.

The primary reason why I moved to new color is because every second site about Blogging or SEO was using Orange color in their design. That’s why all sites were looking very similar to each other, so I thought it will be great if I move to a new color.

Please tell me your opinion about the new color in the comment section…

#2. New clean homepage:

In our new design, I have tried to keep everything as clean and minimal as possible. The biggest improvement I have made in the new homepage design is that now Just scrolling through our homepage for a minute will give the reader a good idea of what Bloggingnova is all about.

bloggingnova homepage

I had so much great content to offer but no one was finding it, Hopefully it will change with this new design…

#3. New Comprehensive Guides

There was always a lack of comprehensive guides on Bloggingnova, but in the new design, I have added more than ten comprehensive guides that are highly valuable for readers.

bloggingnova v2.0

I am still working on 8 more comprehensive guides which will be published on Bloggingnova under the next 1 month.

#4. A detailed about me page:

My old about me page was just a short bio about myself self and I always wanted to update it.

With the new design, I have created a new about me page where I have explained everything in detail about how it got started and how is my current life.

bloggingnova v2.0

You can check it from here..

#5. Bloggingnova Insider Resources library

bloggingnova v2.0

With the new design, I also introduced the Bloggignova Insider resources library.

This is going to be a growing blogging resources library where you can find plenty of free ebooks, checklists, templates and guides around Blogging, SEO and affiliate marketing.

So as soon as any reader will join Bloggingnova Insider they will get lifetime free access to the resources library.

Note: This is something where I am currently working on, I am trying my best to create some amazing ebooks and printables for you guys.

#6. New Free SEO course

bloggingnova seo course

Last year I launched a free blogging course where I got amazing responses, More than 450 users joined the course.

Now this Free SEO course is a little advance and updated version of the old Blogging course.

#7. Dedicated Deals page


I was planning to move the deals sections to a separate subdomain but I dropped the idea. Instead In the new design, I have created a separate clean and simple deals page where anyone can easily find all deals on hosting, themes, plugins, and services.

Please let me know in the comments – Should I move the deals section to a separate sub-domain or a separate page is good enough.

#8. No sidebar at all

I have been previously using Sidebar on my blog, Although sidebars are great to shows some good content to your readers but in my case, it was destroying the overall experience of content consumption.

So, I finally removed the sidebar from everywhere on Bloggignova.

#9. A better version of the Category page.

In the old design, the Category page was very dull and messy. But in the new design, I have created a more clean and elegant looking Category page.

bloggingnov archive

A special mention to Elementor Pro which made it so easy for me to create a custom template for the category and other archive pages.

Behind the Scene of new Design:

Some of you might wanted to know how I have redesigned Bloggingnova.

Well, I am still using the Generatepress Premium theme on my blog and yes a special thanks to the Genreatepress support team who has helped me to their best in the redesign process.

Next, I have largely made use of Page builders to design most of the sections of this site.

Thrive architect is my all-time favorite page builder and I have designed the various part with thrive architect and the rest of the few parts like Archive pages were designed with Elementor Pro.

What’s Next?


Do you believe, If I tell you I have not slept from the last more than 38 hours?

It is 3:30 AM in the morning and finally, everything is completed and I am writing this update…

I know I should have to take proper rest but this was something which was very important for me as it was getting delayed for a long time.

I still have a long list of things to do and you will see a few new improvements every day for the next few weeks.

I have been also very inactive in the Facebook group because of the redesigning process, but from tomorrow I will try my best to be active in the group.

This was all about the new design for today, I will do my best to keep you guys updated as I add more features.

Please share your opinion about the new design in the comment section. Let me know how can I improve my blog design and make it more better…

Yours Truly,
Shivam Choudhary

My name is Shivam Choudhary, and I’m the founder of Bloggingnova. A blog that helps people start and grow their blog through high-quality actionable content and resources. You can join our Facebook Community to stay connected with other like-minded bloggers.

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6 thoughts on “Bloggingnova v2.0 – New Site Design and What’s Next”

  1. I have been seeing this update but never took it serious until I came across it on Twitter this afternoon.

    That was when I decided to read it.

    You did a great job coming up with this new awesome design. It’s very fantastic.

    May I know, how you design your feature image…?

    Please, forward any valuable info to my email address as contained here.

    • First of all, thank you for visiting my blog.

      I am glad that you liked the new design of Bloggingnova.

      And yes I use Photoshop software to design all of my Featured images.

      If you need any other help then do let me know.

  2. Hello Shivam,

    The new design of your blog is simply superb. 100/100 for the efforts you have put it.

    How easy was it for you to redesign this still keeping generate press theme? I am wondering if this level of customization is possible using GP premium theme or we should use Divi or elementor builder plugin to help us?

    Could you please clarify?

    • First of all, thank you so much Gururaj, I am glad that you like the new design. As I have already mentioned in the post, I have make use of Elementor Pro and Thrive architect to design the various part of the blog. But yes, the Generatepress theme helped me to MAKE a strong foundation to the blog.


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