25+ High Paying Google AdSense Alternatives In 2019


So are you struggling to get Adsense approval or your Adsense account is disabled or Maybe you just hate google adsense?

In all the cases there are plenty of fantastic Google AdSense alternatives in 2019 which can help you in earning more than your expectation.

Let me tell you a short story of mine….

When i started blogging in 2016….

After 4 month of starting my blog, i came to know about google adsense. I applied for google adsense but unfortunately my application got rejected and i went disappointed.

After that, I was just searching on all over the internet like “what are the best options to make money for bloggers” “List of best Adsense alternatives to earn more money” Latest high paying ad networks to make extra money “Is it possible to make money on blogger without Adsense?” and So On……

Literally i had no clue what to do to monetize my blog…?

If you are in the same situation, Then just relax….

In my past 3-4 year of blogging experience, I came to know about many AdSense alternative ad networks which helped me to monetize my blog as well as making good money.

In fact, You will be surprised to know that my 2 most paying Blogs are not using Google Adsense at all…

So, I will not waste your more time and Let’s dive into the details and find out the alternatives to Google AdSense.

Why Do You Need To Choose Adsense Alternatives?

  • Your Adsense account is not Approved yet or you are struggling to get Adsense approval.
  • Not having enough contents to match Google Adsense Terms & condition.
  • Maybe your niche is not supported by Google.
  • Your Adsense account got disabled.
  • You want to try more monetization strategy to ear more with or without Google Adsense.
  • Your content is not able to generate enough income with Adsense.
  • Google Adsense Ad made your website slow.
  • You don’t have good traffics from High paying Countries like USA.

25 Best Google AdSense Alternatives In 2019

S.NoAdsense Alternatives Minimum PayoutSign Up Link
1.Media.net $100Click Here
2.Adsterra $100 Click Here
3. Revcontent$75Click here
4.AdMaven$50Click Here
5.Amazon affiliates$10Click Here
6.Beacon Ads$20Click Here
7.Bidvertiser$10Click Here
8.BlogHer Publishing Network$25Click Here
9.BuySellAds$20Click Here
Chitika$10Click Here
11.Clicksor$50Click Here
12.Foodie blogroll adsNo MinimumClick Here
13.GumGum$50Click Here
14.PropellerAds$25Click Here
15.Adversal$20Click Here
16.Viglink$10Click Here
17.Skimlinks$10Click Here
18.Yllix Media$10Click Here
19. Infolinks$50Click Here
20.Ezoic$50Click Here
21.Sulvo$50Click Here
22.Qadabra$1Click Here
23.RevenueHits$20Click Here
24.Superlinks$100Click Here
25. AdRecover$20Click Here

25. Adsterra

Google adsense alternatives
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Adsterra is a premium advertising network with innovative ad formats. It is serving more than 10 billion geo-targeted ads impression per months.

The reason why you should choose Adsterra over any other ad network is it provides you tons of flexible advertising option to monetize your Blog.

It’s is a fastest growing ad network and a well respected brand that’s why i feel it is one of the best google Adsense alternatives.

Ad types:
Standard Banner, Mobile Banner, Skyscraper and wide skyscraper, Leaderboard
[These all ads unit are full responsive as well as Mobile friendly] 

How to get started?

All you need is just Click on this link and signup for a free account. Once they approve your account you are good to display their different types of advertisements on your Blog.

Payment information

Adsterra offers a bi-weekly payment schedule via  PayPal
Paxum, PayzaePayments, WebMoney wire transfers, and Bitcoin. Their Minimum payout amount is $100

24. Adrecover

adsense alternative
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These Days Ad blocker may have decreased the revenue of many webmasters and That’s why Adrecover released their advertising network as ad blocker solution.

As of now more than 300 million peoples are using ad blocker in their Browser which means almost 30% of your website visitors are using Ad blocker extension.

So, you can setup AdRecover on your website and monetize those audiences who are using ad blocker.

Most importantly, AdRecover never compermise with user experience, Which means it creates win win situation for both publisher and Visitors.

Ad types:
To maximize the experience of vsitors of your website they only serve static/text ads.

Payment Information:
You will earn $0.50 for per 1000 impression. Payments are sent into your PayPal account within the 30 days when you meet the minimum payment threshold of $50.

23. Superlinks

adsense alternative
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Superlink is an advertising network which is suitable for different types of Individuals. This ad network is main for those people who are facing Low CPM in their current ad network. CPM simply means Cost per thousand impression.

Superlinks offers different types of ad format which is focused to increase earning from your website traffic.

If you are someone who have high quality traffic on their blog but you are getting low earning from Adsense then this is one of the best alternative to Google Adsense.

Ad types:
They offer different variety of ad format which includes full-page ads, sliders, footer ads, exit links  etc.

Payment Information:
You can withdraw your earning when you meet or exceed the minimum payment threshold of  $100. They mainly pay you through Paypal and Payoneer. Moreover, you can also recieve payments through wire transfer.

22. RevenueHits

adsense alternative
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I have personally used Revenue Hit on one of my blog as Adsense alternative. It is a performance based ad network which help you in earn money by CPA ( Cost per action) system.

Revenue hit was established in 2008 by Intango, Ltd. This ad network is delivering more than two billion impressions daily.

The main problem with Google adsense is Publisher can be banned from using their ad network any time. Even if there is reputed publisher their account also can be banned by google.

But You will not face those kind of issue in Revenue Hits as their terms and condition are very clear.

Here are few reason why it is better ad network than Adsense :

  • Immediate account activation: As you all know getting approval from Google Adsense is not an easy job, They reject your application most of the time Whereas Your account will be immediately approved by Revenue Hit upon signing up.
  • Worldwide coverage: As you, all know Google Adsense CPC is different for different countries. But there is no such case in Revenue Hits. You can target audiences from any country and earn Max from those ads.
  • Easy and quick tags: Thier user interface is very simple, You don’t need to be a tech-savvy to set up your blog. Setting up revenue hit with your blog is very easy and can be done by anyone.
  • Greater Precentage: Revenue Hits gives you the greater percentage of earning as compared to Adsense

I believe Revenue Hits is the perfect alternative to AdSense  for all kind of web masters.

Ad types:
They offer different variety of ad format which includes banners, sliders, shadow-box, Top of the banner, Footer, Popup etc.
[These all ads unit are fully responsive as well as Mobile friendly]

Payment Information:
You can withdraw your earning when you meet or exceed the minimum payment threshold of  $20. They mainly pay you through Paypal and Payoneer. Moreover, you can also receive payments through wire transfer.

21. UnderDog Media

Google adsense alternatives
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Underdog Media is one of the best Google Adsense alternatives for low traffic blogs. Suppose you have started your new blog and you are not getting Adsense approval then UnderDog Media can be a good adsense alternative for you.

All you need is just sign up on UnderDog Media , get ad code and place it on your Blog that’s all Ad will be start displaying immediately on your Blog.

Being a self serve and performance based ad platform it offers the best possible revenue for a blog which is getting decent traffic.

Moreover their support is great, If you join their community then their support team is always there with tips on how to earn more from your blog.

Ad types:
They offer different variety of ad format which includes banners, gutter ads, slide-in ads and sticky ads etc.
[These all ads unit are fully responsive as well as Mobile friendly]

20. Sulvo: Adsense alternatives 2019

adsense alternative
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With one of the fastest growing company in America, Sulvo is one of the most recommended CPM, CPC & PPC ad network to join.

Sulvo is not like a classical ad network. It offers their publishers an innovative optimization technology which helps you in generating highest possible price from each impression.

So, I must recommend you to try this highest CPC, CPM paying ad network which not only works for desktop but for mobile too.

Their optimization technology ensure that you get the best possible CPM by allowing more ad network bidding for the ad impression on your website.

You can place up to 5 Sulvo ads on any of your page including Google adsense Ads. There is no doubt that it is one of the biggest Google Adsense competitor.

Ad types:
They offer different variety of ad format which includes Sticky Multimedia, Sticky Mobile, Sticky Display, Regular Display, In-Video etc.
[These all ads unit are fully responsive as well as Mobile friendly]

Payment Information:
Sulvo minimum payment threshold is $50. They pay you through Paypal Cheque, Direct Deposit and Payoneer.

19. Ezoic

Google adsense alternatives
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Ezoic is a certified adsense Publisher & world’s largest website optimization platform. It is a google ad tester tool as well as itself a high paying Adsense alternatives for publishers.

Ezoic is a best platform which has goal that their user should earn earn extra money without affecting website performance & improving user engagements.

UItimately you as a publisher can increase your estimated ad earnings [around 50% to 200%]

The best part of this programme is it is compatible with all types of website including CMS, host, programming language, and ad provider.

It includes your all high paying cpc ad network to increase your website revenue. So, i will highly recommend you to join Ezoic

Key Note: I would suggest you to just be patient during the first few weeks of joining them because in initial days your revenue won’t be great as system start testing your website. But it doesn’t take much time to increase your revenue.

18. Infolinks

Google adsense alternatives
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Infolink is one of the biggest advertising network in the whole world helping more than 2,00,000 publishers from approx 128 country to use blank ad space on their blog and earn more money.

Infolinks shows only those ads which match your site content. They convert some of the keywords of your site content into advertising link and if someone click on that keyword you get paid.

Which means more click is equal to more revenue.

They give almost 70% of the advertisment revenue to their Publisher which is quite very good. They make payment through Paypal, Check, Bank Transfer, ACH etc.

This adsense alternative provides four different types of ad posting which include inframe, intext, intag and infold. All these types of ads have a different style of serving ads.

  • Intext: As the name suggests this pattern of ads will show textual format link within your content. As I said earlier in this ad pattern it will automatically convert some keyword of your content into links. So whenever the mouse cursor reaches on the keyword, the ad will be shown.
  • Inframe:  In this ad pattern it will show large banner ads on the website’s sidebars.
  • Infold: In this ad pattern it will show the ads according to keyword your visitors have searched on google before they visit to your site.
  • Intag: This pattern of ad is very similar to in-text ads but instead of showing link ads it shows ads base on related tags and tag cloud.

Pro Tip: The best way to generate revenue from Infolinks it to not show too many infolinks ads on a single page. Just show approx 5-6 ads on every single page and you will definitely notice some good results.

17. Yllix Media

Google adsense alternatives
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Yllix is the best alternative to Adsense which i have heard a lot in the last few years. The sites which are getting decent traffic can consider to join Yllix Media.

They are offering different types of ad system which include CPM, CPA, CPC and so on… Which provides a good rate when clicks turn into conversions.

Here are some requirements to join Yllix Media :

  1. There is no minimum traffic is required.
  2. They serve ads on all niches including Adult and Gambling too.
  3. Ylix approve all applications as long as they are legal if it is illegal it will be not approved by Ylix Media.
  4. While signing up for their programme, The published should clear this that his blog is an adult or non-adult blog.

Ad types:
They offers different variety of ad format which includes Banner ads, Safe HTTPS Banner ads, Slider ads, Mobile redirects, Layer ads, Popup ads
[These all ads unit are fully responsive as well as Mobile friendly]

16. Skimlinks

Google adsense alternatives
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Skimlink is one of the lucurative adsense alternatives for publishers. It is a content monetization platform which turns regular links to 20,000 online merchants into affiliate links.

The skimlink offers url shortner which helps you in earn more from your product or brand or business related content.

For an example : Suppose you are a blogger and you are writing about one of your favourite novel. If Within the content you have provided a link to book store which is selling that book, Then skimlink helps you to turn that ordinary link into an affiliate link.

Which means By using skimlink you don’t have to worry about joining other merchant partner programme to make sure you earn a commission for your referral.

Google adsense alternatives
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To get started all you have to do is just visit this page. They will ask you to fill out the sign up form with your contact details and site URL.

Once signing process is completed, Wait for at least 72 hour. Their approval team will send you an e-mail confirmation about your site approval.

Once your account is approved you are all set to use their program to make money as an alternative to Google AdSense.

Payment Option:

SkimLink minimum payment threshold is $65. They offers payment by Direct Deposit or PayPal to their publishers.

15. Viglink

Google adsense alternatives
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Viglink is an perfect Google Adsense alternatives for wordpress blog which are frequently linking to Business or ecommerce sites.

Viglinks works different from other ad network mentioned here. Viglinks turns your money related outbond links into Affiliate links and if someone makes purchase from that link you earn commission from them.

If you are not linking to ecommerce website frequently but using money related terms like Apple, samsung, Iphone etc. Then viglink will automatically add affiliate links to those term and you can make decent money from those links.

Payment Option:

Viglink pays 75% of total revenue earnings and VigLink keeps 25% as commission. Viglink minimum payment threshold is $10 and $50 for ACH, check . They offers payment by Direct Deposit or PayPal to their publishers.

14. Adversal

adsense alternatives 2019
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Adversal is one of the effective banner ad network where you can make money by Placing effective ads on your sites.

Adversal is listed 2nd in monetization platform after Google adsense which makes it one of the best alternatives to Google adsense to make money online from your blog.

They launched their service in 2013 and afterward launched different types of ad format for publisher which include PPC ads, contextual ad and video ads too.

Quick approval and easy to intregate Ads are on of the key point of Adversal. Adversal not only pays for click it pays you for ads impression too. Moreover, their CPM rates are higher than any other ad network.

Payment Option:

Adversal minimum payment threshold is $20. They release payment at the end of every month. They make payment by Direct Deposit or PayPal to their publishers.

13. PropellerAds

Google adsense alternatives
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Propeller ads media started working in 2011 and quickly developed itself as one of the biggest Google adsense Alternative.

The one best thing i love about Propeller ads media that anybody from any country on this globe can link their website to this networks and get immediate approval.

Another reason why most of the time i recommend propeller media to my readers because of their new technology innovation. Apart from their usual advertisments they recently introduced a new ad format which is called “web push notifications ads”

Depending upon niche of your site, you can use different types of ad format offered by propeller media and increase your income from Blogs.

Google adsense alternative propeller ads
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Ad types:
They offer different variety of ad format which includes Popunder, Mobile Dialog Ads, Direct Links, Mobile Interstitial Ads, Direct Ads, Interstitial Native Push Up Banner Ads/
Dialog Ads too.

Payment Option:

Minimum payout is $25  by either PayPal, Bank Wire or Payoneer.

12. GumGum

Google adsense alternatives
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Gumgum is a perfect adsense alternative for those sites which contain lots of images. They are purely unique in term of ad placement, Through the power of image recognition, they deliver targeted ads in the form of overlays that display on the top of relevant images.

If you are a publisher then you have to make sure that your site get at least 500k monthly page views before applying for GumGum. Their overlay technique provide lots of opportunities to the users  to make good amount of money from their Blog.

11. Foodie blogroll ads

Google adsense alternatives
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Finally here comes the best Google adsense alternatives for Food Blogs. Most of the above mentioned ad networks are not appropriate when it comes to monetize Food or DIY blogs.

Foodie Blogroll provides you Food relates high CPM banner ads and sponsored post to generate more income from your Food niche Blog.

To join their program, you just need to visit this page and fill up the signup form. Once your blog is approved they will send you a notification on your mail and Finally you are good to monetize your Blog with foodie Blogroll ads.

10. Clicksor : Adsense alternatives for small websites

Google adsense alternatives
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One of the biggest problem faced by Google adsense users is Strict rules and regulation of Google adsense. Sometimes Google adsense also banned their user from posting ads.

Whereas clicksor is much more tolerant  as compared to Google adsense. That’s why it is one of the most demanding ad network on internet as Google adsense alternative.

They provide ads which are very content sensitive. Which means their programme detect keyword of your content and shows Ads which are appropriate to the content.

Google adsense alternatives
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This create double impact on your readers as they are not only reading good content as well as they are also getting rlated ads suuggestion.

This technique helps you to generate more income as well as increases the Ad click ratio.

9. Chitika

Google adsense alternatives chitika
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Chitika is a very similar ad network like Google Adsense. Chitika only shows contextual ads and you can customize those Ads according to your need to get maximum clicks on those ads.

Chitka also pays on CPC basis and the best part about using this ad network is you can use Chitika along with Google Adsense without any issue.

Moreover, with its click Prediction technology, It is able to inform the publisher that which ads will generate more revenue.

A very popular and professional blogger Darren Rowse also recommend chitika for monetizing Blogs.

Payment Option:

You can receive your payment through Paypal as well as Check.Their minimum payment threshold is $10 for Paypal users and $59 for check.

8. BuySellAds : Adsense alternatives for blogs

Google adsense alternative
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When earning Potential is concerned, Buysellad comes first in the list of best alternatives of Google AdSense.

Buysellads is an advertising marketplace where webmasters are able to sell and buy space of advertisements. It is considered as one of the best AdSense alternative for high traffic sites.

On Buysell advertising marketplace blog owner can list their site and advertiser will check the stats and directly buy your advertisement spots.

Once the advertisement is sold, you have now the option to accept or reject the ads. I will recommend you to only accept those ads which are relevant to your niche.

Buysell ad network work as middle man between Publisher and advertiser and they charge 25% of commission for their Platform.

Payment Option:

You can transfer your payment to bank or paypal account on every 15 days. They has been giving away 75% of earning to their Publishers and the remaining 25% directly goes to their hands.

7. BlogHer Publishing Network

Google adsense alternatives
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If you are a women Blogger with quality traffic then Blogher Publishing network can be best choice for you rather than google Adsense.

They offer some of the high converting ad formats like sponsored ads, related banner ads etc.

Don’t Miss : How to build an email list for your blogMoreover, they also give additional opportunities to their publishers for generating more income by Posting sponsored posts and paid product reviews on their Blog.

Payment Information:

Their minimum Payment threshold is $20. You will receive payment after 45 days of the month ends through Paypal.

6. Bidvertiser

Google adsense alternatives
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By offering intriguing ad formats Bidvertiser has helped many webmasters to ensure the success of their blogs and websites.

It is a good alternative to Google Adsense which work on Pay per click Basis like Adsense. Moreover, you will earn the extra commission if your ad click converts into conversion.

This ad network is mainly focuses on banners, pop under and slider advertising for both desktop as well as mobile device. Their ads are very similar to Google Adsense ads in term of how they work and generate revenue for publishers.

Their application approval process is very simple. You will be approved for using their ads as soon as you sign up for their programme. As long as you do not voilate their any Publisher guideline you should have no problem by using their ad network.

Ad style:

Bidvertiser provide various types of ad format which include
 728×90 leader board, 234×60 Half Banner, 300×600 Half page, 120×240 Vertical Banner, 120×600 Skyscraper, 468×60 Banner, 300×250 Rectangle, 180×150 Rectangle, 160×600 Skyscraper, 240×400 Vertical rectangle, 336×280 Large rectangle and 125×125 Buttons.

Google adsense alternatives
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Payment Information:

You can withdraw your income when you reach or exceed their minimum payment threshold of $10. They send your payment through Paypal, Payza, Check, Wiretransfer.

5. Beacon Ads 

Google adsense alternatives
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Beacon ads programme works very similar to Buysell ads. Here you can sell inventory of ads and upload banner ads to start earning from your Blogs.

It allows you to decide your own Ad size, Ad placement as well as what price you want to charge. Which is very helpful for testing what brings you more ad clicks.

If you don’t want to use Google Adsense then of course, it can be a goods Adsense alternatives for blogs.

4. Amazon affiliates

Google adsense alternatives
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Amazon is the biggest ecommerce site in all over the world. Which means they must be doing something great. If you are a webmaster and if you talk about any product available on Amazon in your content, then there is no doubt that you can make good amount of money from Amazon.

Yes, you are hearing right If you use Amazon affiliate programme in right way then this adsense alternative has huge potential to make more money from your blog.

Here are few incredible amazon affiliate tips which will help you in increasing your affiliate income.

  • You should put basic affiliate text links inside the content body area. Suppose you are writing an article on helicopter then then you can put your link something like this – Check out this cool helicopter . This types of link converts well because readers trust Content or main body area more than any other part.
  • You should make product image clickable. So if someone click on the images you can redirect them directly to amazon website.
  • Use the Power of Discount and Coupon. Who don’t like discount and sales. So if you give discount on products exclusively to your readers then you can increase your affiliate income.
  • Doing quality product reviews related to your niche is a good way to garner higher click through rates and increased sales

If you are new to amazon affiliate then i would recommend you to muct checkout this guide – how to make money from amazon

3. AdMaven

Google adsense alternatives
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Admaven is kind of premium ad network which help publisher in making money from their blog by placing Popup ads and other format ads.

Their two most important feature what i like is They provide detailed report about earning and each publishere is assigned with a very friendly account manager. So, whenever you face any problem while using Admaven ad programme, you can contact your account manager and they will resolve your issue as soon as possible.

To get started with their Admaven advertisement programme, First of all, you need to sign up for their account as a publisher .

After completing signup process, Log in into your dashboard and add your website URL.

25+ High Paying Google AdSense Alternatives In 2019
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Now Admaven gives you variety of monetization option to monetize your Blog. Just choose an ad format and Paste the HTML code on your website to start showing ads on your Blog.

2. Revcontent

Google adsense alternatives
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Revcontent is the latest content recomendation and native ads network with some of the best quality ads and easy approval process.

It is very different from other ad networks as it provides a highly responsive widget, infinite scroll and gallery implementations to generate more revenue.

Native ads always have higher engagement than any other normal banner ads because they blend pretty well with your article as it looks similar to related article.

Some of the world biggest websites like Forbes and PCWorld uses Revcontent to increase their earning from Adsense. Which shows it is one of the trusted and reliable Adsense alternatives.

Payment Information :

They transfer your payment when you reach their minimum payment threshold of $50 via PayPal, Automated Clearing House (ACH)

1. Media.net

Google adsense alternatives
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Apart from Adsense, Media.net is second great choice of every blogger when it comes to earn money by monetizing their online contents.

Media.net is yahoo powered ad network which develop innovative digital advertising products for both advertisers and Publishers.

Media.net place contextual advertisements on your blog which are highly relevant to your content.

They offer fabolous ads customization resulting high conversion and you get decent RPM. Their ads are link units which looks elegant and comes in various design. These links unit can get excellent click through rates in almost all niches.

It is a contextual ad network where keywords in the ads are based on the content.

Conclusion: The Best Google AdSense Alternatives 2019

Adsense is considered as one of the best medium to monetize your Blog and earn money from your Blog.

But as earlier i told you adsense do not fit for everyone. In those cases there are lot better alternatives to AdSense which can help you to earn even more money compared to adsense from the same level of traffic.

Only thing i will suggest you to focus on your content and drive free traffic from Google organic search. As more traffic you get on your blog, More ads will be displayed to your readers and more clicks you can generate and finally more click help you in making more money from these Google adsense alternatives.

If you ask for my opinion i will suggest you to start using Revenue Hits and Media.net, Moreover you can use Amazon associate and skimlink along with both these ad network which will help you to generate extra income from affiliate sells.

over To You :

Now, I want to know from you guys about which ad network you are currently using on your Blog and share your thought on different Google AdSense Alternatives listed here.

If you found this article helpful then please Pin this image on Pinterest and are this article on social media.

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