How to Start a Blog That Makes Money in 9 Easy Steps (2019)

An Easy Free Step-By-Step Guide To Start a Successful Blog in the next 20 Minutes


One of the best career decision i have taken in last 4 year is to learn How to Start a Blog and make money.

By showing your interest in this article, You have also proved that You are serious about Learning Blogging.

I am promising you that in the next 20 Minute you'll have clear idea of why and How you can create a Blog..

First of all, Today Blogging is not Only Limited to just showing your writing skill, It has become a good source for making passive income online and live those boring 9-5 Job Free Life.

Don't believe my words?

Can You imagine how much Pat Flynn earned from His blog Smart Passive Income in last 12 month?

Boom …..

smart passive income


It is approx 15 crore sixty one lakh 85 thousand in Indian Rupees.

Let’s take an another example.

Do you Know How much money Michelle from MAKING SENSE OF CENTS makes every month?

income report

On an average they earn more than $100k every month.

Not only these two, there are thousands of Bloggers who are making passive income online with Blogging.

Here i am not promising you that you will start earning in crores overnight, But if you start taking small steps you will definitely start earning money from Blogging.

Now, let’s dive into the step-by-step process to start a blog and eventually make profit from it.

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How To Start A Blog and make money in 9 easy Steps

STEP 1 - Choose the Right Niche for Your Blog That Guarantee Your Blog success 

First thing first, You need to select a niche (Topic) on which you are going to start your Blog.

I got lot’s of emails everyday, where beginners ask me ” Sir, i am confused about niche, Which niche should i choose where i can make more and more money”

But My Friends, If you focus on money before starting your blog, You are going to loose the blogging game very soon.

For starting a Blog, You don’t need a revolutionary idea, But if you want to win the blogging game then your Blog should be focused on a specific Topic.

I am not telling you to find a unique idea then start a Blog.


Because most of the Topic which comes in your mind are already selected by lot’s of blogger on internet.

Before selecting a Niche or Topic Just try to answer these 4 question:


Can i write more than 100 articles about that topic without getting bored?

Before selecting a niche make sure you are actually interested in that topic.

Because if you don’t love what you are going to blog about, then mark my word, your blog is not going to last long.

In 2016, I started almost 4-5 new blog on different niche Like super cars, News, Health, Supplements etc.

But all my websites was big failure...

Do you Know why??

Because i was not interested in that niche, I just started those blog because many big websites was making lots of money on those niche...

So, If someone is doing really good in a niche it doesn't mean that you'll be also successful in that specific niche.

So, Its better to choose a niche that actually excite you.


Is there Enough Audience On Internet for my topic?

Once you found a niche for your Blog it's also important to know in advance that is there enough audience interested in the topic you have selected.

However I believe, In today's time you don't have to worry about audience because today there is enough audience for each and every topic on Internet. 

Still, It is always considered as good to get an idea of How many peoples are interested in your topic.

Don't worry - you don't need to read peoples mins in order to know their interest..

There are Hundreds of tools available to figure out whether there’s an interested audience:

I personally use and recommend SEMRush tool (I will tell you about this amazing tool later in this article)

This tool let's you enter any keyword and check how popular or how many peoples are searching for that keyword or topic on the Internet.

keyword research

If thousands of people are searching for the topic on internet, then you can be pretty sure that there is a good-sized audience for your topic. 


Can I make money from this topic?

If you are smart enough then i don't think you should worry about making Money from your Blog.

Because there are thousands of options available for making money from your blog.

Still its good to analyze monetization potential of your niche.

Just try to answer these question:

  • Do other blogs in the same niche are able to find enough monetization opportunities?
  • Is there some good products available for that niche which offers Affiliate Program.
  • Can i create my won products like Online course, Ebook, Video tutorials etc that my audience ight be interested in Purchasing?


Can I write for at least 6-8 months without worrying for income?

According to a recent research Most of the People quit blogging in the First 6 month of their Blogging Journey.


Because they thinks that their Blog will convert into money making machine from Day 1.

But as you have already understood that You can't become rich Overnight From Blogging.

If you need urgent money then Blogging Is not for you may be you should check my Profitable Business Ideas for making Quick money article.

However if you have patience, if you can write for at least 6-8 months without worrying about income then without any doubt starting a Blog is going to be your best career decision.

Helpful Resource - How to Choose a Blogging Niche? (Don't Regret Later!)

STEP 2 - ​Decide A Name For Your Blog That You Won’t Regret Later

The Next Crucial step in starting your very own blog is to choosing a name for your Blog.

Most of the bloggers take too much time in selecting a name for their Blog.

But frankly speaking, The Blog name doesn’t matter at this point.

You don’t have to waste your precious time in finding out some cool, Unique or different Blog name.

Follow this 3 step process for Choosing the Perfect Name for Your Blog 


What is your blog going to be about : Above we have already discussed about importance of selecting a Blog niche. Now once you have selected your niche, You should think about a name which is related to your Blog Niche.

  Good Example : “WPbeginner” is a perfect name for A Blog where you can share article related to wordpress.

× Bad Example : “Guiness Photography” is a bad name for a blog where you are going to share article related to gaming.

I am sure you got my point..


Stop Being a perfectionist : Some People waste too much time on picking a name. You aren’t assigned for giving a name to Planet. So just pick a simple name.


Keep it simple and short : Short’s name are very easy to remember. So whenever anyone ask you for your blog name , You can easily tell him and he can easily remember the short name.

That's why a short, catchy and easy to remember name are considered as best Blog name.

If you are still confused then let me help you..

Go to and enter the keyword of your niche.

For an example : I am going to start a Blog on android niche.

So. I entered the keyword “android”


Choose a Name For Your Blog

Here they have suggested more than 1,000 names for my Blog..

You can do the same.

Register a Domain Name For Your Blog

Now, If you are new to Blogging….

You Must be wondering What is Domain Name?

In simple word “Domain is the name which your readers will type into their browser search bar". For example, when you need to visit Facebook, You simply type “

Here is Domain name of Facebook company.

Similarly, If you have decided to name your Blog “Cooking Zone” You can book as Your domain name.

Two things you need to Keep in mind when you are Purchasing a domain :

Never Buy Digits In Domain Name: Never buy a domain name which contains digit. For example :,, If you put digit in your domain name, your readers will be confused. Most of the time they’ll forget it was a digit or written in words.

Always Prefer .Com extension: Domain extension does not matter too much. But i always recommend my readers to get “.com” domain extension because .com TLD is still, by far, the most recognizable and most used TLD.

Which is the best place to buy a domain name?

I recommend everyone to Purchase Domain from Namecheap. Because they are most trusted one in this industry.

Next question in your Mind will be “How to book a Domain name?”

It is very simple..

Just Go to, Enter your Domain name and check its availability and in case it is available complete the Payment process.

Congratulation now you have successfully registered a domain name for your blog.

Purchase domain

Note On Choosing a Blogging Platform

There are almost 100 of free and Paid Blogging platform available including WordPress, Joomla, Ghost, and Movable Type.

But Frankly speaking People just waste their time on Choosing a Blogging Platform.

You should just go for the self hosted wordpress site.

WordPress is the most popular Blogging Platform out there. Initially it was started as a Blogging platform but now it is a full-fledged content management system.

WordPress is the only blogging platform which lets you create any kind of website which you imagine.

No matter you want a normal blog, an ecommerce store, a business website, A Forum, social network or anything else - WordPress is for each and everyone.


So, We highly recommend you start your Blog with WordPress because it gives you full control over your blog. 

STEP 3 - Get The Best Web Hosting For WordPress (At An Unbeatable Price!)

Now, as you have selected Domain For Your Blog.

Next thing you need to do is choose a Best reliable Hosting for your Blog..

So, What is actually Hosting?

As you need space in your android or Ios device to store your data like Image and Video.

In the same manner, You need web hosting to store data of your website which include text, videos and images, etc.

Do you know as a beginner what was the biggest mistake i have ever made?

Choosing the bad Hosting.

When i came into Blogging field, I had no experience with any Hosting.

In Fact, I didn’t even knows what hosting actually means.

But, Today i am here to help you… and Believe me you are never going to regret about my recommendation.

When It comes to choosing a Hosting, There are three thing which mainly matters.

  • Page load speed – The average time (Second) your Blog takes to load.
  • Uptime – Uptime means How often your site is online or running. 99.9% is also not enough uptime. Because still 43 minutes in a month your site will be down. So, You should always aim on 100%
  • Security - It is always important to check how secure your website hosting is. Which mechanism they are using to secure your site etc.

There are almost Thousand of hosting providers who provide same service at almost same cost.

Yes, Literally thousands.

But most of them are not going to give you 100% satisfaction.

Do you Know when i started my First Blog, I Purchased Hostgator Hosting….

And as a result my Site load time was more than 4 second after fully optimizing my blog.

and by the grace of my Hosting Provider My Cpanel also got hacked 2 times in a month.

Which was literally the most disappointing moments of my career.

sad gif

All these things happened just because i selected a bad hosting provider.

In last 3 year i have tried more than 8 hosting providers who are popular in all over the world.

But most of the hosting provider disappointed me.

However one of the best Hosting i have ever used is SiteGround.

Currently My Four website is running on Siteground Hosting.

I am connected with many facebook Group where i get opportunity to connect with like minded people.

I have seen many newbies always asked "my site is very slow - How can i improve my site speed?"

I always recommend them to change their host..

Because your website speed mainly depends on hosting you use.

When i was on Hostgator i was struggling to maintain my site speed to at least under 3 seconds.

my site speeds

But Failed..

But When i moved to siteground, My site speed automatically got increased….


my site speed

This is the difference between a Good Hosting and a bad hosting..

For Your Information “In 2018, Google announced that Page speed is a ranking factor in Google search engine, If your site is loading very slow, then unfortunately your article or blog is not going to rank in Google first page

Blog page speed seo

So, before choosing a hosting, Just remember that hosting is still the #1 factor in the WordPress speed optimization.

But why Siteground?

siteground loading speed

Pingdom study showing SiteGround’s page loading speed

You Don’t need to trust just me….

Trust the peoples, who are happy with siteground Hosting…

Here they are….

Siteground is #1 Rated Hosting

I have collected some proof where Bloggers rated Siteground #1 in numerous polls by various WordPress Facebook Groups (you can manually click each image to see the poll).

Siteground speed
siteground speed

If you do not believe on These Screenshot…No Problem…,

Join the WordPress Hosting/WordPress Speed Up Facebook Group and see what professionals say:

Start a blog, How to start a blog, How to make a blog, How to create a blog
Start a blog, How to start a blog, How to make a blog,

SiteGround is also recommended by WordPress itself


Siteground Average Load Time Is 1.2s…

Here i have collected some proof where people have shared their Site speed after migrating to Siteground.

siteground page speed
How to Start a Blog That Makes Money in 9 Easy Steps (2019)

Now as you all know every coin has two side, So Its time to check Pros and cons of using Siteground :


  • #1 rated Host in hundreds of facebook group Poll.
  • Siteground was first host to release PHP 7.3 on October, 24, 2018
  • Free site migration service
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • You will get one of the best support from them and their team are super knowledgeable about WordPress.
  • Officially suggested by


  • If you run High CPU consumption Plugin then it can result in CPU overages, so I always recommend to use lightweight plugins.
  • The shortest billing cycle is of 12 months

How to purchase Hosting at SiteGround?

Step 1 :- Click On This Special Link to activate 75%  Discount and Choose your hosting plan.

Start a blog, How to start a blog, How to make a blog,

If you are just starting out then StartUp Plan is perfect for you. However I always recommend GroBig Plan because it gives you access to install install unlimited site on your Hosting. .

Click on GET STARTED button to  move to the next step.

Step 2 :- Enter Your Domain Name.


If you have already Purchased a Domain name then Select the box for I already have a Domain and enter your domain name.

 Otherwise you can also directly purchase your domain name from Siteground, If you have not purchase your Domain from Namecheap yet then Just enter your brand new domain name.

Once you have entered the domain name, click on the PROCEED button.

Step 3 :- Fill In Your Account Details


Now here you have to fill all the details which they ask you, Don’t worry about Privacy they always keep your data safe.

Step 4 :- Enter Your Credit/Debit Card Information


Now you have to make your payment, Enter your Credit card or Debit card information to complete the purchasing process.

Step 5 :~ Agree To The Terms & Click The Proceed Button


Just click on Pay Now and wait for few seconds, Check Your mail and there you will get all the important details related to your account.

Congratulation my friend, You have crossed the biggest stop on your way to start your blog. In the Next few minute your Blog will be live on Internet.

So, What are you waiting for.. 

STEP 4 - Set Up WordPress To Make Your Blog Live On The Web

The best thing about siteground is that you don't actually manually need to install wordpress on your histing.

Instead, you just need to complete a simple setup wizard.

Once you login into your siteground account, you'll get a prompt asking you to Set up Your Website.

Step 1 : Choose Start a new Website and select WordPress from Software list.

install wordpres

Step 2 : Now enter the account details for creating your admin account.


Try to Note down these details on a paper or any notepad. Because you will need these login credentials to log in into your wordpress Dashboard. 

Step 3 :  Now tick mark the terms and conditions checkbox and click on the Complete Setup button.

sitegrounds host

Step 4 :  Now you have to click on the Proceed button to go into Customer area.

wordpress hosting

Step 5 : Go to My Account tab and click on Installation section.


Step 6 : Now click on Go To Admin Panel button to get access into your wordpress Blog Dashboard.


Step 7 : Here you need to enter the login details which i earlier told you to Note down on Paper or Notepad.


That’s it Finally your Blog is live, You can always use “www.Yoursiteurl/wp-admin” to open dashboard of your Blog.

Important Note :- If you have purchased hosting from siteground and domain from Namecheap or any other domain provider, Then after installing wordpress, you need to update the nameserver on Your Namecheap or other domain provider account. Read this guide to update name server

However if you have purchased both Domain and Hosting (Both) from siteground then you don't need to worry about name server.

STEP 5 - Give Your Blog A Brand New Look That Grabs Attention

Even if you don't care about your Blog design, Your readers do.

A well designed blog build trust in their audience. It tells people that you care enough about your blog to make it look nice.

However it doesn't mean you need to add crazy animation and lots of colors on your site. In fact, A simple clear and easy to read blog are always considered as best.

With wordpress a theme is what decides how your blog will look.

When you create a new wordpress site, a default theme will be installed on your site. 

Although there is nothing wrong with the default wordpress theme, but if you reallay care about your blog look and feel then you should definitely change the default them.

But wait, before you choose a free random theme for your new WordPress site let me give you few suggestions of what to look for when checking out themes:

  • Simple & clutter free –  Always prefer to use simple theme instead of a fancy theme.
  • Mobile responsive – Your blog needs to be look good on Mobile too. Because now google do not rank any non-responsive site in search engine.
  • Optimized for speed – Your Theme should be load quickly for a good user experience.
  • SEO ready –  Your theme shouldn't use Bulky code that makes your site difficult for search engines to read.
  • Easy to customize – You should have full control over customization of your Blog Like Colour, Layout, Font etc.
  • All Browser compatible– People use different browser to surf internet, Your Theme should be compatible with all the browsers. So that your blog readers can acess your site from any browser.

As far as i have seen most of the newbies use a Free Theme on their blog, just because they are free and they don't consider necessary to investment in their blog design.

When i started my First Blog i also used free them, But unfortunately Free theme will never give you 100% of satisfaction.

Here are some of the reason why you should never use a Free Theme.

  • Most of the free themes are not SEO friendly.
  • You will not get any help & support on Free Theme.
  • You can’t remove footer credit from Free theme, Which can be a negative practice of SEO on your Blog.
  • Free theme are not 100% secure, There might be a chance of Hacking.
  • Free theme increase load time of your site
  • Limited Features and Functionality

That’s why I recommend everyone to invest in a Premium theme.

I know what Is Going To Be Your Next Question?

What is best premium wordpress themes ?

I recommend Everyone to use Generatepress Theme.

Infact, I personally use Generatepress Theme on all of my Blog, You can check my website my website layout and design. It is possible just because of the Generatepress Premium.

  • Generatepress theme is one of the most fastest WordPress theme.
  • Generatepress themes are easy to customize.
  • Generatepress themes are fully SEO optimized.
  • They are Strong & Secure State-of-the-Art Security.
  • You will get Excellent Support via Generatepress Community
  • Generatepress Theme is super responsive on desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Once you successfully purchased Generatepress theme, You will get two file from Generatepress. You just need to download bothe the files.


Now go to Dashboard of your Blog

Click On appearance Option and select Theme from The Popup Menu.

Start a blog, How to start a blog, How to make a blog,

Now click On Add New Option.

Change theme in WordPress site

And here you need to upload the first zip file containing your theme.

Change theme in WordPress site

Once you successfully upload the theme, Go to Plugin tab and upload GEneratepress Premium plugin that you had previously downloaded.

That’s all….

STEP 6 - Important Blog Settings after starting a Blog


Change Permalink Structure of Your Blog Post

Permalink is basically the URL of the content you Publish on your site. It is what people enter into their browser search bar to view your content.

Example - I has published this Step by step Guide on "How to start a blog and make money on the side" So, i kept the Permalink or URL of this blog as " Blog"

Now if someone enter the exact same URL on their Browser search bar they will directly redirected to view this exact same blog post "How to start a Blog and make money."

The default permalink structure of your content known as Plain contains some random numbers in your URL, which tells nothing about your content.

And you have to understand the fact that the wrong Permalink structure can actually hurt your search engine traffic and referral traffic, so it is very very important to choose the right one when setting up your site.


So, Just go into your wordpress Dashboard > Go to setting <click on Permalink < Choose Post name Option and Click On save.

You may check the detailed guide on How to change permalink structure of WordPress blog.


Choose Search Engine Visibility

WordPress comes with an option that allows you to discourage search engines from indexing your website.

Always remember that you should never check this option if you want to rank your website in Google search engine..

search engine vsiibility

This option is given only for those who publish private content or those who has made a test, development or a Demo site.


Create a Navigation Menu

Navigation Menu basically provides quick links to some of the important pages, post or categories of your Website.

Here is how Navigation Menu looks on my Blog :

To create a new menu for your blog go to  Appearance » Menus and then click create a new menu.

create navigation menu

You'll be prompted to specify a name for your menu, Once you enter any name for your menu click Create Menu.

Now its time to add items to your Navigation Menu.

In the sidebar area, you'll notice that there are four different section:

  • Pages –this lets you add any of the published page on your blog to menu.
  • Posts – this lets you add any of the published post on your blog to menu.
  • Custom Links – this lets you add custom links (Internal and external both links)
  • Categories – this lets you add links to different categories on your blog.

Now, let’s say you want to add a link to your Contact page in your navigation menu. So, all you need to do is check the box of your Contact page and click on Add to Menu Button.

Once you click on Add to menu button, It'll appear under Menu structure on the right side of the interface. 

This way you can add all the items that you want to appear into your navigation menu.

Additionally, you can also You can rearrange the menu with drag and drop feature. You can then choose the menu location and finally click the Save Menu button.


Create About Us Page

'About Us" page is going to be one of the most useful and important page on your blog.

Because About page is something from which you can build a special connection with your audience.

On about Page, you can explain and share your story of how you started, why and what values you are giving to your readers.

However writing an about page requires lot more than just throwing up a bio of yourself. 

Below i have shared some tips which you should consider while writing an About page For your blog.


Use Your own Voice

I always recommend you to use your own voice.

What i mean to say is, it is not necessary to use words plucked up from the business book or dictionary.

Just use your natural voice and aim to strike between Professional and conversational.

Don't try to introduce yourself in the same manner you have just met someone in the bar, as well you shouldn't sound like a lecturer or interviewee sitting in a room and introducing himself to the interviewer.

I hope you have got my points.

Use a simple and sweet tone pitch that is best for networking as well as be honest about you, your interest and goals.


Share your story to encourage empathy

Sharing the story of how your website or brand came can be the best practice to humanize your site.

By sharing your little backstory about why and how you started your blog and what challenged you faced in this journey will show your readers that in many ways you are just like them.


How you can help others

When a person visit your site, they always have some expectation from you.

So i always recommend you to clearly mention your Blog mission and How you and you site is going to benefit or interest them.


Use your Personal Picture

Most of the people always ignore using their own real picture on their blog.

Because they think that it does not matter to their readers.

But my dear friend, unfortunately it matters a lot for your readers.

By showing your actual picture, it helps your reader associate your content back to you.

So, try to add a good resolution picture on About Me page.


Add call to action button at the end

Finally its time to wrap it all up into something very important that most of the people always forgot - adding a call to action link or button.

A CTA (Call-to-action) is something that encourages your readers to…you guessed it, take action!

This could be anything - Asking you readers to subscribe to your email list, check your latest article or may be follow you on Twitter or Instagram. 

For inspiration you can check out amazing About page of these Website - Moz, Neil patel, smart passive income &  Problogger

Helpful resource - How to Write a Killer About Me Page for your Blog


Create Contact Us Page

Contact us page is another very important page for any blog or website. 

Whenever your readers or customer want to contact you they can easily get in touch with you through contact page.

We recommend Contact Form 7 Plugin to easily design Your Contact us page.


Install Rank Math or Yoast SEO on your Blog

In order to rank higher in Google search result you need to optimize your content for the search engine.

With WordPress it is very easy to optimize your content with the help of an SEO plugin.

Yoast SEO and Rank Math are two of the most popular SEO plugin available for wordpress site.

I personally prefer to use Rank Math for my blog as it gives some additional features like rich snippet, multiple keywords etc that you'll not get in Yoast SEO Free version.

rank math Plugin

After installing Rank Math on your Blog make sure to check our "Rank Math WordPress SEO plugin settings guide" to properly setup the plugin for the first time.

Upon installing the SEO plugin on your site, you'll find a META Box at the end of each and every post and page editor that will help you optimize your blog post titles, descriptions, focus keyword, content length and other important element. so that your content can be easily found by search engines.


Submit Your website to Search Engine 

If Google or any search engine don't know about your site then chances of ranking your site into search engine is near to impossible.

That's why linking your site with search engine is considered as the most effective way to drive Free organic traffic to your website.

Google provides an amazing tool to link your site with Google that gives you insight into how your site performs in search engine.

This tool is not only helpful for indexing purpose, This amazing tool also allows you to get information about keywords and queries that brings traffic to your blog, how your mobile site is doing,  which site is linking with your content,  which of your content is performing best in the search engine etc.

For more detailed information about the Search console use you can check this beginners guide to Google Search Console

How to link your site with Google Search console.


Add a Search Console Property

First of all go to Google Search Console and login with your Google account.

Upon logging up you will get an option to Add a property, Just click on the “Add a property” button near the top of the homepage and enter your website URL in the box and click on Continue button.

( Make sure to add the complete and exact URL of your website like - )

How to Start a Blog That Makes Money in 9 Easy Steps (2019)


Verify your site

Once you click on Continue button you'll be redirected to the verification page, where you'll get different type of site verification options.

Google usually recommends using "HTML file upload to Root directory" method, However it is not mandatory to use the exact same method of verification, you can use any of the alternate method that you find easy and simple:

  • Adding an HTML tag to your home page
  • Signing into your domain name provider
  • Verifying with your Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager accountWhen you select HTML file upload, you get a file to upload to your hosting provider.
search console

I personally recommend you to use HTML tag method because that is the most easiest method of verification if Rank math or Yoast SEO is installed on your website.

Just click on the arrow next to ‘HTML tag’ to expand the option and copy the meta code that follows “content=”, excluding the quote marks.

google-search-console-step-2-html-tagGo to your Yoast or Rank Math dashboard and click on the “Webmaster Tools/ Search console” tab. Paste the meta code into the appropriate box.

rank math

And finally return to the Google Search Console dashboard and click the “Verify” button.

If you have done everything in the right way, then you will see a big green check mark.


Add XML sitemap to your blog

Sitemap is an XML file contains the list of page and post available on your blog that helps search engine crawlers to find all of the URLs of your blog.

Here is the example of how a normal sitemap looks like"

sitemap settings


How to create an sitemap for my blog?

Creating an Sitemap is very simple, you can use Google XML Sitemap plugin or if you have installed Rank Math plugin on your blog then you get an in-built option in Rank Math to create sitemap of your website or blog.

Just go to your website dashboard > Rank Math > Sitemap tab and finally setup your sitemap

Once sitemap is enabled you can access it from the URL -

This URL is very important as you'll need this URL every time when specifying your sitemap URL to various search engine tools.


How to submit your sitemap to Google Search Console.

Sign in to your Google search console account.

From the sidebar select your website property.

Click the "Sitemap menu"appearing under the 'Index' section.

Enter 'sitemap_index.xml' in the 'Add a new sitemap' field to complete the sitemap URL of your website.

Finally click on Submit Button.


Activate SSL Certificate

SSL certificate ensures that when someone comes on your site, a secure connection is made and the session key is used to encrypt all transmitted data.


If you have purchased Hosting from Siteground then have already got SSL for free of Cost.

So, you don't have to worry about SSL if you are using siteground hosting.

If you are not sure about SSL is activated on your Blog or Not?

Then Visit SSL Checker, enter your domain name and check for SSL status.


Connect Your Blog to Google Analytics

If you want to grow traffic of your blog then its important for you to understand how peoples are coming to your site & what they do once they come to your site.

One of the most easiest way to track your blog audience interaction is by using using Google Analytics, It is a free toll developed by Google.

How to connect Google analytics with your website

First of all go to the Google Analytics web page and signup for an analytics account.


Next you'll need to provide some basic details about your website to get tracking code.

  • Account Name — First of all you need to enter a name for your Google analytics account, This is just for internal use so you can enter anything like "abcd."
  • Website Name — Again this is just for internal use, so just enter your website name like - "Blogging Nova"
  • Website URL — Here you need to enter the Website URL. The only thing you have to make sure that you choose either http:// or https:// from the drop-down, depending on whether you are using SSL on your blog or not.
  • Industry Category — This is just an optional option. If you don’t see a category from the drop down menu that perfectly fits your website, then just leave it blank.
  • Reporting Time Zone — Here you just need to enter your own time zone

Finally click on Get Tracing id and there you will find your Google Analytics tracking code or script.

Now copy the Google analytics tracking code and paste it before the </Head> tag code of your website.

 10 Essential blog plugins you should have if you’re using WordPress


Rank Math SEO plugin


As i already mentioned having an SEO plugin is essential for every blog because if you want to optimize your content for Google search engine then SEO plugin is must.

I personally use Rank Math Plugin by MyThemeshop as it offer many features that generally other SEO plugins don't offer for Free.

Like - Built-in Google schema/rich snippets support for 14 different data types, 404 monitoring, Built-in keyword suggestions from Google, Detailed site-wide SEO analysis, etc.


WP Rocket/WP Super cache

WP Rocket review

Who don’t want to load their site fast?

To ensure WordPress doesn’t make your website slow, Always use a cache plugin with good hosting like Siteground.

There are more than 100 cache plugin available on internet, but i always prefer to use WP Rocket because it is one of the most advanced and simple cache plugin available for wordpress site.

However WP Rocket is a premium cache plugin but i personally believe it is worth every single penny. In case you need a Free cache plugin then download WP Super Cache.




No one wants their blog to be filled with spam comments.

This is a free plugin which let you combat spam comments on your WordPress blog.




If you are building an email list of your readers, OptinMonster is an amazing tool that helps you convert your blog reader into email subscribers.

With their different types of optin Forms, especially exit-intent popups  you can grow your email list 3x faster. For more information about optinmonster you may check our detailed OptinMonster review.


Social Snap

social snap

Social sharing is the best way to generate social traffic for your blog and to get more and More share for your content, You need to Place social media sharing button at right place.

Social snap gives you functionality to add sharing button wherever you wanton your Blog.

It supports all modern social media platforms like :

» Facebook

» Twitter

» Whatsapp

» Telegram

» Pinterest (direct on the image)

» Reddit … and many more



wordpress security plugin

There is no better time of securing your Blog from the day one.

Do you know everyday thousands of websites get hacked….

So, it is always recommended to use a Security Plugin which gives you firewall protection.

I personally have used both free and Paid Security Plugin.

 I personally found Sucuri Plugin as one of the best security Plugin which protected my site more than 100 times from attack.


WP Review Pro

Wp review Pro makes you stand in search result among 100 of different results.

You must be wondering what is rich snippet….

As you can see in given below picture wp review pro has added extra information in search engine - Like star rating, videos, or even recipe information.

free wordpress plugin

If you are reviewing any product on your blog like – books, movies, games, or anything else.

Then use this star rating snippet system, It can increase your traffic and CTR upto 140%


Thirsty Affiliate

free wordpress plugin

If you are planning to start affiliate marketing through your Blog then no other plugin can be better Plugin than thirsty affiliate….

If you don’t know what is affiliate marketing then make sure to check out this guide – How To Make 5000$ every month from Affiliate Marketing in 2019 | The Ultimate Guide!

Majority of new bloggers fails to make huge affiliate sales due to lack of optimization.

The optimization of a affiliate link will be even more easy when you use a right tool.

Thirsty affiliate is an amazing WordPress affiliate link management plugin that comes with amazing add-ons, which let you make more money from Affiliate marketing.


WP Smush

smush plugin

Wp smush is a great image optimization Plugin.

It helps you in resizing, cropping, compressing & optimizing your blog images.

If you optimize all the images you are using on your blog, then definitely you site will load much faster.


Backup Buddy

free wordpress plugin

Taking backup of your wordpress site is always essential.

Because if your website got hacked or crashed, you can easily restore backup and get back your million dollar blog.

Backup Buddy is most popular premium WordPress backup plugin.

It allows you to easily schedule you daily, weekly or monthly backup.

It also allows you to store your backups in Dropbox, Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud, FTP.

While if you don’t want to invest money in a good premium backup plugin, then you can also go for  free updraft plus Plugin.

STEP 7 - Start Doing Keyword Research even Before Publishing your First Article

Mark my word if you'll not do proper keyword researching and competetior analysis then no matter what you are not going to bring traffic on your blog, you are not going to get backlinks for your blog as well as you are not going to make money from blogging.

Keywords is a very important factor that Google consider while deciding where to rank your content in Search result.

But it doesn't mean you can use any keyword and get thousands of free traffic.

If you are not able to optimize your content for the right keyword then you may end up getting very few visitors or may be the wrong sort of visitors.

That's why Focusing on the right keywords has a huge impact on your blog growth.

Today more than 1,27,464 users visit one of my tech website.

website traffic

And 85.9% visitors comes from Google organic search.

organic search traffic

Yes, it is obvious that there are lots of factors matter for this kind of organic traffic including technical SEO, content, On-page SEOOff-page SEO and so on.

But still, the number one factor that determines my site traffic is the right keyword researching strategies.

Now you might be thinking how to do keyword research or how to decide which keyword is good or bad?

My dear friend today there are many SEO Tool available on internet which makes the whole keyword researching process very easy.

One tool which i use for keyword research and competitor analysis is SEMRush.

So, let me show you how to find easy to rank keywords with the help of SEMRUSH tool.


Create a list of seed words

First of all you need to create a list of seed keyword.

To create a list of seed keyword you don't need to create a list of keyword with any random search terms.

If you are using SEMRush tool, then you can discover the keywords that your competitors rank for in Google's top position.

So, First of all create a list of at least your 10 competitor's site and Open SEMRush tool >> Go to the domain overview page and enter your competitor's site URL and then click the “Search” button.

semrush domain overview

Now on the next screen you'll get lots of data related to your competitor's site, just scroll down a bit and click on view full report button appearing under “Top Organic keyword section".

Now on the next screen you'll be presented with all the keyword that your competitor's site rank for.

In my example: is ranking for the 45,777 keywords in the top 100 positions of Google.


 From here you need to select those keyword on which you want to write your next blog post. Make sure to check all the important keyword metrics like KD,CPC, traffic, SERP result etc before choosing a keyword.

Once you are done with analyzing one site repeat the whole process for at least 10 of your competitor's site and create a master list of seed keyword that your competitors are ranking for.


Use your seed keyword to find long tail keywords

Now we will try to find long tail keywords for our seed keywords which will be actually easy for us to rank into Google top position.

Open SEMRush tool and navigate to Keyword Analytics >overview section appearing at the semrush left sidebar, Enter your first seed keyword and click on the search button.

Scroll down a bit and click on the view full report button appearing under phrase match keyword section to check all the long tail and related keywords.


Now you'll again get a massive list of keywords related to your seed keyword but it doesn't mean that every keyword is good for you. 

So, just click on the ‘Advanced filters’ button to apply some filters, so that you can discover some effective Keywords.

semrush review

In advance filter you can set filters for keyword volume, word count, keyword difficulty score etc to find really nice keywords.

Once you apply the filter, SEMRush will show you only those keywords which match your filter preference.

Choose only golden keywords from the list and export it into a CSV file.

Repeat this whole process for all of your seed keywords to find only easy to rank keywords for each seed keywords.

I hope you have got my point, still i will suggest you to check my step by step guide for keyword research.

Recommended resource for keyword research:

FREE GIFT - ​Get SEMrush Free Trial for 14 Days Worth $97

Do you want to use all the SEMRush features for free of cost for the next 14 days? Grab your free SEMRUSH trial and enjoy this amazing SEO tool for free of cost.

STEP 8 - Write and publish your first blog post

I believe, by now you have your own working wordpress blog with a good domain name which is hosted on #1 hosting siteground, As well as you have already set up custom blog theme that fits with your blog's topic.

Congrats again, You have done a lot and managed to get so far.

If you are enjoying this guide then make sure to share it on social media, your one share motivate me to write many more in-depth guide like this. 

So, continuing with our tutorial on "how to create a blog" now we are going to learn "How to write your first blog post" and i'll be also sharing some great tips for writing your first blog posts.

If you are using WordPress 5.0 or above then you'll get Gutenberg content editor rather than previous TinyMCE editor.

It is basically a new generation block-based content editor with streamlined editing experience.

It has made easy for anyone to create any type of complex layout with the help of numerous block without having any coding knowledge.

So without further ado lets get started.


How to add a new post in WordPress

To add A new Post in wordpress, All you have to do is click on  “Posts” section on the left-hand side-menu, then click on “Add New” and on the next screen you will get an amazing Gutenberg content editor.

How to Start a Blog That Makes Money in 9 Easy Steps (2019)

Now the first thing you'll need to do is give a title for your blog post.

gutenburg title

Once you have given a title for your blog post now you need to create the content using the gutenberg block.


How To Add A Block?

To add a block in the Gutenberg editor, you just need to click on the plus button (+) visible in the top bar.

Once you click on the plus icon, a dropdown will get open with the list of all the blocks.

You can select the desired block from the list and the selected block will be automatically added to the content area.

For example - If you want to add some text in your content, then you just need to select the Paragraph block.



How To add Heading & Subheading in WordPress?

It's always a good idea to add Heading and Subheading in your content. So, That readers can easily read and scan your page. Not only for human it is also good for Google Search Engine.

To add heading or subheading into your blog, Click on the plus button (+) and add a heading block and choose the heading level from the toolbar

add heading in wordpress


How To add Links in WordPress?

Adding links in your content is also very important because Internal linking and external linking both plays an important role in your content SEO.

To insert a link, you need to highlight the text you want to turn into a hyperlink and then you have to click on chain link icon which looks something like this :

add link in wordpress

Finally paste your link in the box and finally click the enter icon.


How To add Image in WordPress?

To add image anywhere in your bog post again you just need to click on the the +Plus icon and choose the Image block.

When you do that, you'll be able to upload a new image or select an already uploaded image from media library.

how to insert an image with gutenberg

Once your Image is successfully uploaded on WordPress, Make sure to optimize your image : Like- Give a good title, Add alt-text and description of your photo.

image seo 2019

Image optimization is very important for your image SEO - Make sure to check this Image seo guide Published by ShoutMeLoud.

Recommended resource - For more information about Gutenberg editor you may check out the definitive guide on Gutenberg WordPress Block-Based Editor BY Themaverickspirit.

STEP 9 - The 8 best ways to make money blogging (monetize your blog)

As i promised you in the beginning that i will not only tell you about how to start blogging but i will also tell you about how you can make money from Blogging.

But there is a reason why i have kept the "blog Monetization" part in the last step of my guide about How to start a blog.

That's because blogging isn’t all about monetization but rather creating useful content that helps the reader in some way and make them come back for more.

So as you have just started your blog, Money should not be your no #1 focus.

Firstly you need produce some great content, make network in your niche market and build a significant list of followers and subscribers then only think about the monetization part.

Always keep one thing in mind Blogging is like a business or an investment that can pay you massive return, but it's a longer-term payout.

Even stil, It is good to have idea of different ways to successfully monetize your blog, so that you can implement different type of monetization strategy on your blog in coming days.


Google AdSense


Advertising is one of the easiest way to make money from blogging.

There are thousands of blogger who monetize their blog by showing CPC/PPC or CPM based ads.

If you are also planning to monetize your blog with ads then Google Adsense is the best way to do this because it is the most popular and most used AD network for placing these types of advertisements.

With this Google program you don't need to directly contact the advertiser, Google Adsense acts as a middleman between you and the advertiser.

You just need to join their program, place the different types of banners ads on your site, Google chooses ads relevant to your content, and when your reader click on the ads you make money from from  each clicks.

The best thing about this ad network is you don't need high volume of traffic for joining this amazing programme by Google. (Check our our exclusive guide on How to get Google Adsense approval in just 3 days.)

However, there are countless similar programs available if you find that AdSense doesn’t work for you, such as, Infolinks, and chitika etc. You may checkout our Best adsense alternative Guide.


Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing

If you want to earn passive income from Blogging, one of the best choice is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the second most commonly used monetization technique by Bloggers.

Here is how Affiliate marketing works:

  • A company has an products that they wants to sell. They agrees to give you a small amount of commission from each sale if the buyer is coming from your site.
  • They provided you an unique link that tracks your affiliate sell. So that they can easily get to know when a buyer used your link to purchase their products.
  • All you have to do is insert that affiliate link into your site. You can do this by inserting a link into your content or may be placing a banner ads. When your reader click on that unique link and buys their product that you have recommended then you earn a percentage what he has purchased.

There are few very popular online platform that offers a number of affiliate programs like - Amazon AssociatesShareASale, vCommission, etc.

Check out our detailed guide on How to start affiliate marketing.


Sponsored Content

What is sponsored content?

Basically sponsored content means when a brand or company pays you an "X" amount of money to promote their content or offer in front of your audience.

But to crack a good sponsored content deal first you need to gain good readership, authority, and popularity in your niche. 

Because it is obvious that a company will see your readers and popularity before dealing with you.

In beginning i will recommend you to Instead of going to a well-established brand and online presence, just reach out to small companies and startups for a faster return. 

Because smaller companies are always eager to increase their brand exposure and that's the reason they will generally respond to you much faster than a big corporation.


Selling your products and services


If you are more on the creative and entrepreneurial side then you can start offering your skills and expertise on your blog as a freelancer and make money from it.

Typically, you can make more money with this method than anything else, but unfortunately it is also the most time intensive.

In order to land your first freelancing client, All you need is a strong pitch, which is where your blog will significantly help you.

You just need to build out some key pages like About, contact, Hire me and showcase couple of the demo of your work you have done in the past that you'll soon be pitching freelance clients on.

In case if you don't have those work samples yet, then please don't let that hold you back. Just spend few days and create those sample articles, design or other freelance service that you want to offer to your client and host them on your own blog as if they were part of your project.

You can provide freelance service related to anything like:

  • Writing
  • Design
  • Photography
  • Marketing
  • Developing
  • Public relations
  • Social media management
  • Virtual assistance
  • Community-building
  • SEO or paid advertising campaigns
  • and many more.


Online Courses

how to start a blog and make money

Another great opportunity to make money from Blogging is to offer online courses and workshops to your blog readers.

See, once you are master in a skill or expertise that other may wants to learn, then just gather your best advice, knowledge and strategies and offer it as an online course..

With the right strategies it is completely possible to make full time income from blog by selling online courses.

Ramit Sethi from I will teach you to be rich reportedly crossed $10 million dollars in annual revenue with his premium courses.

Final Thought on How to start a Blog in 2019

Guys, this was the complete guide on How To Start A Blog and make money In 2019. 

Once you started your Blog, Just write some amazing contents and share it with the world.

Let the world knows about your passion and skill.

If you have any question or suggestion regarding starting a blog, then just comment down below. I am here to help you out.

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