11+ FREE CDN to Speed Up and Secure Your WebSite


Nobody Likes Slow loading Websites, Even Google never rank those websites which takes too much time to load.

So, If your site is loading slowly, then you are already losing Lots of Visitors on your Blog because no one has enough patience to wait till your site fully load. As they can just go to other sites for their solution.

So you have to try your best to speed up your site. So, that No one leaves your site just because of site speed.

I know you have already tried various ways to improve your website speed Like Optimizing image, Using Cache Plugin, Enable Gzip compression and Lot more..

But you still failed…Why??

Because you are still not using a CDN (Content Delivery Network.) By using a premium or free WordPress CDN you can drastically improve your website loading speed.

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Credit – HostUcan

If you are not familiar with CDN then don’t worry I will explain all the benefits of CDN and also suggest you some of the best Free CDN for WordPress which can help you in improving your website loading time.

So without further ado lets get started..

What is a CDN?

Before we dig into free CDN for WordPress website, let’s cover the basics. CDN basically it stands for Content Delivery Network. It is a network of multiple servers that are located at the various geographical location of the world.

This server store various static element of a site which includes images, code (JavaScript, HTML), and so on. And when any of your site visitors come on your blog it shows them cached static content from sites based on the location of the visitor.

How CDN speeds up WordPress?

Normally your WordPress Hosting company serve your website from a single particular location Like Us, Uk or any place..

So, if you have high traffic on your website then just because all of your site visitors are served by the same server It will slow down your website. In the case of peak traffic, it can also crash the server as a result your site will be temporarily unavailable.

This is where A Premium or free WordPress CDN can help you..

Let’s imagine you have installed one of the below listed free CDN services on your WordPress blog which is hosted on US server.

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Now if a user is accessing your site from Delhi in India, then the website static element will be served by a CDN server located in Delhi city in India (Or from any most nearest server)- Not from your hosting server which is located in US or UK.

This localized access of website resources will speed up your site at the user’s end.

I hope you need no more compelling reasons to install one of these free CDN services for WordPress sites.

Now just because your site data is delivered by the server that is close to them, Your site will be loaded fast..

I hope you understood the benefit of Using a WordPress CDN.

That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best CDN for WordPress and see which one works for you.

Best Free CDN for WordPress

11. MaxCDN (Now Known as StackPath)

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MaxCDN is a reputable content delivery network which is currently known as StackPath. First of all, let me tell you it is a premium CDN but still, I included this into this list, Because if you can invest some money on your website then no one is better than MaxCDN or StackPath.

MaxCDN is currently one of the best CDN in the market to speed up your website and reduce your server load.

It is very easy to set up and setup Maxcdn with WordPress website as well as it works like charm with Free caching Plugins Like W3 Total cache and Wp super cache.

Here are some useful features what you get in MaxCDN :

  • Flexible SSL options
  • Affordable plans for entry-level users
  • Full encryption
  • Domain sharding
  • Ability to purchase extra storage
  • Website analytics
  • Easy set-up
  • Support for video files
  • Security reports

As I earlier said if you are ok with investing some money and want to improves speed and secure your website then you should definitely go with MaxCDN. Otherwise below I have listed the top 10 free CDN for WordPress which can also improve your website speed.

10. Incapsula: free CDN for WordPress site

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Incapsula by Imperva is a Popular leading WordPress CDN solution providing Website Security, DDoS Protection, Load Balancing & Failover. 

It offers a 100% free plan with the following features to accelerate any website or personal blog :

  • Global CDN
  • Compression, Caching, Minification, Image Optimization
  • Uptime monitoring, Real-time statistics, traffic stats, weekly report
  • IPV6 support
  • Spambot protection
  • Comment spam protection
  • CAPTCHA security

Incapsula caches all your static content which includes images JavaScript, HTML and anything else that doesn’t frequently change.

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Their free plan also includes bot migration which will protect your website from malicious attacks. Moreover, it also gives you the ability to set up two-factor authentication for areas of your site for better security.

Incapsula is used by more than 525000 websites, Following are some of the most popular sites who are using Incapsula.

  • Moz
  • WIX
  • XOOM
  • Siemens
  • IATA
  • GoEast
  • T-Mobile

It is very easy to set up on any WordPress website and work with caching Plugin.

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9. Jetpack – Free CDN for Images

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I don’t think Jetpack needs any introduction at all. Because I think most of you are already using Jetpack Plugin.

I think it is a must-have plugin for every WordPress user because it offers many features to make your blog more user-friendly.

Recently, they added a Free CDN service called Photon. Photon is not a full CDN like other Free CDN instead of image acceleration service.

If your blog contains lots of images then it would be great to activate this free CDN service.

Photon is a content delivery network which loads your site image through Powerful wordpress.com server.

To get started with Photon Free CDN all you need to do is just install and activate Jetpack Plugin. Then just go to Jetpack settings, Scroll down and activate Photon Module.

8. Swarmify – Formerly Known as Swarm CDN

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Swarmify (Previously known as Swarm CDN) is a free WordPress image CDN with a dedicated plugin to make implementation easy.

Again it is not a complete CDN, It is very similar to the Jetpack Plugin which only works on your images, though.

Swarmify can be used to distribute cache Video and an image file of your site and not other sites file such as CSS or HTML.

If you are currently using any other free or Premium CDN solution, Still you can use Swarmify as an add on to offload your bandwidth-intensive image/video files.

It can be considered as one of the best alternatives to Jetpack (Photon) CDN. The only difference between both of them is Jetpack only cache image file whereas Swarmify caches Video file as well.

Free Plan of Swarmify :

You get 10 GB of free image transfer per month. But always keep in mind that if you are running a big website which contains a lot of images, then you may exceed this limit. Additional $0.05 will be charged per GB.

7. Netlify

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Netify lets you host your static site and serve them through a CDN. According to a report, more than 35000 developers and hosting more than 90k+ sites love netify.

It is not a typical CDN company but in case if you have a static site then Netify is worth considering.

They offer both Free and Paid Plan, As here we are talking about Free WordPress CDN, so, following are some of the Best features of Netlify in the free version :

  • Continuous Deployment
  • Rollbacks
  • Custom HTTP Headers
  • Global CDN
  • Ultra-fast DNS
  • DDoS protection
  • SSL certificate
  • Prerendering
  • Cache invalidation
  • Git integration
  • HTTP/2
  • Custom domain

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6. Amazon CloudFront – CDN Powered by Amazon’s Resources

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Let me clear this Amazon CloudFront CDN is not completely free for forever. But you can get a full year of free CDN service powered by Amazon itself.

It is an industry-leading content delivery network used by Slack and Spotify!

It serve your site content from huge number of the data center. You can check out their all data center location here.

So it is obvious that it will drastically improve your website speed, no matter where your readers are located.

How to get started?

Setting up amazon CloudFront is little more complicated than any other CDN. But that’s just because it offers much more flexibility than any other CDN.

There are numbers of Plugin available which can make integrating with amazon CloudFront easier. One of them is WP Offload S3 Lite.

5. JS Deliver

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Js deliver is a free CDN hosting for WordPress which is used to host JavaScript libraries, jQuery plugins, CSS frameworks, fonts along with all necessary files such as PNG/CSS to load the website resources faster.

Js Deliver served file from Cloudflare, Keycdn, Quantil, & MaxCDN. JS deliver is used by one of the popular WordPress plugins like WP SlimStat to host Javascript files of the plugin.

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Are you running a new website or a low traffic website? INXY provides you 50GB for EU+USA traffic and 10GB for the world traffic under their free Package.

3. Coral CDN

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Coral Content Distribution Network is a P2P (Peer to Peer) based CDN and an MIT project. The project was developed by Michael Freedman.

Since it relies on the P2P network where billions of computers are connected across all over the world, which makes it absolutely free.

2. Google Cloud CDN

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Google developer has developed a very interesting and powerful content delivery network know as PageSpeed.

It allows site contents and static files flow of at faster rate on any browser on each request.

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You can submit your website to Google CDN and it will improve your website loading speed.

Their analysis tool analyzes your website and check where it is affected most and how to reduce those affected areas.

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1. CloudFlare: Best CDN for WordPress

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Without any doubt, Cloudflare is one of the best free CDN for WordPress. It is one of the most well-known free CDN solutions to supercharge your website and add security.

This free CDN service is packed with many additional features which makes it more attractive than any other Free WordPress CDN.

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Cloudflare powers more than 4 million sites and their Data center is located across all over the world to serve your site content at superfast speed.

Cloudflare caches your content across its global network and whenever someone tries to visit your site it serves up from sever which is very nearest to your visitors.

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According to me, One of the main benefits you get from Cloudflare is that they don’t charge any additional cost for bandwidth overages – it’s 100% completely free.

Here are some features which you get from Cloudflare in their free plan:

  • Cloudflare issued certificate
  • WebSockets
  • Globally load balanced CDN
  • Content caching
  • Async Javascript loading
  • HTTP/2 and SPDY
  • TLS 1.2, 1.3
  • Restful AP
  • Page rules
  • Operational & Threats insights
  • Basic DDoS protection
  • HTTPS Rewrites
  • Comment spam protection

I think their free plan is good enough to supercharge your website speed and security. You can set up your website with Cloudflare in just 5 minutes.

Here are some of the popular websites which are using Cloudflare :

  • Feedly
  • Mozilla
  • Reddit
  • Zopim
  • DigitalOcean
  • StackOverflow
  • Reddit
  • Udacity

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So, this was the list of free CDN for WordPress website. A free CDN solution will work only as long as you are getting low traffic on your website.

Once your traffic begins to increase, you will eventually run out of limited bandwidth and your’s website visitor may again start facing a slow loading website.

That’s your green light to switch over a proper Premium CDN like MaxCDN.

So, now it’s all up to you, I will recommend you to use Cloudflare which is absolutely free otherwise go for premium CDN which is MaxCDN.

Over To You :

Now I want to know about your thought on free CDN for WordPress. According to you which Free CDN is worth using? Comment down your thought.

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Free CDN For Wordpress
11+ FREE CDN to Speed Up and Secure Your WebSite
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By using a CDN on your website you can drastically improve your website loading time.

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