How To Make Money On YouTube in 2019 – The Definitive Guide!


Do You want to make Money online? Becoming a YouTuber can be a Good Choice For You. In this post, you’re going to learn How To Make Money On YouTube in 2019.

Can You guess??

How Much Money you can earn from YouTube?

According To Forbes Magazine : The YouTube star PewDiePie (the Swedish gamer with the given name of Felix Kjellberg) earned More than $12 Million from YouTube in 2017.

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$12 million dollar is equal to approx 83 crores in Indian Rupees. Isn’t it exciting if you make at least 1% of this amount.

I am not promising you that you will start earning in crores overnight but If you read this guide and start taking small steps you will definitely start earning money from youtube.

The Complete Guide to Building a Successful YouTube Channel

Today youtube has become one of the largest search engine, That why YouTube is also enjoying the status of third most visited site after Facebook and Google.

Every Minute more than 500 hours of video is being uploaded on YouTube and approx 1 Billion+ hours of YouTube videos are watched in a day.

Which is much more than Facebook and Netflix video included.

All these things make Youtube a powerful platform from where you can make huge money by creating comedy, entertaining and informative video.

Now without further ado let’s jump to the real tutorial where you are going to learn how to earn money on youtube.

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How To Make Money On YouTube in 2019

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Step 1 – Find out what you are good at i.e. Your Niche

There are thousand of people out there who are sharing their passion and hobbies with the world on Youtube Platform.

In this Process they are also making some bucks..

So, Do you have a Hobbies, Talent or your Passion which you would like to share with world?

If you are confused about what is your passion then let me guide you in this process..

Below i have share some of the amazing ideas suggested by How To Make Money On YouTube guide which will help you in deciding your niche.


Do you have a hidden talent of singing? Let the world know about your talent.

If you can sing well then don’t waste your time and start singing on Youtube. People love listening to good songs, You can sing your original song as well as you can sing cover songs..

Sanam Band, Vidya Box, Shirley Setia, etc. are few examples who won the millions of heart through his amazing voice.

Youtube gives them a platform to show their hidden talents and today they are earning in crores.

making money on youtube, earn money from youtube
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Today whenever a student have doubt about any question they just take the help of internet for their solutions.

Ans as i told you earlier YouTube is one of the largest search engine in all over the world.

So, It is obvious that thousands of student comes on YouTube in search of their answers.

So, If you are good in any subjects like English, mathematics, science or anything, then you can start teaching the childrens on YouTube and i am sure everyone will appreciate you.

Fashion and beauty advice

There is no doubt that YouTube is playing a big role in Purchasing beauty and Fashion Products.

Audience first look on review of a product given by beauty and fashion designer and if he find the review good, then they decided to buy that particular products.

Not everyone in this world borns with a good fashion sense.

But if you are the one, then you can help the peoples in looking good through your YouTube channel.

making money on youtube, earn money from youtube
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Cooking videos

There is no doubt that YouTube cooking channel has driven that peoples attention and left them mesmerized by heavenly looking and tasting dishes.

Who does not want to eat delicious food?

But the problem is most of us don’t know how to cook delicious food.

If you have a passion of cooking then you can guide people for making delicious food in simple steps.

If you do so, then i am sure that you can be the next big YouTuber. Nisha Madhulika and Sanjeev kapoor are two of the best example who have won the millions of heart from his amazing recipes.

making money on youtube, earn money from youtube
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making money on youtube, earn money from youtube
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Vlogging Your Life

Vlogging is one of the easiest way to get started with YouTube channel..

Because you don’t need many equipement in video production.

You just need a camera and and audio recorder to start your Vlogging Channel. Vloggers keep talking to cameras about their own lifestyle, thoughts, opinions, concerns and even current news topics or events.

You can do the same thing and make money on youtube.

making money on youtube, earn money from youtube
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Technology and Gadget Review channel

Yes, in 2018 Gadget review was one of the most popular niche on YouTube.

If you are someone who have some knowledge about technology or you are interested in reviewing new gadget and smartphone.

Then you can start a Tech Channel….

You can share android tips and tricks, review new gadgets and new smartphone.. and the good part of tech niche is once you have a good audience you will get free gadget and smartphone from the company itself for review.

So isn’t it can be a interesting work to do. So, if you have some tech knowledge then start showing it to the world and in this process you can earn money from YouTube.

making money on youtube, earn money from youtube
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The young age peoples loves to play video games.

Surprisingly, they love watching other people play games too.

Markiplier is a gamer who have more than 22 million subscribers on YouTube

Peoples love to watch games and hear commentary.

making money on youtube, earn money from youtube
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Yes, comedy how can we forgot comedy.

Everyone likes to have a good laugh..

If you can crack jokes or do mimicry of actors or popular celebrity, then you can start a comedy channel on Youtube.

BB ki vines and Amit Bhadana are two of the young guys who are the first and second individual creator who surpassed more than Ten Millions subscribers on YouTube.

Niche are not only limited to these few categories. There are more than thousands of Niche on which you can start your YouTube channel.

making money on youtube, earn money from youtube
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making money on youtube, earn money from youtube
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Key Point: Don’t go with Flow. Start a Youtube channel which is based on Your passion and Hobbies.

Oprah Winfrey Says – “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”

Now, let us delve into the YouTube channel making process suggested by How to Make Money on YouTube  in 2019 Guide-

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Step 2: Create your YouTube channel

Once you decide the niche of your channel.

The next step you have to take is creating your YouTube channel and setting it up.

Creating youtube channel is very easy, Just follow the given below steps to create your YouTube channel.

  • First of all Create a gmail account.
how to make money on youtube, earn money from youtube
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  • Click on the sign in button appear at top right corner and sign in with your gmail account.
how to make money on youtube, earn money from youtube
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  • Next you have option to create a personal channel or business channel.
  • If you are opening a personal channel then just fill your channel name and click on Create channel.
how to make money on youtube, earn money from youtube
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Congratulations! You have successfully created your YouTube channel

Next step of How to Make Money on YouTube Guide guides you about the YouTube Content Strategies.

Bonus Tip: You should Create a custom YouTube URL instead of the default youtube URL to get organic search visibility.

Step 3: Make a Strategy on your YouTube content

If you always wanted to know about making money on youtube and you are serious about YouTube then the next step you have to take is making a content strategy for your YouTube channel.

It’s always good to have a strategy ready for your YouTube channel in terms of Promotion.

Most of the successful youtubers who are making money on youtube will suggest you to make quality content video which have potential to go viral on internet.

To make your video viral you have to make those contents which is worth sharable.

Now, in my opinion Definition of Viral is changing day by day.

But one thing which remain same is a in all viral videos is Good content.

If you making good quality content it is obvious that your video will seeks attention of people.

Generally whenever viewer enjoy a Video or learn something from tha video hey like to share it in their personal network.

Here is the how marketers at Adidas develop their content strategy..

Once you have developed a strategy for your YouTube Channel. The next step of this how to earn money from youtube will take you into the world of AdSense for YouTube.

Bonus Tip: You should Create unique content which can help people in some way.

Step 4: Apply for AdSense

Till now we have only discussed about How to create a YouTube channel which people will love.

Now coming to the real part where you will learn How toy can actually start earning from your YouTube channel.

making money on youtube With the help of Adsense is pretty simple.

Below i have told you the step by step process to connect your Youtube channel with Google adsense account.

  • Login into and click on your channel icon appearing on top right corner.
how to make money on youtube, earn money from youtube
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  • Now from drop down menu select Video Manager.
  • From the left side navigation menu select ‘Channel’ option.
how to make money on youtube, earn money from youtube
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  • Next you have to click on enable button which is displayed before Monetization.
how to make money on youtube, earn money from youtube
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  • Now read the Terms and condition and finally click on ‘I accept’ box.
how to make money on youtube, earn money from youtube
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  • Now from the left side menu, monetization option will appear.
how to make money on youtube, earn money from youtube
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  • Select the option and now  a new window will popup with the heading Monetization. Click on the option of ‘How will I be paid? and then proceed to the adsense connecting process by clicking on ‘Associate an adsense account.’
how to make money on youtube, earn money from youtube
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  • Click on the next option.
how to make money on youtube, earn money from youtube
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  • A new window will open where you have to sign in with your gmail account.
  • Feed all the information and click on Continue.
  • Now it will ask you to fill all your personal details like Name, Number, Address etc. Just fill all these things and click on Submit my application.
  • Now you need to verify your phone number by putting the OTP which you got on your mobile number.

Finally your application for adsense is submitted successfully. Youtube team will check your application and if you have filled all the information correctly. They will soon start displaying ads on your channel.

Note: Adsense is a great way to make money from YouTube. There are many YouTubers who are making millions of dollar every month

Step 5: Use Best Tools for Videos

If i ask you How you will make your YouTube Video?

how to make money on youtube, earn money from youtube
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Most of the people answer – I will buy a DSLR and then i will start making videos.


I don’t think you need a DSLR camera in your initial days to shoot your videos.

In today’s time i think a good mobile phone is enough to shoot and record your video.

Do you BB ki vines most famous indian Youtuber started making their videos with his nexus phone..

And today after getting lots of success, where he is making millions of dollars every year, surprisingly he is still shooting his video with Smartphone.

What lesson you can take from Him??

You should understand the fact that making a good content never needs a good Professional setup or camera.

You can make viral video with your smartphone..

Apart from Mobile phone there are some free Tools which will help you in Youtube seo and video production.

These tools are suggested by ‘how to earn money on youtube guide’ for a good content research and promotion.

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Tool #1. Google Keyword Planner

This tool will help you in finding keyword which people are continuously searching on Youtube.

When you use all those searching keywords on your video, It will increase the traffic of relevant audiences on your channels.

Because once you make a good content then next step is focusing on good rank in YouTube searches in order to make money on youtube.

How to make money on YouTube, Youtube money
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Tool #2. Evernote

While making videos you need to speak a lot in videos.

If you spoke anything wrong during video making process, will lead to further editing or if left it will leave a bad impression on your viewers.

With evernote app you can write all the slight details about your video content and the best part is you can access your note on any devices.

Tool #3. Text to Speech app

Some time watching videos for your viewer is not enough to understand what are you saying in video.

Suppose you make videos in Hindi language and if a person who don’t known hindi start watching your video..

It is obvious that he will stop the video because he is not understanding anything from your video.

But wait..

You can change that viewer into your subscriber..


It is simple, You can add video subtitles in english language which will help every people to understand your video.

Now writing caption for a 15 minute long video is not a easy task, Many professional Youtuber hier a person who will do this for them.

But if you are not in mood of investing money, then just download Text to speech app from Google playstore.

Next thing you need to do is play your video and put the microphone of your mobile near the speaker and putting on the TTS on your phone. This will convert your voice into ntext and you can add those text into your video subtitles.

Tool #4. Picture editing tool

Picture editing tool can be used to make attractive thumbnail for your Video.

Always remember that Thumbnail plays an important role for Video CTR.

If your thumbnail is dull and dark no one is going to click on your video, No matter how f=good your content is.

But if your Thumbnail is attractive and beautifully designed it will attract viewer to click on that video.

make money on youtube
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Bonus Tips: You can use Canva app for making Good thumbnail for your video

Tool #5. Tube Buddy

Tubebuddy is a tool specially made for youtubers.

This tool can be used for increasing Seo of your Youtube video.

You can check keywords and their ranking of any YouTube video with the Help Of this Tool.

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Tool #6. Social media campaign

Buffer is a social sharing and scheduling application.

Once you uploaded your video on Youtube next big thing you need to do is promotion.

Let me tell you a free technique of Promotion.

You can share your video on different social media platform which is free of cost.

You can’t imaging if your content is good how much traffic social media can drive on Your video.

Buffer, will help you in scheduling all your social media campaign at once and later it will handle everything automatically.

How to make money on YouTube, Youtube money
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According To Backlinko research, he found “Video share is highly tied to ranking in YouTube search result.”

Recipes for making a Viral Video :
First, do content researching with the help o Google keyword Keyword Planner.

Next Make a good content and design a attractive thumbnail.

Upload Your Video

Use Tubebuddy for Youtube seo

At last share your video on all social media platform with Buffer

Step 6: Make money on YouTube

Make money on youtube 2019
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The main motive of this article is explain you about Full process of how to earn money on youtube.

Earlier we have discussed About adsense which is most prefered method for everyone when its come to making money on YouTube.

But My friend..

There are many other methods which can help you in making more money from YouTuber or i can 10x your YouTube Income.

Ideally, I have found five methods to earn money on Youtube.


Advertising is the most common method for making money from YouTube.

All you have to do is just apply for adsense and enable ads on Your YouTube Videos.

Every time when a user click on ads displayed on Your video, You will get 55% of revenue.

If you want to take a idea about how much youtube pay for 1000 views in india, You can check the overview below.

Affiliate Marketing:

Big brands often used a good engaging channel for their product promotion.

And the concept is very simple.

All you need to do is just join a affiliate program like Amazon affiliate program.

Add a product link in description of your video and i someone purchase that particular product from your video you will get commission.

Direct Promotion:

This method is generally known as Sponsorship, It is slightly different from Affiliate marketing.

Big brands approach you for their brand or product promotion.

They will pay you fixed amount for their collaboration with your youtube channel.

If you have a good active audience then brands will contact you to share some valuable information about them through your videos.

In return you will get a good amount from them.


Crowdsourcing is the same concept which wikipedia used for their website.

All you need to do is ask a favor to your audience that they donate money for video making expenses.

Just add your Paypal or Bank details in description where your viewer can send you money.

Always remember that, There are lots of people who appreciate good talents.

Key Point: YouTube earning is not limited, If you have good content then you can make money which you can’t imagine

 Frequently Asked Questions :

How much money can you make on youtube?

If you have genuine talent and you are making good content then you can make money which is out of your imagination.

The YouTube star PewDiePie (the Swedish gamer with the given name of Felix Kjellberg) earned More than $12 Million from YouTube in 2017.

how to make money on youtube, earn money from youtube
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How many views to make money on youtube?

This is a common question which is asked by many people. But my friend, You Don’t Make Money on the assumption of how much views you have.

You make money from Youtube  based on engagement of viewer with ads on your video. Engagements means clicking or watching a ads for more than 30 seconds.

Almost all the advertiser choose ads on a Cost Per Click (CPC) or Cost Per View (CPV) model.

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How to get more subscribers on youtube for free?

Choose The Right topic → Make Valuable and sharable content → Write a appealing title → Make full use of description box → Use keyword which have good volume and related to your video topic → Set a Attractive Thumbnail.

If you follow this step you will definitely get good result.

How much does YouTube pay per 1000 views?

As i said earlier it totally depends upon your ad click as well as CPC. CPC means click per cost. in simple words very keyword has different topic. On some keywords you can make 7-8$ in just one click.

how to make money on youtube, earn money from youtube
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What are the best ways to promote a YouTube channel?

»Load up your video with Reach Keywords » Transcribe your full video content and Post the Entire Transcript into Your Video Description.

What video editing software do YouTubers use?

These are some of the video which is used by most of the popular youtuber.

  1. ApowerEdit
  2. Adobe Premiere Pro
  3. Final Cut
  4. iMovie
  5. Vegas Pro
  6. Movavi Video Editor Plus

Conclusion : How to make money from Youtube in 2019

Earning money from your home is not limited. In today’s time Internet is flooded with many option to make money online.

All you just need is show your talent to the world from a good platform.

I believe in today’s time nothing can be better option than YouTube for showing talent as well as making online money.

Here i have discussed the complete process of How To Make Money On YouTube in 2019. I hope after reading this article you will take a good step in your life and be a next big YouTuber.

Comment if anything i missed…

If you think, our article helped you in someway, then you can appreciate us by sharing it on social media..

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