SEMRush Review 2019: How It Increased My site Traffic by 250% in 6 Months

• August 21, 2019 •

Are you struggling to increase your search traffic?

Or are you struggling to find and tap the quality backlink opportunity?

This is not just your problem…

Almost everyone including me faces this problem.

But after using this SEO Tool (with whom I will introduce you today) everything became so easy for me…

blogging nova traffic

Look, Almost every blogger and marketer knows that creating quality content isn’t enough.

You need more search traffic to increase your sales, leads and overall earning.

Yes, it is as simple as that.

Then why most of the people struggle to increase organic search traffic even though they are sharing good content.

There is no rocket science behind this…

They don’t understand the proper SEO, they don’t know how they can optimize their content For SEO or Search engine.

They actually don’t use the right keyword that can boost their organic search traffic as well as they don’t understand the power of Competetior website analysis.

If you are also struggling with all these things, then let me help you out…

Today I will introduce you with all-in-one SEO tool which will help you with not only increasing search traffic but also sales and overall earning.

So, this is going to be a full-fledged SEMrush review, The Powerful SEO tool which is being used by Most of the Professional bloggers, Digital Marketers, SEO Experts, Social media experts, and many professionals.

SEMRush Review 2019: How It Increased My site Traffic by 250% in 6 Months

SEMRush Website

SEMRush is a Popular all-in-one SEO Software which is used for keyword research, Performing SEO audit, social media monitoring,  SERP rank Tracker, backlink analysis, and a lot more.

This tool was founded in 208 by a small group of SEO and IT specialist whose ideas was to create a competitive research software or tool for online marketing. They are the same guys behind the popular browser-extension SEOQuake.

Unlike any other keyword research tool available at that time, SEMRush provided a very unique approach to find out profitable keyword.

Being the first SEO tool to have this kind of functionality, it had first movers advantage. In No-time, it became a must-have tool in the SEO & Marketing world.

SEMRush can be used to tackle several tasks such as:

Furthermore, SEMRush is undoubtedly one of the best SEO tools you will ever find on the internet.

There are already lots of similar SEO tool available in the market that perform almost similar task, still SEMRush is leading the pack.

Are you an Indian Blogger?

Here is good news for you…

SEMRush launched its Indian database recently, so from now all Indian blogger can also get benefitted from this latest feature to find more targetted & profitable keyword and research their competitors.

If you are reading this, I have an insane deal for you where you can get a free SEMrush trial account for 14 days. Click this link to get a 14-day free SEMrush Pro account

In this SEMRush review, I will cover all the SEMRush features in details and equally guide you on how to use all these features and make most out of the tool.

Why You need a Tool Like SEMrush?


SEO was quite straight forward back then, You just have to pick some exact match phrase keywords and sprinkle it in all over your content, then you just have to make some comment backlink and Boom!

You started getting lots of organic traffic from search engine.

Then, everyone came to know about SEO (Search engine Optimization) as the internet world grew. And Google started improving its intelligence with each algorithm update.

Today Google is rolling out new algorithm update almost once or twice a month.

Of course, as a webmaster, we all love the fact that how intelligent Google is making the overall search process. But here you have to agree with me, SEO has become now much more complicated than ever before.

Thankfully, there are numerous AI engine has built to handle the heavy SEO process, And one of the most prominent ones, as you probably know by now, is SEMrush.

Regardless, whether you are running a small niche website, a business website or an authoritative site – ranking high in the search result is the uppermost goal of every webmaster.

From Producing content marketing ideas to refinancing your brand presence online, SEMRush is going to help you in a very way.

This SEMrush review analyzes all the critical details, important functionalities, and pricing as well as I will also discuss the SEMRush’s drawbacks.

Ok now without wasting much time, It’s time for you to get stuck into the content.

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Our Results of Using SEMrush for One Year

I have been personally using SEMRush for several years now. In October 2017, I was struggling to grow my search traffic from the past couple of months, soon I came to known SEMRush tool through my Favourite Blogger Harsh Agarwal (Founder of India’s most popular SEO blog Shout Me Loud)

blogging nova traffic

From then I have used SEMrush religiously to uncover worthy keywords to target and as well as for competitor website analysis.

Over the course of that year, I was able to increase my search traffic by 348% which is just insane.

SEMRush Review | Getting Started 


The user interface of SEMrush can be a little overwhelming for the first time user. There seems to be a lot going on with all the color call to actions and texts where everything calling out for attention.

But actually, It’s not a complicated tool, everything became too easy once you get familiar with all of their functionalities.

Once you visit the SEMRush dashboard, the first thing you want to do is enter the keyword or domain URL that you want to analyze and click the Start Now button.

On the next screen, this will give you a basic overview of the website or keyword you are analyzing.

However, before analyzing your competitor’s website, you should first start with your own website to get a better idea of where actually you are at the moment into the competition.

Let’s Identify Your Top Organic Search Competitors

So finally its time to identify your top organic competitors.

You just have to enter your own website URL and click on the “Start now” button then you have to navigate to the “Domain Analytics” >> “Competitors” tab.

There you’ll see a competitor positioning map which highlights your top organic search competitors. 

The visualization also provides you a quick snapshot of where you actually rank in the competitive landscape in terms of the number of keywords ranking in top 100 search results, as well as the search traffic receiving every month.

semrush tool-min

In this example, we analyzed competetiors for a very popular SEO and Digital marketing blog “”

From the given below screenshot, you can see that “” is a top competitor for “” in terms of both search traffic and the number of keywords ranking in the top 100 search results. 

You can head over to each bubble to see the exact number of keywords and traffic.

semrush competetive map-min

Additionally, you can click on any of the shown bubbles and it’ll take you to the dashboard covering different organic keyword, ads, backlink and more data which I will show you later.

Organic Competitors Table

Now it’s time to dive a little deeper.

When you scroll down, you’ll find the organic competitors table.

This table basically shows you the list of your all competitors that allows you to find lots of actionable data.

Don’t be frightened by the massive number of competitors list you’ll see here. Just pay close attention to the metric shown there like common keywords, Level of competition and SE Keywords.

semrush tool compretive research-min

As you can see from the table, we have been able to uncover almost 84,178 potential competitors. These are actually the websites with whom your site is competing withing the Googles top 100 search result.

Now I will teach you how to outrank your competitors in search engines through SEMrush other features.

Start Analyzing Your Competitors website

Once you have the list of your competitors, now its time to analyze your competitors.

To start analyzing your competitor’s website, you just have to enter their website URL and click on the start now button.

Within a few seconds, You’ll get tons of data from your competitor’s website, which again, can be a little overwhelming.

semrush tool feature-min

Of course, this is just an overview of everything you’ll get here, Now you have to decide what exactly you’re looking to analyze.

Is it their organic rankings?

Is it their backlink profile?

Is it their paid advertising campaign?

Whatever it is, you can use the sidebar navigation to dive into the details of a specific set of data.

semrush tool sidebar-min (1)

Go Behind The Scenes With Organic Research

The ability of this tool to perform deep organic research is insane that’s why Organic research is the feature that most of the professionals use the most including me.

To get started you just have to click on “Organic Research” (showing in the sidebar) and it’ll take you straight to the “Positions” analysis by default.

semrush organic traffic-min

Positions report basically gives you an idea of where your competitor is ranking for specific keywords. 

One thing I would like to tell you here is that data you’ll get here is not global.

By default, this tool will show you US-specific data, But in just one click you can change the country (from more than 115 countries)- So just keep that in mind.

semrush tools-min

So that’s the formalities out the way.

Now let’s dive into the details and talk about some things which can actually help your website and blog to grow.

Spy On Your Competitors Traffic Stats

First thing first, you’ll see here is the number of organic traffic a site is getting every day, month or year.

This will not only give you an idea of your competitor’s websites’ organic traffic volume as well as it also shows you the trend of that traffic over the period.

semrush traffic check-min

One thing you should keep in mind that the volume of traffic shown here is only based on the Organic traffic, that’s why it’s considerably lower than you might expect for some sites.

Want more details of traffic stats?

Just click on the “Traffic Analytics” option given in the sidebar area.

semrush traffic analytics-min

And here you’ll get a complete breakdown of how traffic flows through your competitor’s site.

traffic details-min

Always keep in mind that it is not an exact science, the data shown here are based on the keyword volume, organic ranking, and average CTC, so the actual data may differ from the webmaster’s personal analytics.

Steal The Best Performing Keywords Of your competitors

Let’s come back to the organic research feature…

semrush organic traffic-min

You’ll definitely fall in love with this tool after using The Organic Search Positions feature.

Basically, you can use this feature to find out the top-performing keyword of your competitor’s website.

Isn’t it interesting?

Everything will become so easy once you know which keyword is bringing major search traffic to your competitor’s website.

I personally believe that it is more than a great idea to analyze some of your top competitor’s website using SEMrush and note down their top-performing keyword into an excel sheet.

Then you can probably use all the keywords into your blog in the future.

This is a golden chance for you to skyrocket your blog organic traffic. After using this technique, you may end up beating all of your website competitors in the search engine if you are good at creating high-quality content.

Let’s take a look at how it works?

Once you scroll down it will show you a list of all best performing keywords of your competitor’s website.

semrush keyword research-min

By default, SEMRush sort out the keyword list by ‘Traffic %’, or the keyword that’s are bringing maximum traffic to the blog.

default sorting of semrush-min

It’s more than good to see that SEMRush does this automatically because it is undoubtedly the most effective and efficient way to find out the most valuable keyword of any site.

Continuing with our example, from here we can easily pick out the best performing keyword of “Neil Patel blog.”

semrush compettiors keyword research-min

From the above screenshot, you can clearly see the percentage of traffic driven by each keyword mentioned there. SEMRush has the database of more than 323k plus organic keywords for this Domain.

So, in this way you can easily find out the top performing keyword of your competitor’s websites with the help of this tool.

These keywords are radically different from the keyword suggestion you get with the traditional keyword researching approach because these are the already proven keywords. So it’s basically 10x increase your chances of ranking in top 10 search engine result for these keywords.

Uncover Your Competitor’s Top Performing Content

How good it would be if you get to know about the best performing article of your competitors.

SEMRush makes it very easy for you to find top performing article (who is driving most of the traffic) of your competitors.


Just enter your competitors URL into domain overview section and scroll down to the bottom, there you’ll find the report that shows all the pages of your competitors that has ranking in the Google top 100 results.

It also shows you the estimation of the amount of traffic driven to the page from organic search.

semrush review 2019

From the above screenshot, you can clearly see that Neil Patel’s “what is affiliate marketing post” is driving 75.6k traffic each month and this single post is ranking for almost 2.6k keywords.

You can check the keyword of any post and write your own content on the same topic with the variation of good keywords.

Undoubtedly, you can also rank for the same keywords for which you competitors is ranking.

Using ‘Keyword Magic’ to Discover New Keywords

Just below the “Keyword Analytics” option, you’ll find a few other options which are truly helpful for any blogger & SEO guy. Let’s begin with the SEMRush recently added feature “SEO Keyword Magic tool.”

The Keyword Magic tool is created to make your keyword researching process much easier by giving you a more refined result.

SEMRush keyword Magic Tool

This SEMRush tool feature, Lets you create a big list of potential target worthy keywords. You’ll be able to group those keywords in a specific niche and further evaluate them.

Let’s have a look at how to use keyword Magic tool.

keyword magic tool semrush tool (2)

First of all, you have to enter your target keyword you want to work with into the search bar and click on the submit button.

There you’ll be given a list of the different related keyword for your target keyword, from which you can include or exclude specific keyword based on what you actually want.

For instance, I entered the keyword “Best diet” into keyword magic tool, but now I don’t need any keyword with the word “Muscle”, I will just exclude it from the list from the filter area.

keyword magic tool semrush tool (1)

The tool will automatically take that out and you’ll see the keyword search volume number decrease on top of the chart.

SEMRush’s Keyword Magic Tool make your keyword researching process much easier.

Quickly Discover Keyword Competition Level

Are you wondering what is actually KD (Keyword difficulty)?

Let me explain it to you.

KD basically means Keyword Difficulty – which basically tells us how a keyword is difficult to rank in search engine.

KD is a score given by SEMRush tool from 0 to 100, where 100 being the hardest keyword to rank and 0 being the easiest keyword to rank.

If you are a beginner, we recommend you to target keyword with less KD (Basically below 50). So, that it’ll be easy for you to rank in the top 10 results of Google search engine in your beginning days.

SEMRush shows you Keyword difficulty score for each keyword in the 4th row.

keyword difficulty semrush-min

If you want to calculate keyword difficulty of your own set of keywords into SEMRush tool – Just navigate to the “keyword difficulty” option and enter your set of keywords.

keyword difficulty-min

In just a few seconds, you will get the results, which will look something like this.

keyword difficult check-min

Using SEMRush to Find Long-tail Keywords 


Long-tail keywords are phrases that contain Four or more than four words.

Example: Best healthy diet to lose weight.

It is said that if you target long-tail keyword into your content, you can easily rank your web pages in the organic SERPs.

Here is the reason what makes long-tail keyword more valuable.

Instead of optimizing your content for a “Best healthy diet” in general, you can focus your energies on a specific group of people by targeting ” Best healthy diet to lose weight “

Therefore you don’t have to compete with other webmasters who are focusing on the dieting plan for different people. All you need to worry about the webpages that are covering the diet plan exclusively for losing weight.

Therefore ranking on the top position in Google search result for long-tail keywords become much easier due to very low competition.

KISSmetrics Received 142,149 Visitors by targetting Long-Tail Keywords


Therefore, long-tail keywords are the better option.

So, now the question is “How to Find Long-Tail Keywords by using SEMRush?

In order to discover these keywords, let’s quickly navigate to the Keyword analytics >> Overview tab.

long tail keyword research

Now firstly here you have to enter a keyword to you want properly analyze. So, let’s begin with our primary keyword also known as seed keywords.

After entering the keyword into the search box, you’ll be presented with the organic and paid search volume of your primary keyword as well as you’ll be also shown the competition and search trend of that specific keyword.

long tail keyword find

Now as we are looking for discovering the long tail keywords, so scroll down a bit and go to the “phrase match” and “related keywords” sections.

This is where you’ll get tons of keyword ideas.

For example: Here is a list of related keywords for “healthy diet”

long tail keyword semrush

From the “Phrase match keyword” section, you can find tons of long tail keyword ideas that actually contains your primary keyword.

Just click on the “View Full Report” button to open the full list of keywords.

Moving on, Once you open the full phrase match keyword list, just scroll down a little bit and you’ll see a chart which will give you a collection of different long tail keywords, which are excellent to target.

healthy diet keyword research

Continuing with our example, when we search for the keyword “Healthy diet”, I immediately found the keywords: healthy diet to lose weight, healthy pregnancy diet, healthy diet for teens, healthy diet to gain weight, etc.

From there you’ll not just see the search volume of each keyword, but also the keyword difficulty percentage of each keyword – and this will eventually tell you how difficult it is going to be to rank these keywords into top 10 search engine results.

As I earlier mentioned, 100 is the highest, so the lower the Keyword difficulty is the better and have a high chance to rank into the top 10 positions.

You can also filter out those keywords whose keyword difficulty score is too high so that you can focus more on some of the better keywords.

keyword analysis

Furthermore, you can equally find different keywords variations that you can group together to use them in a single piece of content.

It is always recommended to use variations of primary keyword within your blog post, because it will ultimately help you to rank for that primary keyword as well.

But wait we will not stop here though…

The next thing you have to do is click on any of the long-tail keywords you have selected to target and then again scroll down to the phrase match keyword section and once again click on the “View full report button.”

In this way, you have a full list of variation of more long tail keywords that you can use within your content to rank for different keywords into the Google search engine.

This is how most of the professional Bloggers website’s single articles rank for different keywords.

Using Advanced Filters on SEMRush

With the SEMrush tool, You can easily apply the advanced filters to find the right keywords for your content. In my opinion, it is one of the game-changing features for keyword researching.

Being able to discover the keyword that is specific and targeted to your business and optimizing your content for the targetted search term is the key to improve your organic search ranking.

To get started with the advanced filter, open the filter tab that you’ll find at the top of each page.

SEMRush Related keywords report

1. Find Keywords with a specific amount of search results

Most of the researchers ignore this filter while doing keyword research, But it’s crucial because it shows you the direction to approach your content from, so that you don’t end up competing with the top brand in Google search engine

To start filtering simply apply this setting:

SEMRush Related keywords report advanced filter

2. Get Keywords that contains Specific Word

This is again gaming changing for keyword research, You can use the tool to find only those keyword which contains the specific word of your choice.

SEMRush Related keyword report Contained

3. Get Keywords Excluding A Specific Word

Sometimes while doing keyword research, you might want to exclude a specific keyword from your keyword list. This filter can help you out in excluding a specific word from your keyword list.

SEMRush Related keywords report Excluding specific word

4. Find specific words in Beginnings And Endings

You can use this filter to find those keywords which contain a specific word either at the beginning of the keyword or at the end or both.

SEMRush Related keyword report Begin with

Use this combination to find the specific word at the end:

SEMRush Related keyword report end with

5. Get Keywords with a specified Monthly search volume

This filter is definitely helpful to find better keywords, suppose if you are looking for the keyword with at least 10,000 monthly search volume or lower or greater, this filter can help you out.

Here’s how to set it up for a greater, less than or equal search volume:

SEMRush Related keywords report monthly search volume


Using SEMRush to Find Link Building Opportunities

Let’s first understand that why analyzing the backlink profile of your competitor’s website is important.

Search Engine always gives high priority or High ranking to the webpages with more quality links. The reason why most of the new website owners struggle to get traffic because they barely have any link pointing to their webpages.

So if you want to boost your organic search traffic, you need more link. Yes, it is as simple as that.

Backlink analysis helps you to analyze the quality of the backlink, where they are coming from, is it no-follow- or do-follow, etc. So, you can easily find out the right backlink strategy to build some good quality natural backlink for your site.

To get started with the backlink analysis, look under “Domain Analytics” section and click on backlinks.

semrush backlink checker

Once you enter your competitor’s website URL in the search box, you’ll be presented some useful data such as:

Referring domain basically tells you How diverse the backlink profile of your competitors is. Continuing with our example, I found there are almost 2.4 million links pointing to Neil Patel’s site, However, all of those links only came from 38,218 different domain.

For instance, You are analyzing the backlink profile of a low competition niche site and let’s assume your competitor has only about 10 referring domain but the total number of links pointing to their site is 400-500.

So what this means?

This simply means that lots of the backlinks are not holding much weight or authority due to the fact that are getting too many backlinks from the same site.

That’s why professional and expert says that diversity is important in your backlink profile.

Furthermore, you can analyze the type of domain linking to their site by scrolling down a bit. As you can see in the above screenshot has .edu, .gov, .com, .org, .net, and so on TLD link.

backlink analysis

This can be very useful information for anyone as the .gov and .edu TLD typically hold more weight than the other TLDs.

There’s even more to analyze.

When you take a deeper look into the referring domain, you’ll be able to get to know the actual source of the backlinks.


Once you click on the referring domain, It will bring you a complete list of referring domain for the site.

So, what more you should check here?

Here you can look out for the relevant sources related to the niches you are working in. For instance, you can look for Forums, Online communities, directories, Guest posting, social link or other sources that give you a better idea of what you can target in the future.

Moving ahead, the very first column in the backlink chart is the “Authority score” and this is calculated on the scale of 0 to 100.

Ideally, the higher the Authority score of a website, higher the quality of the link you are going to get from them.

Apart from that, you can check the actual websites that are linking to that website, alongside the total number of links from that site pointing to your own site.

Moving ahead, clicking on the link in Root domain column, You’ll be presented a brief overview of the website – similarly clicking on the number of the “backlinks” column, it will give you specific details on the backlinks such as:


How to Leverage the backlink analysis to gain tons of traffic from Google?

Brian Dean founder of developed a unique Skyscraper Technique that is basically a link building strategy where you improve existing popular content and replicate the backlinks.

Here’s how it works?

Step 1: First of all find a relevant piece of content with lots of backlinks (SEMRush can easily help you in finding those content.

Step 2: Create something way better than the existing top 10 content appearing in the search result.

Step 3: Make a list of all the backlinks pointing to the original piece of content with the help of SEMrush tool and finally ask those link owners to link to your superior content instead.

This is the simple strategy, you can use to drive tons of traffic from Google.

Using SEMrush to Perform Full Site Audit

Do you want to perform a full SEO audit for your website?

So, what is an SEO site audit?

Basically, by conducting a thorough SEO audit of your sites, you can discover all the loopholes of your website and rectify them to improve your overall search engine traffic.

Most of the people struggle to increase search traffic even after creating great content.


Because their blog might have some SEO related issue or may have lots of broken link, lengthy title and meta description.

You can’t find the actual reason unless you carefully scrutinize your blog.

This is where the SEMRush tool, can help you in finding and fixing all the SEO issues.

You just have to open SEO audit section and enter your domain details and SEMRush will take care of all the remaining things.

SEMrush Site Audit

From the above-given screenshot, now you have got a clear idea of how Site audit works with SEMRush tool.

It not only gives you a list of the issues found on your site like Duplicate content, broken link, nofollow attributes, etc but also helps you in fixing all the issues.

Once you fix all the issues of your site, in no time your search engine ranking and traffic will increase.

What about the Pricing?

SEMRush is currently offering 3 pricing package for their customers.

Pro Plan

Price: $69.95/ monthly

Guru Plan

Price: $149.95 monthly

Business Plan

Price: $549.95 monthly

So, how to decide which plan is right for you?

Don’t worry, have a look at what you get with each pack and decide by yourself.

If you are a beginner who is just starting out, I will recommend you to go with the Pro package that starts at $69.95 monthly.

It is not only an excellent pricing option that is enough for small Blogs but also helps you to crush the competition by providing all the essential features.

I’ll also recommend you to try their 30 days free trial before deciding whether this tool is working right for you or not.

I will talk about SEMRUSH free trial later in this SEMRush review.

Guys one thing you have to understand is – there is a huge competition out there in 2019, no matter what your niche is.

As everyone uses their own tactics to grow their blog, so if you don’t spy at your competitor’s websites top-performing content, profitable keywords, backlink, and traffic, then mark my word you are going to struggle a lot and a lot.

Once you understand whats your top competitors are driving to increase their traffic, sales, and leads from Google search engine, It’ll become much easier to grow your own blog or business.

How to get SEMrush Free Trial for 14 Days Worth $47?

Follow the given below steps to get a free trial of SEMRush tool for 14-DAYs which is worth $47.

Step 1: First of all you have to Click on this special SEMrush link (coupon code is already applied) to grab Free SEMRush account for 14 days.

Then you have to create an account by entering your email id and password of your choice.

Sometimes you may have to fill out the captcha to proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Now you’ll be redirected to the payment page that looks like something like this where you need to enter your billing details.

semrush free-

Step 3: Here you have to enter your credit card details to grab your SEMrush Pro account which is worth $47 absolutely for free of cost for the next 14 days and start boosting website search engine presence.

Once everything is done, just click on the “Place The Order” button, it’ll automatically create your SEMrush account without charging you anything.

That’s it guys now you have full access of SEMRush tool for the next 14 days for free of cost.

You are now ready to use all the SEMRush features for the next 14 days, in case anytime you don’t find SEMRush helpful (which is not going to happen) still you can cancel your account anytime by sending an email to

SEMrush Review – Conclusion

I have seen that most of the people assume that SEO (search engine optimization) is rocket science.

Maybe they are true to some extent.

But the fact is that once you start using the right tool, it will certainly make the entire optimization process much easier.

The final verdict of this SEMrush review is that it is undeniably the ultimate SEO tool that not only helps you to easily spy your competitors and analyze backlink but also provides tons of uniques feature that helps you in boosting your overall blog /website growth.

Once you start using this amazing SEO tool, you’ll easily see why this too, is trusted and recommended by industry experts. The best thing is the team behind the SEMRush tool constant introduce the new and unique approach of keyword researching and competitor analysis that makes it one of the best premium tool in the SEO software industry.

So what are you waiting for?

So, guys, I hope my SEMRush review has helped you to understand the use and benefit of this insane SEO tool. If you find this SEMRush review 2019 helpful – Please make sure to share it with your friends and fans on social media.

SEMRUSH banner

My name is Shivam Choudhary, and I’m the founder of Bloggingnova. A blog that helps people start and grow their blog through high-quality actionable content and resources. You can join our Facebook Community to stay connected with other like-minded bloggers.

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