Long Tail Pro Black Friday Deal 2019 – [Enjoy 50% Discount on all Plans]

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Long Tail Pro Exclusive 50% discount is Live Now!

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Undoubtedly, Long Tail Pro is an ultimate Keyword research tool for finding long tail potential keywords which can easily rank number 1 in Google.

I personally use this tool for all of my niche site keyword research and not only me this tool is recommended by most of the professional SEO Expert including Neil Patel, Harsh Agarwal, Brian Dean, and many others.

However, most of the beginners hesitate to invest in a premium SEO tool like Long Tail pro Just because they are expensive.

So here is the good news.

Long Tail pro-Black Friday sale is live now! which means now you can get Flat 50% OFF on all of their plans.

Wait, I have another big news for you…

The great thing about this Long tail pro black Friday deal is, this offer is applicable for all recurring payments. That means you will enjoy discounts forever.

Long Tail Pro Black Friday Deal 2019

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Why should I use Long Tail Pro?

Long tail pro black friday discount

You might be thinking that there are plenty of free keyword research tools available on the internet including Google keyword planner, Ubber suggest, Keyword.io and many others.

Then why you should spend money on a premium keyword research tool like Long Tail Pro?

See, You have to understand the fact that Google keyword planner is used by millions of peoples because it is completely free.

That means even you get a few low competitive keywords from these tools, you’ll still have to compete with the thousand other bloggers who are using the same free keyword research tool.

This is not just a single reason…

I am asking you a simple question – can you tell me about all the details of your competitor’s keyword for which they are ranking into google top 10 position with Google keyword planner tool?

A big No!

That’s where A premium keyword research tool like Longtail pro comes in use, It will completely change your normal keyword research into an Effective keyword research process.

Long tail pro generates thousands of profitable keyword ideas no matter what niche you are in.

You’ll be surprised to know the fact that Longtail pro is used by more than 78,000 SEO experts and marketer.

So, undoubtedly it is #1 keyword research tool find the better keyword that can easily boost your search engine traffic.

How to Avail Long Tail Pro Black Friday discount?

It is pretty simple, In order to activate the long tail pro black Friday discount you just need to follow the given below step by step process carefully. From this link, you will be able to get flat 50% OFF on all of their monthly and yearly plans.

Long tail pro black Friday 2019 deal is valid from 23rd November to 26th November 2019.

  1. First of all Click on this special link to go to Longtail pro black Friday discount page.
  2. Now there you’ll see the discounted price of all of their plans.
  3. Just choose any of their packages after checking their features.
  4. Complete the signup process and payment.
  5. Congratulations you have successfully availed the 50% discount.

4 Most useful features of Long Tail Pro

Long tail pro SEO tool is not only meant for finding a profitable keyword. You can even do full competitions keyword analysis and filter the keyword phrases so that you pick only the best keywords. Let’s talk about its four most useful features which I personally use on a regular basis:

1. Effective keyword research

Long tail pro is popularly known for their effective keyword research features. It allows you to find thousands of highly potential keywords that are easy to rank into google.

In addition, No matter on which niche you are currently working on, you can find golden keywords for your blog post or article in a few minute

Previously I have used keyword research tool like Market Samurai, but the worst thing about Market Samurai is that it takes too much time to find a keyword.

Thankfully I have never faced any such issue with Longtail pro, The whole keyword researching process is really very faster, in fact, it is 10 times faster than Market Samurai.

You can Generate up to 800 results per seed keyword which means you have high chances of ranking your article for different keywords.

2. Competitor analysis

I believe analyzing your competitor’s keyword is the most clever way to increase your organic search traffic and overall sales.

Because once you get to know that Which keywords are driving most of the traffic to your competitor’s website then it will be a Piece of cake for you to find potential keywords for your website.

Luckily analyzing your competition with the long tail pro is very simple.

You can easily get to know about the:

  • The Average Keyword Competitiveness
  • The Trust Flow and Citation Flow.
  • External Backlinks.
  • Site Age.
  • How well each result is using the keyword in the title

By analyzing all of the above stats it” ll give you a good idea of which keywords are easy to rank and which are not.

With any free keyword research tool, you cannot explore these data and that’s the reason why beginners always struggle to increase their search traffic, they always select the wrong keyword.

3. Effortless Rank Tracking of your keywords

Tracking your live keywords rank with the Longtail pro is also like a piece of cake. With their rank track feature, you can easily check which of your keywords are performing well into Google SERP.

Just enter your Url into the rank tracker box and this tool will automatically check their positions for ranking in Google every 24 hours.

If you want to check more specifically then you can also check which of your keyword is performing well inside or outside your targeted country.

4. Easy keyword filtering

You don’t need to select each and every keyword which long tail pro shows you because it’s not always necessary that every keyword is going to be effective for you.

You have to carefully select only those keywords that you or your website has the potential to rank into Google.

You must be wondering how can I choose only those keywords that are good from me among thousand of keywords shown by Long Tail Pro?

That’s where Long tail pro keyword filtering feature comes in use, While doing keyword research with Long Tail Pro, you can easily filter keywords and choose the right keyword among thousands of other keywords.

With the help of KC Score (  Keyword Competitiveness score ), monthly search volume and SERP Availability you can easily rank how easy or hard a keyword will be to rank in Google.

Click on this special link to activate Black Friday deal on Long Tail Pro and save 50% instantly.

Final thoughts about the Long Tail Pro Black Friday 2019 Deal

Dear readers, You have to understand the importance of effective keyword research to grow your blog and website.

If you want to generate Organic traffic for free of cost from Google then you need a Premium keyword research tool.

As per my experience, Long tail pro is an amazing tool to find low competitive Long tail keywords that are easy to rank into Google.

As well as I Don’t think there will be a better time than today in the whole year for grabbing Long Tail Pro.

Currently, they are offering you a Huge discount of 50% on Long tail pro black Friday sale.

So what are you waiting for…

Make sure to share your thought regarding Long Tail Pro black Friday deal in the comment section.

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