Ryan Biddulph Interview On Living A 9-5 Job Free Life

Hello everyone, Welcome to yet another Blogging Nova bloggers interview series.

This time we’re interviewing Ryan Biddulph founder of Blogging from Paradise.

There was a time when he was working as a security guard at a shipping terminal and today he is living the kind of life that most of us can only dream of.

All these things became possible just because of his interest and love for blogging.

From the past 5 years, Ryan is a Full-time blogger and traveler who is blogging from places like Phuket in Thailand, Fiji, Playa Potrero in Costa Rica, Jimbaran in Bali,
to name just a few.

His blog Blogging from Paradise receives more than 25k visitors every month, where he helps other bloggers in building a better blog by following their fun.

Ryan biddulph Interview bloggingnova

So, without further ado, let’s dive into this Ryan Biddulph interview to find some incredible insights inside.

Q1. Hey Ryan, can you please introduce yourself to our Bemakemoney readers?

Hello everyone, I am the owner and creator of Blogging From Paradise.

Q2. What inspired you to start blogging? To be precise, why did you choose blogging?

I wanted to be free of the 9-5 job gig. Freedom drove me. I was tired of being bound by a job and desired to circle the globe, to work when I wanted to, where I wanted to work.

Q3. Please share moments that you feel are the best and worst moments you had so far in your blogging journey?

I judge nothing; I just blog. Really wise people taught me not to judge; to love everything just the way it was.

Q4. Failure rate in blogging is really high. What do you think about most people failing to build a profitable blog?

Image result for Ryan Biddulph

Most people blog to make money; this is OK but you need to not worry or care about money to make money. Screws bloggers up because they never develop enough skills to make money, being obsessed with outcomes.

Q5. As I know you love traveling, what is your favorite destination & How traveling changed your life?

I love Thailand so much. Thailand taught me culture, offers me superfood and some beautiful nature too.

Q6. As you are the master of Networking, Can you tell our readers that why networking is important and how a newbie can start networking?


Networking helps expand your presence. Expanding your presence helps you reach many people in little time.

Comment genuinely on blogs. Promote top bloggers via your blog and social media. Start there.

Q7. Name 3 bloggers who you follow regularly & why?

I don’t follow any bloggers regularly but read Darren Rowse once every few months.

Q8. What are your Top 3 Income Sources and how you Make Money with them?

I rarely pay attention to actual income sources. I just have fun helping people.

I do enjoy selling my blogging course, eBooks and audio books though.

Q9.  As you know, time management is really important. What are the 3 productivity tips you would recommend to bloggers?

  • Love blogging to make the work the reward.
  • Do only a few things daily :- for me, blogging, guest blogging, videos and commenting.
  • Learn SEO.

Q10. What tips do you have for beginners who want to make money from their blogs?

  • Invest in a course from a top blogging tips blogger.
  • Learn ONLY from the best bloggers on earth to monetize effectively as a newbie.

Final thoughts about the interview with Ryan Biddulph

Creating a blog is easy but making it successful is not.

If you want to build a better blog then start networking, Networking expands your presence and helps you reach many people in very little time.

We hope you enjoyed the interview with Ryan Biddulph and learned some useful lessons about blogging and networking.

I would love to know your thought about Ryan Biddulph’s interview in the comment. If you have any other questions for him, let me know in the comment section guys.

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    • I am glad that you find our blogger interview series helpful, many more new inspiring interviews are coming soon. So, stay tuned for that..

  1. Ryan Sir is one of those few Bloggers who have talented writing abilities. If you ever wanted to learn the networking Skills, He is the best man on the planet.

    I learned many things from his Ebook’s available on Amazon. Guys Buy them to learn the most basic but foundational lessons of Blogging. It could be a life changing Ebooks for you.

  2. Ryan has always been so awesome Blogger. I know him from the past two years, he wrote guest posts for me. I had the opportunity to Interview him as well.

    A man, who has strong networking skills. And moreover, living the life in a style, traveling around the Globe. He is one of the inspiration to all the folks out there who want to start their career as a blogger.

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