75+ Free Social Bookmarking Sites List With High PR (Boost SEO In 2019)


If you have ever tried your hand on SEO then you have to agree with me that SEO is a very Complex Process.

Because there are various optimization technique which makes perfect search engine optimization.

Best Social Bookmarking Sites to Increase Your Traffic
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In the today SEO world, High PR social bookmarking sites are playing a vital role.

Social bookmarking sites are a place where Internet users share their Web pages, articles, blog posts, images, and videos.

Social media sites work great for social bookmarking.

You can take an example of Pinterest.

Pinterest is one of the popular social bookmarking site ever. There are billions of people who are visiting Pinterest every month.

That’s why when you bookmark your blog and Blog post on these free social bookmarking sites, It not only generates a Backlink as well as if you are effectively bookmarking your site on high da social bookmarking sites, then you are also going to receive millions of traffic from them.

But it’s hard to find a good social bookmarking that can actually give some value to your site.

Whenever you are going to search for “social bookmarking sites list” It will yield hundreds of results.

So how do you find which social bookmarking sites are worth to bookmark?

Don’t worry today I will clear all your doubts related to Social Bookmarking Like, What is Social Bookmarking? How to do Social Bookmarking? Advantages & disadvantages of Bookmarking?

As well as we are also sharing 100+ social bookmarking sites list which can help you to generate quality backlink as well as it is going to give you massive increases in traffic back to your site.

Social bookmarking infographics
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social bookmarking sites list

Here I am sharing free social bookmarking sites list with high pr which I am using on regular basis for bookmarking my site. I am sure if you do bookmarking in a very effective manner then you will definitely get good backlink from these sites.

Yes, I agree, Most of the backlinks will No-follow. But according to Search engine Land If you are getting No follow link from high da social bookmarking sites then no follow link also matters for SEO.

This social bookmarking sites list contains lots of sites which have DA of more than 90. So, I would recommend you to take advantage of them...

Bookmarking websitesPRDAAlexa

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My Top 25 Social Bookmarking Sites

1. Reddit

social bookmarking sites
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Reddit if you don’t know already, It is one of the biggest social network Platform. There are millions of users who are using Reddit daily.

Reddit consists of communities called as Subreddits. But you should always remember that you just can’t start bookmarking your site on Reddit from day one. If you do so, they will block you.

First of all, you need to upvote and repost other’s Reddit post which will increase your Reddit Karmas.

Once you got sufficient Reddit karmas, You can start Posting your Blog post there.

2. Twitter

social bookmarking sites
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As you all Know Twitter is Huge!

However, it might not be associated with social bookmarking too much.

But you should always consider Twitter as a great social bookmarking site. Many people post image, links, and content which they find interesting and go back to them in the future.

3. Pinterest

social bookmarking sites
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Pinterest is not only a quintessential social bookmarking site but it is the most popular graphical content sharing website too.

Pinterest has an average monthly user base of 175 million, where roughly 70% are Women. ( 42% of US adult women online have an account on Pinterest)

Here you can explore content on any topic and almost all the contents will be in graphic format.

After creating your own account on this free social bookmarking sites, you need to create your own board or you can even join other Group boards.

Make sure to make a board with keyword-rich board title, description and then start pinning your Blog post images.

Pro Tip: If you really want some genuine traffic from Pinterest then Don’t just always Pin your images. Try to pin other’s related images in your board too. If you are pinning 2 images of yours then pin 5 images of others.

Don’t just takes it as a free bookmarking website. It has huge potential to send high-quality traffic to your Blog.

4. StumbleUpon/Mix

social bookmarking sites
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Stumble Upon now known as Mix is one of the biggest social bookmarking site.

Whenever you are bookmarking your content here you can add extra things like What type of content it is and it’s subject and tags.

They also offer a great toolbar to make your bookmarking process very easy and quick.

5. Dribbble

social bookmarking sites
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Dribbble is a beautiful high da social bookmarking sites aimed for mainly designers.

Not only it is a great place to take inspiration, but if you are a designer or if you have a designer team then it can be one of the best places for you to drive traffic to your Websites.

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social bookmarking sites
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Delicious is a free social bookmarking tool when you are looking up to build up some traction on your content.

7. Pocket

social bookmarking sites
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Before changing its name in 2012 Pocket was called “Read It Later.” 

Most of the users use it as a Read it letter tool. There are many ways to get your content into Pocket including extension and mobile apps to add links on the go.

Whenever you come across an article, image or video which you want to view later, You can add it to the pocket with a single click.

A bonus point is when you save something in your pocket, you don’t need an internet connection to read or check out those contents.

This means as a webmaster if you add your own contents or you can say bookmark your own content to the site, It offers an extra avenue for people to find it.

8. Digg

social bookmarking sites
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Digg has been changed a lot over the years. Previously it was very similar to Reddit where their homepage was curated through the users of the site. 

But now they have changed everything. Now It is done by editors, but it retains its bookmarking function.

Digg is a very addictive social bookmarking site where you can share your new content with highly engaging audience.

9. Folkd

social bookmarking sites
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Folkd is also a social bookmarking submission site that contains a unique social search feature and basically, it works similarly as a search engine.

But they don’t rely on any type of machine to show content. Instead, top results display quality content which is bookmarked, my other Folkd users.

The more saves a content get, will rank higher in their social search engine.

10. Slashdot

social bookmarking sites
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Slashdot shows submitted stories (with appropriate links) on computer hardware, Linux, games, devices, cloud, mobile, security, storage, management, book reviews, and many more.


social bookmarking sites
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If you are publishing content related to Finance, Business, startups, marketing, etc then Bizsugar can be one of the best social bookmarking sites that can help you to build reputation and brand authority of your blog.

12.We Heart It

social bookmarking sites
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We heart it is a bit specific social bookmarking site. Here you can only bookmark visual content which includes images, GIFs, and videos.

If someone loves good visuals. Then We heart it is a great place for taking some inspiration.


social bookmarking sites
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Without any doubt, Scoop is the best place for content curation and content marketing.

Here whether you can bookmark your blog or you can completely write content with the proper backlink to your blog.

I have tested both of them and it works great for me. You can use any of the features according to your need.

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social bookmarking sites list
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Trendiee is a place for top contents which is worth spending time on. It was basically launched for news, videos, pictures, open lists, memes, stories, music, poems, articles, jokes and everything that is trend.

On trendiee, you can submit your own content to drive high-quality traffic to your own site.


social bookmarking sites list
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Diigo is a widely used multi-tool for improving your workflow and productivity.

Educators, students, researchers, and anyone with an inquisitive mind will love the feature that make keeping track of their resources and sharing them easy.

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social bookmarking sites list
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Bibsonomy is a place where users can easily create collections of bookmark and publication posts.

They need to Just insert bookmarks and publications. Moreover, they can even do this faster with BibSonomy browser add-ons or bookmarklets.

For people who use BibSonomy is a premier social bookmarking site for businesses to share, collect, and collaborate with the most recent, highly relevant research-based material.


social bookmarking sites list
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CiteULike offers free service for managing and discovering scholarly articles.

Their Automated article recommendations features offer great unique content to their users.

These recommendations also benefit content creator with a good SEO Boost.


social bookmarking sites list
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Pearltress offers free service which lets you organize, explore and share everything you’re interested in.

You can save web pages, notes, photos, Videos and organize them. Peartless offers amazing functionality to gather and share new contents.

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social bookmarking sites list
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DZone is the preferred top social bookmarking site for software developers around the world.

Every day thousands of software developer comes to this site to learn and share about the latest technology in the world of software development.


social bookmarking sites list
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Medium is one of my favorite social bookmarking sites in 2019 which I am using for my own blog on a regular basis.

It has an algorithmic timeline that tells you what stories you are really going to be interested in.

For the webmaster, they have a tool called “import story” where you can import your complete blog post on Medium in just one click.

If you use Medium on a regular basis, You can’t even imagine how much this free bookmarking website can be beneficial for you.

Don’t forget to check out Larry Kim’s guide where he has shown how successful Medium can be for repurposing content.


social bookmarking sites list
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Slideshare is a slide hosting site acquired by LinkedIn in 2012.

Here users can upload PowerPoint, Keynote, infographics, PDF or OpenDocument presentations.

As a webmaster, you can repurpose blog post images and infographics on Slideshare to earn some backlinks to your site.


social bookmarking sites list
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Don’t Treat Quora Just as a popular social bookmarking site. Do you know 17% of my blog traffic comes from Quora? Not only mine blog, but there are also plenty of blogs who are getting millions of traffic from Quora.

Quora is a question & answer platform growing day by day.

They have millions of monthly users who are coming on Quora organically for getting answers to their questions.

Pro Tip: If you want to drive quality traffic to your site then answer the question on Quora which is related to your blog post and link back to your blog post within the answer.

25 More free social bookmarking sites list with high PR

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4.Google plusplus.google.com/discover9983

What is social bookmarking in SEO?

social Bookmarking
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Social bookmarking is an Off-page SEO technique which includes Number of sites where people can share or submit their article, image, link, video or graphics. It is one of the easiest technique to make some good backlink to your site. As well as social bookmarking also helps in increasing traffic and visibility of your site.

Benefit Of Social Bookmarking

social bookmark
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Online Promotion: Social bookmarking sites helps you in promoting your website, blog or even Products. I have seen most of the internet marketer promotes their profitable website content with the help of social bookmarking sites.

Website Traffic: As I already told there are few social bookmarking sites which are getting millions of traffic every day. So, if you are bookmarking your site on different quality sites then you can expect high-quality traffic from them.

Improve Domain Authority: Yes, If you are bookmarking on high da social bookmarking sites, then you can get some quality link juice to your site, which helps you in increasing Domain Authority (da) of your website.

Fast Indexing: When you bookmark your site on different social bookmarking site, it will generate signals to the google and maybe they’ll rank your post faster.

Quality Backlinks to your site: As you, all know backlinks are still playing a major role in content raking in google search engine. So, If you are submitting your site on social bookmarking sites with high da then you can generate some quality backlinks to your site.

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Overall, these Social bookmarking sites will still ultimately improve the search engine position of your site as well as also help you in getting some quality traffic.

I will recommend you just go through this social bookmarking sites list, and regularly do bookmarking on High Da Sites.

Over To You

Now I want to know from you guys about your thought on this free social bookmarking sites list. Do you think social bookmarking still works in 2019? Share your feedback in comments.

Social Bookmarking Sites
75+ Free Social Bookmarking Sites List With High PR (Boost SEO In 2019)
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Overall, these Social bookmarking sites will still ultimately improve the search engine position of your site as well as also help you in getting some quality traffic.

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