How to earn money online with google (Easy & Effective Method)

How to make money with Google
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How to make money with Google

In today’s time, almost 90% of peoples are using Google or any of its product every day.

Am I right?

But do you know that you can actually make money with Google?

Yes, you heard it right!

Now, I know you are eager to know – how to earn money online with google?

I personally feel that Making money from Google is not a difficult task, but like anything else having to do with making real money especially on the internet – It does take strategic thinking to really make most out of these online remote jobs.

Being in this online industry from past 4 years, I personally know many peoples who became millionaires from Google.

So, read on to find out how to make money online with google.

How To Earn Money Online With Google

1. Google Adsense

Google adsense
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If you ask any professional that What is your most favorite ways to earn money with google?

Most probably he or she would say Google Adsense.

And I also agree with them because there are millions of Adsense publishers who are making money from Adsense including me.

Adsense is basically Google’s cost-per-click (CPC) advertising campaign that helps anyone who has the desire to run ads on their website & YouTube channel.

One of the best thing about Adsense is that it’s completely free of cost and this advertising network can be used by anyone whether a large or small individual or company.

The operational module that Google Adsense works with revolves around placing relevant ads on your website & Youtube channel and then earn from the each clicks you get on those ads.

In General, all those ads shown be Adsense are contextual, meaning all those ads are curated in such a way that makes it relevant or related to your website content and therefore it increases the chances of clicks by the people who visit your site.

I personally like Google Adsense because surfing trend of each website visitors are tracked carefully to show the most relevant set of ads.

You make money from Google AdSense ads when those ads are either displayed or clicked and even better when get converted into buy.

Although the amount you get from each click is quite minimal and depend upon which types of ads are shown to your site visitors and the best part is you can monitor the exact amount of ads that are displayed on your site as well as how many timed those ads got clicked and how much money you made from those ads.

Make money with Google
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In short, this is one of the most Excellent tools of Google to make money online from Google.

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Step By Step Process to make money from Google Adsense:-

1.) Start Your website

First of all, to make money from Google AdSense you need a website.

Not started your Blog yet? Check out this step by step guide on how to start a blog for beginners

2.) Apply for AdSense.

Ones you have your very own website, Now its time create a free account in their program using your Google or Gmail Account.

3.) Add an AD code to your website:

Google always review a website before approving an Adsense account. So once you created your Adsense Account, you’ll be given an HTML code by the Adsense.

Just copy the HTML code and paste it before</head> tag of your site.

Now Google will check your site and if you adhere to their Policies then your account will get automatically approved.

4.) Create and set Ads on your blog

Once your Adsense account is approved, Now you just need to create ad unit and set it on your blog through WP quad or any other ad code plugin.

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Earn Money With Google as a Search engine evaluator

Image result for Search engine evaluator
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Search engine evaluation can be a full-time professional job that you can start from your home.

But to start this online google Job, First, you need to get some knowledge about How actually the Search engine works & How Google analyze SERP position.

So, now you must be wondering how to start this google online work as a search engine evaluator.

So, let me help you out..

As you may know that Google uses its own developed algorithm to verify the search results of the users. But all those results can be verified by Google algorithm to a certain point.

That’s where comes the use of a search engine evaluator (a human being) to refine those results.

Basically, an evaluator is a normal person like you & me who evaluates search engine results to determine that they are relevant for Google users or not.

Now your next question would be what is relevancy of a page?

So, Basically the relevance is an SEO term and the relevancy of a page is very important for Google search engine as this factor helps in deciding how high a page will rank in search engine for a specific keyword.

So as a search engine evaluator, it’s your job to determine the relevancy of the page and in return, you’ll get paid for it.

Now your next question would be “How much you get paid for this online google jobs?

So, according to me as a search engine evaluator, you’ll get a decent amount considering your job which is approx $13-$15 per hour.

To get started as a search engine evaluator you can register yourself to these websites:

Make money with google through Youtube Channel

business without investment
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I think in today’s time(2019) almost everyone who is using the internet has heard about YouTube.

Today Youtube has become the world’s second-largest search engine as well as the world’s most viewed site after Google & Facebook.

More than five hundred hours of video are uploaded every minute on YouTube and more than 1 billion minutes of Videos being watched daily on Youtube.

All these things made Youtube one of the most powerful platform to earn money by making entertaining, informative and engaging videos.

Here is the five-step process to start earning money from Youtube:

Once a decent number of people have subscribed to your channel, now you have different possibilities or you can say ways to make money from your Youtube Channel.

You can apply for Adsense which is considered as the best source to make money from Youtube.

A well as once you have the decent number of following you can make sponsored videos for the company on your niche and make more money from your every video.

If you are hardworking and lucky enough then one day you’ll also become an internet celebrity and then you can also start selling your merchandise to your fans.

As I mentioned earlier Youtube has become a big platform to show your talent and make money from it. There are many peoples who are making millions of dollar every year and Markpiler is one of the guys from that list who made more than $17.5 million income from his Youtube channel.

Not started your Youtube channel yet? Check out this step by step guide on how to start a youtube channel for beginners

Earn money with google From Google Opinion Reward

google opinion reward, make money with google
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Do you enjoy giving your free opinion to others? If yes then here is good news for you.

Now, Google can help you in making some extra cash in exchange for answering some quick & easy survey.

Last year Google launched an app called Google opinion reward, You can download it from Google Play store.

Once you installed this application on your phone, It’ll ask you some simple & quick survey question and for your all answers, Google will give you Play credit.

It is not just a one-time earning app, You’ll be sent a notification every time when a survey is available for you.

The survey topic varies from product review to the location review, so you’ll never get bored.

Most of the survey will pay you up to $1 for your opinion or answers.

The amount of money you make from this Google app might be small, But it is nice to make some extra dollars in your free time to spare on Games & Movies.

Make Money with Google News 

Submit Your Website For Inclusion

First of all, you can’t make money directly from Google News but wait…

Do you know Google news receive more than 400 million visitors every month?

So, If your website is listed in Google News then it is obvious that you will receive thousands of visitors daily on your blog.

You’ll be surprised to know the fact that many Publishers have become millionaires after using Google News.

Last year during the US Elections many teens from Macedonia were earning more than $7000 per month by just publishing news about the presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Make Money From Google by Creating Apps

google opinion reward, make money with google
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Now, I will tell you how an app developer can earn money online with Google

whether you are an expert or beginner, If you have a good fun idea of Games & app then Google can help you make money off that.

All you need to do is learn some coding skill which you can learn from the internet for free of cost, otherwise, if you are already an app developer then it is like the cherry on the cake.

Once you learned some coding skill, design a good app or an addicting game and Publish it on Google Play store and finally make money from it like a boss.

Here is step by step process:

First of all, you need to create a Google Wallet merchant account, Just go on this website & sign in, open your Financial Reports section, and then click Setup a Merchant Account Now option.

After you set up your account, now all you need to do is upload your app and monetize it in order to make money from it.

You can publish your app or game as a paid app and set the cost per download ranging it from $0.99- anything.

Additionally, I will recommend you to set up Google Adsense ads within your game or app to make extra money.

If you want to go to the next level in app development then you can also enable the in-app purchase to make more money from your game or app.

Of course, You’ll need to advertise and market the app or game in order to increase your download and make more money out of it.

Earn Money From Google with G Suite Referral program

how to earn money from google
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One of the easiest but not so popular ways to make money with google is to promoting G-suite.

Basically, G-suite offers two package – G suits basic plan for $15 & G suite Business Plan For $30.

So, you can make up to $15 to $15,00 per customer.

The best part of this G-suite program is Google Provides website resources and email content to make it easy for the peoples to promote and earn commission.

You can join the G Suite referral program now.

Now you must be wondering what is actually G-suite program?

G suite is basically collection of Powerful online productivity tools which are massively gaining corporate attention in all over the world.

These are some of the Google tools which is part of the G-suite program.

  • Gmail,
  • Hangouts,
  • Calendar,
  • Google+ for communication
  • Drive for storage
  • Docs,
  • Sheets,
  • Slides,
  • Forms,
  • Etc

All of these are free tools in G-suite and there is actually not any way to make money with Google by promoting these Tools.

However, recently Google has added enterprise features such as:

  • Custom email addresses at a domain (,
  • Unlimited cloud storage (depending on plan and number of members),
  • Additional administrative tools
  • 24/7 phone and email support.
  • Etc

These are actually the paid features in G-suite and that’s where the money.

The money you make from G-suite is basically dependent on Number of customers and the country your referral signup is from.

Although G-suite referral program is not available for every country, Here is the list of approved country and commission paid for users from those areas.

make money with Google online
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Sell Books on Google Play

Image result for Sell Books on Google Play image
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Are you a passionate writer who enjoys writing Books?

If your answer is yes then you can easily earn money online with Google by selling your books on Google Play.

Google has a Playbook Partner program, which you can join and earn money from your published book or ebook.

All you need to do is make your account and upload your ebook in a correct format. They generally accept PDF or EPUB formats.

I personally recommend uploading your ebook in EPUB format as it offers readers a more flexible text while reading.

As long as Your books meet the company standard, you are good to make money with google.

Google will charge from your every sale for their hosting and distribution of books while you’ll receive most of the revenue from each sale.

Get started on it and learn more by clicking here!


I think Google is the only Search engine which offers lots of opportunities to make money online.

But all the Jobs mentioned in this article need some soft skills, dedication and little bit of patience.

I think Google Adsense is one of the most powerful ways to make money online with Google because it gives you lots of opportunities to make money.

Apart from Google Adsense, there are lots of other methods available too which we have mentioned earlier.

I hope you’ll find this article on “How to earn money online with Google” helpful.

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