27+ Legit Online Jobs that pay Weekly (Easy & Effective Method)

• August 2, 2019

Are you Looking For legit online jobs that pay weekly or more often?

Sometimes when you work from home you may want to get your payment sooner than waiting for the month to finish.

However, most of the online jobs from home pay once in a month and in some cases you may have to wait 60-90 days before cash hits your bank account.

But what if you need some urgent money maybe for some emergencies or any urgent need?

My friend I understand your problem because I have already gone through these situations.

That’s why I put together this list of legit online jobs that pay weekly.

Here you’ll get to know about many part-time and full-time work-at-home jobs that you can start today and have your payment within 7 days or less.

List of online jobs that pay weekly

Let me share all the legit work from home online jobs that require Zero Experience and gives you a wonderful opportunity to make extra money from the comfort of your own home.

1. TranscribeMe


Wondering What Transcription means?

Transcription is basically the practice of converting Video and audio files for different types of industries like Films, interviews, Radio, Music or Podcast into text format.

As a Transcriptionist, you can get started without any experience and work from your own home.

However, a person having experience of at least 2-3 months always have a positive advantage in this field.

You’ll be surprised to know the fact that according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics – On an average, a full-time general transcriptionist earn up to$45K – $65K/year

TranscribeMe pays you $20 per audio and you can get your payment through PayPal on every Tuesday.

2. Amazon Mturk


Amazon Mtruk is Amazon’s very own crowdsourcing marketplace. I believe the tag “Amazon” is enough to prove the authenticity of this online jobs work from home.

On Amazon Mturk you can find a wide variety of jobs like – writing, data entry, web research, etc and work without any constraints on time.

Everything completely depends upon the kind of time you give on this site. You can receive your payments through Amazon Payment or gift Card on a Weekly Basis.

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3. Fiverr

fiverr freelancers

Fiverr has given opportunities to thousands of people to earn money online from home.

On Fiverr, you can offer a wide variety of services ranging from Graphic designing, business promotion, social networking and advertisement to content writing & marketing.

The service you offer your client on Fiverr is known as “Gigs”.

When someone purchases your gig (service) you can earn minimum $4 per gig.

But It’s not necessary that you have to sell all your services at just $4. You have full freedom to set your gig price as per your choice.

Check how a 20-year-old boy Eze John made $1,644 in first 30 days from Fiverr.

Editor’s Note: You just need to have a good offer and good service for your clients and you are ready to start your online money making Journey with Fiverr.

4. Cambly


Are you interested in teaching students from the comfort of your home?

Nowadays there are dozens of sites and apps are available that connects you with willing learners all over the world.

One of them is Cambly.

Cambly is an application where student signs in to talk with their tutors through their smartphone.

While you talk with the student, Cambly automatically tracks your conversation time.

They pay $0.17 USD per minute ($10.20/hour) and deliver your payment on every Monday via Paypal.

5. Chegg


Chegg is another popular Online tutoring platform which pays around $20 per hour.

With Chegg, you’ll be teaching primarily US-based students ina wide variety of subjects.

Maybe you are a student or a housewife, Chegg gives you an amazing opportunity to make money online from home as per your convenience.

However, you have to give a very basic test to show your clear understanding of your selected subjects.

6. UserTesting


Testing websites and apps are one of the popular ways to make extra money on the side.

There are many website and application which pays to the user for testing their website, apps & games, So that they can enhance the usability and customer’s experience of their products.

One such website is Usertesting.com, Here you can find different types of testing jobs where you’ll have to perform certain simple tasks like – Sending your feedback and experience via video or audio.

The complete process usually takes 15-25 minutes of works and you as a tester get paid $10 per test.

7. Textbroker 

text broker

Are you passionate about writing?

Then Text Broker is the right place for you to turn your writing skill into cash.

No matter you are just starting out or an experienced writer, Textborkoer gives you thousands of writing opportunities for a wide variety of topics.

Most importantly you can choose when and how much you want to write, there is no limit on how much you can earn with Text Broker.

As I already promised you in the beginning that I will tell you only about “Online Jobs that Pay weekly”, Textbroker is not an exception in this list.

You can request weekly payoff as soon as you reach the minimum $10 threshold.

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8. Language Line

Language Line Solutions

Are you good at speaking more than one language?

If yes then congratulation, Now you can become Language Interpreters and make money online from the comfort of your home.

On Language Line you can translate audio and text, both live and recorded, to make money online.

It is an amazing online jobs that pay well, On an average, you can earn up to $12.50 per hour.

Moreover, you will get more opportunities as soon as you get some experience and increase your efficiency.

9. Clickworker


Looking for Side Hustle Ideas to Make Extra Money? ClickWorker is the perfect place to earn extra income.

On clickworker, you have to perform some simple short tasks like creating or correcting texts, Proofreading, participating in surveys or searching and categorizing data.

You can signup on ClickWorker for free of cost. There is no limitation on from where and how much time you want to work.

To get started all you need is a working internet connection and a computer and you are good to rock.

10. Join Flex Jobs to Get a Remote Job

online jobs that pay weekly

If you are looking for a good scam-free work at home job then you should definitely visit Flexjobs.

Basically, Flex Job is an authentic board that lists incredible variety kind of remote jobs from all over the world.

On FlexJob, you never have to worry about the legitimacy of the jobs as each job posted on Flkexjobs is reviewed by an intelligent human and only legit and scam free jobs passed through their screening process.

11. Swagbucks


No doubt Swagbucks is the most popular and trusted reward site in all over the world. Till the time I am writing this article, they have catered not just $1-2 million but over $364 million to various Swagbucks member around.

Swagbuck is possibly the quickest way to earn extra income fast and free. It is truly awesome, legit and genuine with 4 start rating by more than 13k people on Trust Pilot.

It is a well know survey site where you can share your opinion and win Gifts card. You can huge amount every week by watching videos, answering surveys, shopping online or searching the web or complete other simple tasks.

Talking about SwagBucks payment – They pay you through Gift card of popular online shopping sites like Amazon & Walmart.

I personally prefer Paypal gift card which is actually equal to getting cash as I can spend that money anywhere.

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12. Gigwalk


Gigwalker is amazing legit online jobs that pay weekly or more often. You just need to create your account on Gigwalk and you’ll be paid for completing gigs in your area that you’ll find via the Android or iOs devices.

With Gigwalk you can earn little or even an entire paycheck. You can find large variety of task ranging from taking few minutes to couple of hours.

You can earn between $5-$100 per gig and you’ll get your payment within the 5 days once your gig is approved.

13. Lionbridge


Lionbridge is a crowdsourcing company that is providing work from home opportunities from the last 20 years.

For someone who wants to work from their comfort of home as well as work with some of the largest and exciting companies in the world then Lionbridge will definitely suit you.

To get started with lionbridge you just need to click on JOIN NOW and provide some of your basic details and you are good to go.

14. Become a customer service representative for Amazon

27+ Legit Online Jobs that pay Weekly (Easy & Effective Method)

Amazon company hires real customer representatives to help with online shopping and other customer relates issues.

Fortunately, they also have virtual (or “work-from-home”) positions available for qualified individual lives in a specific area.

So you should always check their job opening page and in case if you meet their requirement then you are ready to work with the Amazon company.

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15. Scribie


Scribe is a similar site like TranscribeMe, Freelancer working for scribe earn between $5-$25 per transcribed audio.

They offer different kind of jobs like – Transcription, Review audio transcripts for accuracy, Correct spelling, punctuation, grammatical mistakes in the transcript, etc.

Once you reach their minimum threshold you can withdraw your payment through PayPal anytime.

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16. ibotta


This isn’t a job! But, indeed, a great way to make extra money while shopping for anything.

Ibotta lets you earn cashback on whatever and whenever you buy anything with iBotta.

Since it’s launched IBotta has given over $500 million dollars to their users.

Ibotta has become everyone favourite, because their android and iOs application is very easy to use for anyone and they have plenty of offers on almost every kind of products.

The best thing about ibotta is You’ll earn real cash back on your purchases which means you get your cash back in the form of actual money that you can withdraw Withdraw through Venmo, PayPal, or gifts cards.

17. Proofreading Pal

Online jobs

If you are good at catching and editing grammatical mistakes and inconsistencies, then becoming a proofreader can be a great option for you.

From last 2 years, the demand for proofreaders is constantly rising.

As a proofreader, your job is focused on catching errors in grammar, spelling, syntax, and formatting.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, On an average, a full-time proofreader earns around $36,960 per year.

18. Sig Track


Data Entry jobs might seem old school but it is still one of the most simple and easy methods to earn money online.

As well as almost all the data entry works do not require any degree or experience. All you need to have is basic knowledge of typing.

So, If you are looking for a data entry jobs that pay weekly then you should definitely check out Sig Track.

19. OneSpace


Onespace is basically a cloud-based platform which acts as a mediator between companies and freelancers like you across all over the world.

You just need to create your account on Onespace and you are ready to build and enhance your freelance career.

Once you signed up on OneSpace you’ll get access to various Freelance works based on your proficiency level.

The best part of being a Freelancer on Onespace is you have full flexibility to create your own schedule, Like when you want to work, where you want to work as well as on which project you want to work.

By working with OneSpace you’ll get some great opportunities to work with the leading companies around the world.

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20. Virtual Office VA

You must be aware of working as a Virtual Assistant. If not then you should difinetely check this guide – How to become a VA without any Experience.

There are literally thousands of companies that need help from people just like you.

So, If you have any of the skill mentioned below then congratulation you can start your career as a VA.

  • Social Media Management
  • Email Management
  • Project Management
  • Content Production
  • Bookkeeping
  • And More!

You can join Virtual Office VA to get your very first job. In starting they pay $9 per hour for actual work completed.

21. QuickTate

Online job

QuickTate is a Popular company which offers Transcriptions services all over the world.

They hire general transcribers who want to work remotely regardless of their experience level.

General transcriptions services involve transcribing letters, Voice mails, memos, letters, and other documents.

Payment for transcription on Quicktate is done on a weekly basis through Paypal.

22. Survey club

Survey club was started in the year 2005 with the goal of helping peoples earn extra cash by participating in market research.

You can join the survey club and participate in online surveys to share your opinion and earn extra cash.

23. Instacart


Instacart is basically providing a service that connects people who need to buy groceries with people who will purchase those groceries and deliver them to their door.

Which means if you some spare time and you want to do grocery shopping for someone else then you can easily make money with Instacart.

You can work with instacart both as an Independent contractor or a part-time employee.

As a shopper, you can make between $15-$25 per hour as well as you can withdraw your payment every week.

24. FreeeUp Marketplace


Freeup is a very popular company that offers freelance services from the past couple of years. Here as a frelancer, you can do what you love.

Whether it is E-commerce, Digital marketing, Web design, customer service, Web development or advertising, FreeUp Offers all kind of freelance job.

Just determine what you are good at and signup for a Freeup.com account and start your freelancing career.

25. Verblio

Related image

Verbilo is a well-known company for creating amazing content for website & business agencies around the world.

As a freelance writer, you will get the opportunity to works with more than 3000 talented, detail-oriented, professional content creators.

So if you have Impeccable grammar knowledge and strong research skill then you can always join Verbilo.

You’ll receive your payment on a weekly basis through Paypal or direct transfer.

26. Rover

Related image

Do you love pets?

If yes then one of the most relaxing and loving jobs that you can take up is to dog sit other’s people’s dog in your city.

I believe this job is not suitable for everyone but considering if you are a pet lover, Then believe me you’ll have an amazing time and you’ll also get paid for it

Rover.com gives you an amazing platform to connect with the pet owners near you who are looking for pet sitting, dog walking, doggy daycare or dog boarding.

As a dog sitter, you can usually charge between $25-$40 per night and the best part is you get paid in just two business days.

27. Blogging

First of all, Blogging is not a quick-rich scheme… Means it is not possible to make huge amount of money from Day 1 from Blogging.

Then why I have included this in the list of “Best online jobs that pay weekly”

Because it has high potential to earn money online compared to any other job mentioned in the list or I would say Blogging has already made thousands of Millionaires.

I have been personally making money with Blogging from the last 4 years.

When I started my first blog I had no idea of how blogging works and that’s the reason I earned zero rupees for almost 2 years.

But I never give up, I worked hard, Learned everything about SEO, Backlink, Promotion, Designing, etc and finally things started getting in my favor.

And today I am proud to say that I am making good amount of money from all of my Blogs.

How to start a Blog in the next 30 Minute:

  • Choose the Right Niche for Your Blog
  • Register a Domain Name
  • Get Siteground Hosting for fast loading site
  • Install WordPress
  • Start Creating Content

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