150+ FREE Directory submission Site [That still have Value in 2020]

Are you looking for the free directory submission site list with very high DA (domain authority) and lowest spam score? Then you have come to the right place.

Gone are those days where you could rely on a single strategy to rank your site in Google and get tons of organic traffic.

Today, You have to try every single thing to get a better ranking in search results.

According to Brian Dean’s recent case study, Backlinks remain an important ranking factor for Google. The more high quality backlinks a site has, the higher the site ranks is on Google.

However, creating high-quality backlinks is not as easy as it sounds.

Here’s where free directory submission sites help. Frankly speaking in 2020, not all directory submission sites are effective, but still there are few which have the lowest spam score and highest Domain authority and they are worth trying out.

Directory submission sites list

But again finding those high PA directory submission sites is not an easy job.

Don’t worry, today I’ll give you all essential information about free directory submission sites,  as well as you you’ll discover a list of more than 150+ high Authority Dofollow Directory Submission List 2020.

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What exactly is directory submission?

Web directories are kind of sites that store business information. So, in simple words directory submission is the process of submitting sites to web directories.

I don’t know if you have ever seen a telephone directory or not. Telephone directories were basically used to store the different telephone numbers of peoples and places so that anyone can easily find a telephone number.

Same as with web directory, here different people submit their sites so that anyone can find their business information easily.

But with web directories, whenever you submit your site, you get a link back to your site. That links are also called Backlinks in SEO terminology.

Now Google takes these backlinks as a ranking factor, so more backlinks a site has the higher that site will rank in Google and eventually get more traffic.

But wait that doesn’t mean all backlinks are equally effective, You have to make sure that that you create your backlinks from an authority site with lowest spam score.

In 2014-16 Directory submissions were one of the top ways to make high-quality backlinks but as time started passing, people started spamming.

So, in 2020, there are only few Directory submission sites with High DA that are effective and can give you SEO benefits.

Free directory submission site list (2020 Updated)

These are few Free directory submission sites that are still effective in 2020.

1. Entireweb Directory 644
2. Viesearch 616
3. SoMuch.com 575
4. DirectoryCritic.com 564
5. WorldWeb-Directory.com 404
6. eTaaps.org 402
7. Bhanvad.com 505
8. 1WebsDirectory.com 475
9. 9Sites.net 486
10. PromoteBusinessDirectory.com455
11. LinkRoo.com 474
12. DonDir.com 463
13. AceWebDirectory.com 435
14. MasterMoz.com 524
15. Nonar Directory 452
16. OneMillionDirectory.com 48 2
17. 1WebsDirectory.com 471
18. SitesWebDirectory.com 473
19. Cipinet.com 545
20. HighRankDirectory.com 521
21. InfoTiger.com 573
22. A1WebDirectory.org 514
23. IntelSeek.com 552
24. LinkCentre.com 604
25. SoMuch.com 573
26. BoTW.org 651
27 marketinginternetdirectory543
28. http://www.usgeo.org/ 545

High DA Best Directory Submission sites For Business

So, Do you own a business website? Whether you are running a health business or having a restaurant business online, Fashion business or even real estate business.

These Business listing directory submission sites can help your business to get more exposure as well as improve your search engine presence.

So, I would recommend you to must list your website on these 40+ High DA business directory submission site list which can be really beneficial for your business.

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1. CYLEX Business Directory 60
2. EZlocal Business Listing 68
3. CitySquares.com Business 66
4. WorldWeb.com Business Index 65
5. iBegin.com 63
6. Tupalo.com 41
7. BrownBook.net 73
8. Company.com Business Listing 61
9. 2FindLocal.com 67
10. Hotfrog.com 77
11. ChamberOfCommerce.com 44
12. Spoke.com 66
13. BoTW.org 66
14. Kudzu.com Business Center 76
15. SuperPages.com 85
16. Manta.com 87
17. AngiesListBusinessCenter.com 40
18. Yellow Pages Business 82
19. Yelp for Business Owners 94
20. MapQuest for Business 92
21. FourSquare for Business 92
22. Bing Places for Business 52
23. FourSquare for Business 92
24. Bing Places for Business 52
25. Google My Business 78
26. Lacartes.com 69
27. CityInsider.com 57
28. Yahoo Small Business 91
29. YP.com 71
30. TripAdvisor.in 75
31. BBB Directory 93
32. PissedConsumer.com 70
33. DemandForce.com 62
34. RateMDs.com 66
35. ZocDoc.com 75
36. Booking.com 93
37. Orbitz.com 76
38. SpaFinder.com 62
39. Zomato for Businesses 82
40. Caring.com 66
41. Rent.com 68
42. Facebook Business Pages 100
43.http://www.exactseek.com/ 69
44. http://www.hotvsnot.com/ 68

What Are The Benefits Of Directory Submission In SEO?

As I already mentioned web directory listing is one of the important parts of SEO. Here are a few benefits you get after submitting your site on high da directory submission sites.

  • Better Search engine ranking – Once you list your website on high a pr free directory submission site your blog will get additional exposure in the online world. It is a good practice to build links and boost your search engine appearance. However, Due to continuous spamming by the webmaster, this method is not as effective as it used to be. However, if you still do it in an effective way, It can be still a valuable way to build backlinks.

  • Building links for your site – After submitting your site on a good high-quality directory submission site, you will get a link back to your site. And as I mentioned earlier the more high-quality backlink your site has, the higher it will rank in the search result.

  • Search engine indexing – When you submit your site on a web directory, your site or content will automatically get indexed into search results.

  • Get traffic – If you are submitting your site with the right keywords, then your directory listings will get listed in the search engine listings. Now even if your site does not rank on top of the search engine You will still get good referral traffic through directory site.

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Types of Directory Submission

Before submitting your site to a web directory, It is important to understand different types of directory submission sites so that you can select as per your requirement. 

  • Free directory submission:

As the name itself suggest through this method you can submit your site for free of cost. But It will take lots of time (Approx 1 month) to get approved by the administrator.

  • Reciprocal regular web directory listing :

If you are taking backlink from web directories, they also ask you to link back to their site. This is what called Reciprocal. I never recommend anyone to submit your site through the reciprocal method. Because now Google takes Link exchange as a spammy technique.

  • Automatic directory submission:

There are many sites and tools available on the internet which automatically submit your sites to different web directories.

  • Manual directory submission:

As the name suggests, Here you have to manually submit your site to different web Directories.

  • Nofollow directory submission:

There are basically 2 types of directories, One is No follows and the other one is Dofollow. No-follow attribute instructs search engines that the hyperlink should not influence the ranking of the link’s target in the search engine’s index.

  • Dofollow directory submission:

As I already told you there are 2 types of Directories. The first one is No follow which gives you no-follow backlinks. Whereas there are many web directories which give you do follow backlinks. Always remember that Do-follow backlinks help in getting high ranking in search engines.

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Do’s And Don’ts Of Directory Submission Sites

Below i have shared some important Do’s and Don’t which you should always keep in mind while submitting your site on Directory submission Sites.

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Do’s Of Directory Submission Sites :

  • Make sure to submit your site on only those directories which are popular because from there you will get top quality backlinks which you will initially help you in ranking your site in search engine.
  • Before submitting your site on the directory submission website, Make sure that the directory is already indexed in Popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Because if it is not already indexed, then there is no point to submit your site there.
  • Make sure to Check Domain Authority {DA} of the site.
  • Before submitting your site, Ensure that your site is not already listed on that particular web directories to save your valuable time.
  • Make sure to read the guideline and follow them while submitting your site.
  • All web directories offer numbers of subjects and categories to choose from. Make sure to list your site to the single best category which is related to the niche of your site.
  • While building links always go for Quality over Quantity. Which means One quality backlink from web directories is better than 10 non – valuable Backlink.
  • Most of the web directories offer tags section while site submission. Use those Tag section in an effective manner.
  • Always write good titles and descriptions. Try to include your target keyword in Title. As well as include all related or LSI keyword in description Box. Make sure to take full benefit of opportunity but don’t make it spammy.
  • If you get the link from directory submission sites with high PR then it will be much beneficial for your site.
  • Always keep an eye on your submission status. Because there are few instant approval directory submission sites that will instantly approve your site after submission, Whereas there are few sites which take too much time for approving.

Don’ts Of Directory Submission Sites:

  • Don’t submit your URL which contains similar content as other sites which you have already submitted.
  • Try to avoid those directories which use ‘rel=no follow’ attribute for your link. Because Google never follows those link which has ‘rel=Noofollow” attribute. Which means it is not going to benefit you in any way.
  • Never submit the same URL twice or more on any web directories. For example, submitting http://www.domainname.com and http://www.domainname.cpm/index.html is not a good practice.
  • If your site or any site which contains under construction or Incomplete notification, then don’t submit those sites on directories until the site gets full complete.
  • If a site address redirects it to other address then never submit those URL in Directories.
  • Most of the directories never accept those sites which are already submitted within a month.
  • If any web directory is approving site without reviewing it then don’t submit your blog to those directories because they are running a script.
  • Don’t submit your blog to those web directories which have Spam score

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In 2020 most of the SEO expert do not think that Web directory submission is a part of SEO. But in my opinion, if you do submit your site on the above-listed directory submission sites in an effective way, then it is still valuable.

Please share your thought on our free directory submission site list. Do you Think directory submission is still effective? Comment down below.

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