How to Restore Your Blogging Energy – Advice from An Expert

Most bloggers know how to blog, but only few bloggers know how to blog persistently.

I woke at 5:30 AM today. I feel really tired. But I keep blogging without forcing myself or pushing myself. Force negates. Trying really hard to get the job done has a reverse effect; writer’s block and burnout follow.

But being with tension and fear, releasing these energies and proceeding from a calm energy, helps restore your blogging energy.

Imagine blogging from a calm, poised, relaxed energy daily? You feel your blogging energy well goes on forever, and you can dip your toes in it at any time. This sensation helps you see stunning blogging success because you outlast all bloggers who burn out in your niche. As we know by now; this is most bloggers.

On the flip side, you will struggle and fail if you lose energetic momentum because fear, doubt, and worry will bedevil your mind into blogging failure.

4 tips to restore your blogging energy

1. Sleep for 6-8 Hours Every Night

Get enough sleep to raise your energy levels.

Bloggers love burning the candle at both ends, especially if you work full time or are a full-time student. But not getting enough sleep saps your energy and leads to illness.

Hit the sack. Do not leave for 6-8 hours. Rest is the ultimate tool for restoring your blogging energy.

Cut out caffeine at least 4-8 hours before resting. Attune your mind and body with relaxation. Do you do yoga? How about meditating? Consider some mental practice before sleeping to slow down the wheels of mind and to relax your body.

Find your sleep ritual through trial and error to get sound sleep most nights. Wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, feeling energized to pursue your blogging dreams.

2. Leverage Your Energy through Guest Posting

Some bloggers burn out because they try to force as much traffic as possible through their own blog. Smart bloggers leverage their online presence through guest posting to save their energy, or, to restore their energy.

Think about it; post for your readers, or post for a new, targeted audience. Sometimes you can publish to your blog, but I suggest guest posting like the dickens to increase your exposure in a major league way.

Guest post on blogs in your niche. Reaching out to help folks does wonder for restoring your energy too.

I devote my energy to reaching Shivam’s awesome audience; you guys. Why spend all my energy on trying to get people to my blog through my blog posts, alone? Be generous. Restore your energy, recharge your being and see greater blogging success.

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3. Listen to Your Intuition

Bloggers often listen to their heads over their hearts. Logic does count but you are no robot. Blogging solely through logic often leads to burnout because your rigid, robotic thinking is stiff, resistant, and goads you to force yourself to get things done. Meanwhile, your intuition always knows the way to successful blogging.

Maybe every blogger you met tells you to build an email list. But list building feels bad or heavy to you, intuitively. Skip list building. Do not follow the logic, or, the herd, in this regard. Choose other means through which you help people to succeed and to avoid burnout associated with forcing blogging actions and results through logic.

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4. Relax and Prosper

Take a chill pill, guys.

Sometimes you get caught up in success and forget blogging is a long walk, not a sprint.

Slow down and calm down.

Feeling relaxed instantly recharges your energy.


Guest Author: Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph is the owner of Blogging From Paradise. He’s a blogger, author and world traveler who’s been featured on Richard Branson’s Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur.Com and Neil Patel.Com

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  1. Hey Ryan & Shivam,

    Getting an optimal amount of sleep very helpful to boost your mood and infuse your body with extra energy – It helps to maximize your work productivity level.

    We know very well, Sleep is a critical part of health and productivity that is important to learning, focus and emotional stability. Eventually, thanks for sharing your power booster experience with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

  2. Excellent topic Ryan and one of the must-read for every blogger. As a blogger, we mostly end with a very bad daily routine.

    Sleeping in the wrong time, not engaging in any exercise, not taking enough water, etc. To think better and get energy, one must take enough sleep. And that is also within proper time and spend some time in the morning with rising SUN.

    Keep sharing such awesome articles and motivate people.

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