Thrive Architect Review – Our Honest Assessment of Thrive Architect After 1 Year and 7 months

• March 27, 2020 •
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4.5 rating



What We Like

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop page builder interface
  • High-quality selection of Premade page templates
  • Works with any WordPress theme
  • Includes additional mobile responsive features
  • Light-weight plugin considering all the built-in features

What We Don’t Like

  • Some of the landing page templates look a little dated.
  • Templates are mostly focused on sales and conversion page
  • You Need a Separate Plugin for A/B Testing
  • Lack of Capability for universal theme edits

You want to create beautiful and effective pages for your WordPress site but you are not a coding expert.

It’s a problem as old as at least WordPress because writing thousands of lines of HTML & CSS code is not everyone’s cups of tea.

And it’s exact problem that page builder plugins like Thrive Architect were made to fix.

In today’s time, With drag-and-drop user interfaces, page builders have made it easy to construct all types of pages without requiring any coding knowledge.

Last year I purchased Thrive Architect and has been using on all of my sites to design home pages, landing pages, and blog posts.

If you are trying to decide whether Thrive Architect is the best page builder for your WordPress website then you will love our today’s post.

In our today’s Thrive Architect review, I hope to give you the information you need to make your decision.

Our Thrive architect Plugin review includes the latest features in Thrive Architect v2.4.9, so you can be certain you’re getting a full look at everything this plugin can do.

Why you should trust this Thrive Architect review?

Online World is full of Manipulative and fake elements.

Many online products review manipulate their website readers one way or another.

I have seen many instances where reviewers completely share his biased review about a product and at the same time, some reviewers just review a product without having any practical experience with the product.

But as I’ve always said, I try my best to be as transparent and honest as possible with my readers.

Here I want you to assure that I have purchased the thrive architect plugin and have been consistently using it for a long time.

Thrive theme account

So, everything I’ll share in this Thrive Architect review will be based on my practical experience.

Thrive Architect Review: In a Nutshell

Thrive Architect is a drag-and-drop page builder and visual editor developed by Thrive Themes, a company which is well known in the industry for creating advanced yet simple-to-use suite of plugins, themes, and tools for WordPress site.

Thrive-Architect-Top-Page-Builder-Plugins copy

From the past more than a decade, they have created some amazing tools like Thrive Quiz Builder, Thrive leads, Thrive membership, Thrive clever widget and many others.

But today we are here to talk about their drag and drop page Builder “Thrive Architect.”

So, what you can actually do with Thrive Architect plugin?

  • Well, Thrive architect lets you create original looking pages and posts that are very unique, compared to the standard post and page you can create with your WordPress theme.
  • You get 100% separate easy to use interface to work on your pages and posts – the bulk of your work doesn’t happen in the standard Gutenberg block editor that comes with WordPress.
  • It doesn’t require any CCS/HTML/PHP or other coding skills – everything can be done through a handy drag and drop blocks.
  • It is a complete WYSIWYG  (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) editor – Meaning it shows you the outcome of your work right away in the editor, unlike your default WordPress editor where you have to preview your content every time for seeing any changes.
  • As per my experience, you can use it to create any content or page layout you can imagine.
  • And, most importantly it is fully compatible with all WordPress themes, so you can keep your current design and still get all of the good things Thrive architect comes with.

Putting it all together, the main benefit of using Thrive architect page builder is that you can create impressive-looking pages and posts, even if you’re not a professional nor have any experience with site-building.

This is especially important if you are on a tight budget and don’t want to hire professional developers to help with your site.

Most of the custom-designed blog posts and pages of Bloggingnova is created with Thrive architect.

My home page: (View live page)

Bloggingnova Home page
Homepage designed with Thrive architect

My deals page: (View live page)

Bloggingnoav deals page
Deals page designed with Thrive Architect

One of my Blog post: (View live page)

Bloggingnova blog posts
A blog post designed with Thrive Architect

Building your pages with Thrive Architect

As soon as you install and activate Thrive Architect on your site, you’re ready to start building pages and posts right away.

To get started just normally add a new page or post and then click on the Launch Thrive Architect button.

Thrive Architect Review - Our Honest Assessment of Thrive Architect After 1 Year and 7 months

Upon clicking on the “Launch button” it will open up a new window with a bunch of new editing tools.

Thrive architect blank canvas

Now you’ll have two ways to build a page. You can either use a pre-designed page template or you can start from scratch with a blank template.

Basically, with a pre-made template, you don’t need to build a page from scratch. You get ready-made beautiful designed pages that can be further customized as per your need.

I will talk about Thrive Architect templates in a moment. For now, let’s build a page from scratch.

Using Thrive Architect Elements To Build A Page:

On the right-hand side of your thrive architect editor, you’ll find all the elements that can help you build a unique page.

Thrive architect elements
Thrive architect elements

Thrive Architect divides its elements into two sections:

  • Foundation – As the name suggests, these are the core elements of any page and likely what you’ll use the most. (Like text, image, column, content box, background, etc) It’s nice that they’re always handy at the top of the page.
  • Building Blocks – These elements are more specific to achieve certain designs on your page. Like adding testimonials, table of contents, social share button, countdown timers, and more. They are definitely very helpful, but you won’t necessarily use each element for every page that you build.

To start building your page, all you need to do is drag an element from your sidebar to the blank canvas.

thrive adding blocks

Unlike other popular page builders (Elementor), Thrive Architect doesn’t force you to create a section or column layout before adding an element like text or image. Instead, you can just go straight and start dragging and dropping elements.

But that does not mean you can’t put elements inside containers for more control. Thrive Architect gives you a few different types of sections to hold and style a group of elements.

  • Background section – This elements let you create a neat full width or Fill-screen background.
  • Content box – The Content Box element can be used for multiple purposes in Thrive Architect. First It serves as a content container for holding multiple elements you want to treat in the same manner, plus you can use it to draw attention to a single element.
  • Columns – Makes easy to create a pre-designed column structure, though it’s not necessary to create multi-column designs.

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Two Of My Favorite Features In Thrive Architect

Here are two things that I personally love about Thrive Architect. And yes, as far as I have seen, no other page builder plugin offers the combination of both these features.

  • In-line text editing – Instead of having to type into sidebar or a popup panel, Thrive Architect allows you to edit your text directly on the main page.  This really speeds up the workflow and makes it easier to preview your work as you go. As this is something which is not available in most of the page builder (Like Elementor – sidebar, Beaver Builder – Popup panel) – it’s definitely a highlight of Thrive Architect.

Here’s what in-line text editing looks like in Thrive Architect:

Thrive architect In line text
In-line text editing
  • Drag and drop column creation– Thrive Architect allows you to create a new column by just dragging an element next to another element.

Here’s what I mean by easy column creation:

Column creation thrive architect
Easy Column creation

I know these seem like very small features – but over time, it will speed up your workflow and save you a non-trivial amount of time.

As far as I remember, Divi Builder offers in-line text editing, but no easy column creation. Whereas Beaver Builder offers easy column creation, but no in-line text editing.

So, by offering both the feature in same package, I think Thrive has done a good job in differentiating itself.

Styling Of The Thrive Architect Element

In comparison with most of the other page builders, Thrive Architect gives you more control over each element that you use on your page.

The best thing is – Thrive Architect puts all of these options in a single column, instead of utilizing multiple tabs like Elementor:

Elementor styling
Elementor styling option
Thrive architect styling
Thrive Architect Styling options

I actually Liked the Thrive Architect approach because I find it quicker to work with.

Thrive architect offers endless control over each element. Here are some highlights of the styling option available in Thrive architect:

  • Take full control over colors/typography
  • Easily add custom margins/padding to move an element around
  • Change backgrounds
  • Add borders and corners
  • Add animations
  • Turn elements on/off for specific devices to help with responsive design
  • Add custom CSS classes/IDs
  • Add scrolling behavior of the element
  • Add Shadow on your elements

And for some elements, you can even repeat the same style for hover states. This gives you full control over what happens when a user hover over a specific element.

For Example – You can style your Button hover state with the same styling option you get in normal states.

Hover styling in thrive
Styling option on the hover state of a button

I understand if you just want to quickly build out a layout, you might not need all these styling options every time.

But it’s awesome that they are available if you want them.

A Look At Some Of Thrive Architect’s Most Helpful Elements

Here I cannot show you every single element comes with Thrive Architect, but here are some of the ones that I think are the most helpful for designing impressive pages.

1. Content Blocks: Build More Beautiful Page quickly

Content Block is a new feature added in Thrive Architect last year that makes it easier than ever before to create professionally designed content quickly with Thrive page builder.

Content Blocks are basically predesigned template blocks that you can mix and match in whichever way you want and quickly customize to suit your needs.

To use these pre-designed blocks, you just need to drag and drop content blocks on your page and select your desired content templates.

Thrive architect content blocks
Thrive architect Content blocks templates

All the content templates are arranged in the categorized manner (Team, Call to Action, Steps, Resource List, Problem & Solution, Subscribe to Podcast, Product Review, List, Product Rating,  Quote, Pros & Cons)

Want to see how these templates look?

Pros and cons template blocks
One of the content block template available in thrive Architect

The best part is these templates are 100% customizable, means you can change each and everything of these templates.

I personally find these templates very handy whenever I am writing a product review or designing a sales page.

2. Add stylish Testimonials to your pages

Adding testimonial to your important pages is a proven way of demonstrating social proof.

Thrive Architect offers more than 40 testimonial templates that are fully customizable.

Thrive architect testimonial templates
Thrive Architect testimonial templates

As soon as you choose a template, it will be added to your page.

Every template will consist of multiple elements that you can customize and personalize individually. You can make any changes that you consider necessary by clicking on the specific elements and using their options available in the left sidebar.

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3. Creating a gorgeous looking table is a piece of cake in Thrive Architect

Creating a visually appealing table in WordPress is very hard.

Most of the popular table Plugin allows you to create a very basic table.

Those tables work well if you just need to present some basic data through the table.

But when it comes to affiliate product comparison, product review, sales page then you’ll for sure get very low conversion from a table build with a plugin like Table press.

This is were Thrive architect can help, It comes with plenty of pre-made visually appealing tables.

Thrive architect table builder

You just need to select a template that you like and then tweak it a bit to match your preference.

Want to see an example of Table build with Thrive Architect?

Thrive architect table
Table created with Thrive architect

4. Design Beautiful Accordions & Tab in one click

Accordions are basically best used for the FAQ in your post & pages.

If you want to show some question & answer in a professional way, then Thrive architect plugin toggle element can help you out…

Here is the example of Toggle elements :

Thrive architect toggle
Example of Toggle element

Similarly, tab elements allow you to add responsive tab based content in your post.

Wondering how tab elements look like?

Thrive architect tabs
Example of tab elements

And, yes both Toggle and tabs element comes with hundreds of Pre-designed template, so you don’t need to design anything from scratch.

5. Styled List with icons

“Styled list” element basically allows you to create bullet-point lists but with more complex options.

First thing first, you can add icon in your list item from Thrive architect icon library of over 1000 different icons. Next, you can change the spacing between the items of the list.

Further, you can design the list post with all the styling options available for any Thrive architect element like background, color, shadow, border, margin, etc.

Want to see how the styled list element look?

Styled list thrive architect

6. Lead Generation – Generating leads has become easier than ever before

Do you want to design pages with the goal of generating leads?

Thrive architect can help. In fact, Thrive architect is mainly focused on generating leads and sales.

This is the reason why you’ll see hundreds of pre-designed conversion-optimized page templates in Thrive architect.

I will talk about their templates in the next section, but first talk about lead generation element.

The “lead generation” element basically provide a means through which your website visitors can sign up to your newsletter, webinar, courses, etc. You just need to drag & drop it to the desired place on your page.

You will see that the “Lead Generation” element is a simple opt-in form that can be further adjusted to suit your needs. 

Lead generation thrive architect
Lead generation box

Once you have added the lead generation box, you can connect it to one of the mailing/marketing services that you are using, through an API connection.

And that’s it. Now whenever someone will submit their email and name in the op-in box, it’ll be directly received to you in your email marketings service.

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7. Table of Content – Add an appealing table of content in your blog posts

When I first visited the Backlinko blog, I always used to wonder how Brian designs his table of content.

Table of content
Table of content present on Backlinko’s Blog post

Then someone told me on Twitter that he spends thousands of dollars on his every blog post to design with a professional coding expert.

But After using Thrive architect for some time, I realized it can be easily created with a page builder like Thrive architect without any coding skill.

Not only like Backlinko’s table of content, but you can even create some other unique style of table of content that fits your purpose.

For example – I created This table content last week for my Blogging tools page..

Table of content Bloggingnova
Table of content created with Thrive architect

8. Showcase your best posts with the post list element

As I told you in the beginning, Thrive architect is not only a page builder but it also works as a theme builder.

And when it comes to designing a homepage or Blog page for your website, it’s obvious that you’ll want to show your best or recent posts on your homepage or blog page.

Thrive previously used to offer Post Grid element to showcase your post on a page, but now they improved it by adding a world of front-end editing and logic rules to the element and renamed it as the “Post List.”

With the post list element, you can dynamically display a custom list of your blog posts anywhere on your site that will auto-populate when you publish new content.

It’s a great way to keep your bog readers around by promoting content similar to what they originally came for.

New post list elements come with hundreds of pre-designed posts showcase template which can be further customized as per your need.

Thrive architect post list element

Using Pre-Made Templates With Thrive Architect


Thrive Architect comes with over 300 landing page templates, giving you plenty of options when it comes to adding new content to your site.

As mentioned earlier in this Thrive Architect review, this plugin is created to help you generate more leads and sales from your WordPress site.

This is the reason why the majority of their templates are highly focused on getting your visitors to complete a specific action, whether that’s for signing up something, Joining your email list or moving along your sales funnel in some way or other.

But That doesn’t mean Thrive Architect doesn’t have any traditional content templates. In the Thrive Architect template library, you’ll find hundreds of pre-made templates for homepage designs, under construction page, blog pots, review page, coming soon pages, portfolio layouts and more.

Thrive architect templates
Thrive architect pre-designed template library

The best thing about their template is they are grouped into sets. Each set includes multiple pages that use the same design combination so you can create a consistent look and feel across your site.

I am personally big fan of their “review” category templates and I am constantly using it for my affiliate niche site as these templates are designed extensively keeping conversion optimization in mind.

All the templates available in the Thrive library can be fully customized through the Thrive architect interface, as well as mixed and matched to help you create the perfect design for your site.

Thrive architect template customize
All templates are 100% customizable

This makes it ideal for both users who have their own ideas for their content layouts as well as those who’d like some inspiration.

How Much Does Thrive Architect Cost?

You can get access to Thrive Architect in two different ways:

First, you can purchase the standalone plugin starting at $67 for a single site license with lifetime updates.

Second, you can purchase the Thrive Membership for $19/month, which includes access to every Thrive theme products.

Editor’s Note: Thrive Architect also gives you 30 days money-back guarantee. So, in case if you don’t like the plugin in your first month of use then you can always get your money back.

Should You Use Thrive Architect?

Over the year, page builders have matured into powerful software suites.

I believe they give many non-developers a chance to build complex sites and designs that would otherwise be out of their grasp. 

For example – I don’t think I would have been able to design my homepage without hiring a developer which would have been cost $500-$1000 to me.

Bloggingnova Home page

But a page builder like Thrive Architect has made it possible for me to design my whole site and blog posts without hiring a developer.

Hopefully, this Thrive Architect review has given you a good overview of what this tool can do for you.

Do you have any other questions about Thrive Architect?

Let me know in the comments section below.

My name is Shivam Choudhary, and I’m the founder of Bloggingnova. A blog that helps people start and grow their blog through high-quality actionable content and resources. You can join our Facebook Community to stay connected with other like-minded bloggers.

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