How to disable comments in WordPress Site? (Step by Step)

After Building a site, Depending upon your niche you may wish to disable comments on your WordPress Post and page.

Generally, people disable comments on their site because comments can often be self-promotional, spammy and sometimes hurtful.

More than that manually moderating all those comments also takes lots of your productive time.

In these types of situations, it will be much better to disable comments on your WordPress site.

In this article, I will show you how to disable comments on the WordPress site.

How to Disable Comments in WordPress For All New Posts?

The best and easiest ways to disable WordPress comments is to use the options given in your WordPress admin area.

Here is what you exactly need to do:

  • First of all, go your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Settings › Discussion section.
  • There you have to untick the box Allow people to post comments on new articles.
  • Now finally Save changes and all future posts will no longer present the option to add a comment on your post/page.
Disbale comments in wordpress blog

This method is pretty simple, but there is one major caveat: It only affects your future or new post which means there will be no effect on your existing posts and pages.

But don’t worry below I am also going to show you How to disable comment in existing WordPress posts and pages.

How to Manually Disable WordPress Comments on Existing Posts?

As I mentioned earlier, the above method only works for the new post but what if you want to turn off comments on existing WordPress posts.

One simple way is to use a plugin which we will discuss in the next section and another easy way to turn off comments on an existing post is to use core WordPress Bulk Actions functionality.

Here is exactly what you need to do:

Step 1: First of all go to Dashboard → Post → All Post.

It’ll show you all your existing published posts. But here you only get your latest 20 blog posts. So if you have published more than 20 blog posts on your blog then click on Screen options and change the Number of items per page to 100. 

Comments screen option

Step 2: Now you have to tick mark the checkbox appearing before Title to select all your post.

Then select Edit from the Bulk Actions drop-down menu and hit Apply.

Bulk editing wordpress

Step 3: A new option bulk edit will open up where you have to select “Do Not Allow” from the Comments drop-down section and click Update.

Disable comments in wordpress

That’s it now no longer anyone will be able to comment on Your existing post.

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WordPress turn off comments via Plugins

Plugins are one of the best things which everyone loves about WordPress.

There are plenty of plugins available for performing different functionality on a WordPress site.

Manually disabling comments on WordPress can be a little difficult task for some peoples.

So, they can use Plugins to make the job easier and these plugins also give you more controls on disabling comments.

WordPress hide comments using Disable Comments:

Disable wordpress comments

The disable comments plugins can disable comments on your entire site or even the entire network in multisite.

Key features:

  • It will disable comments on the Whole Website.
  • You can even turn off WordPress comments on a selected area such as Page and Post.

 Disable Comments For Any Post Types

Disable wordpress commentss

Key features:

  • It can turn off comments on the Whole Website.
  • You can even turn off WordPress comments on a selected area such as Page and Post or media.
  • Removing external links from existing comments and a few other SEO focused tools.

Disable comments through No Page Comment Plugin :

disable wordpress comments plugin

I have personally used No page content for one of my Site and it worked very well. It allows you to disable comments from the whole website in just one click or you can modify comments on existing website elements.

Key features:

  • Turn Off comments on new postspages, or media.
  • Modifying comments on existing website elements

How to Disable ‘Comments are closed’ message from WordPress Post?

It usually depends upon Themes, I have noticed that WordPress still showing ‘Comments are closed’ message after disabling comments which can be little annoying for your readers.

To hide this, You have to add the following CSS code in your site by going to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS

‘Comments are closed’ message 
{ display: none;}

Final Thought on Disabling comment on WordPress site

In this tutorial, You’ve learned how to disable comments on WordPress.

By disabling comments you can control the content on your website more easily and get rid of Spamming.

However, I do not recommend to disable comments on your blog especially if you are running a personal blog. Because there are many advantages of having comments on your WordPress blog.

I want to hear from you guys what’s your thought on Disabling comments on WordPress site?

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